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Cell Reports, ISSN 2211-1247, 10/2019, Volume 29, Issue 2, pp. 301 - 316.e10
In Alzheimer’s disease (AD), spliceosomal proteins with critical roles in RNA processing aberrantly aggregate and mislocalize to Tau neurofibrillary tangles.... 
U1-70K | Alzheimer’s disease | neurofibrillary tangles | neurodegeneration | Tau | cryptic splicing | SmB | spliceosome | intron retention | RNA splicing
Journal Article
Meningiomas account for one-third of all primary brain tumors. Although typically benign, about 20% of meningiomas are aggressive, and despite the rigor of the... 
FREE SURVIVAL | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENOMIC ANALYSIS | CHROMOSOME 1P | brain tumor | classification | PRC2 | oncogenesis | AKT1 | CENTRAL-NERVOUS-SYSTEM | NF2 | MUTATIONS | EXPRESSION | EZH1 | Cluster analysis | Cell activation | Profiling | Transcription | Brain tumors | Benign | Gene expression | Clustering | Meningioma | Tumors | Gene sequencing
Journal Article
Journal Article
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, ISSN 1552-5260, 07/2019, Volume 15, Issue 7, pp. P1260 - P1260
Journal Article
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, ISSN 1552-5260, 07/2018, Volume 14, Issue 7, pp. P1087 - P1087
Journal Article
by Hill, Steven M and Heiser, Laura M and Cokelaer, Thomas and Linger, Michael and Nesser, Nicole K and Carlin, Daniel E and Zhang, Yang and Sokolov, Artem and Paull, Evan O and Wong, Chris K and Graim, Kiley and Bivol, Adrian and Wang, Haizhou and Zhu, Fan and Afsari, Bahman and Danilova, Ludmila V and Favorov, Alexander V and Lee, Wai Shing and Taylor, Dane and Hu, Chenyue W and Long, Byron L and Noren, David P and Bisberg, Alexander J and Mills, Gordon B and Gray, Joe W and Kellen, Michael and Norman, Thea and Friend, Stephen and Qutub, Amina A and Fertig, Elana J and Guan, Yuanfang and Song, Mingzhou and Stuart, Joshua M and Spellman, Paul T and Koeppl, Heinz and Stolovitzky, Gustavo and Saez-Rodriguez, Julio and Mukherjee, Sach and Al-Ouran, Rami and Anton, Bernat and Arodz, Tomasz and Sichani, Omid Askari and Bagheri, Neda and Berlow, Noah and Bohler, Anwesha and Bonet, Jaume and Bonneau, Richard and Budak, Gungor and Bunescu, Razvan and Caglar, Mehmet and Cai, Binghuang and Cai, Chunhui and Carlon, Azzurra and Chen, Lujia and Ciaccio, Mark F and Cooper, Gregory and Coort, Susan and Creighton, Chad J and Daneshmand, Seyed-Mohammad-Hadi and De La Fuente, Alberto and Di Camillo, Barbara and Dutta-Moscato, Joyeeta and Emmett, Kevin and Evelo, Chris and Fassia, Mohammad-Kasim H and Finotello, Francesca and Finkle, Justin D and Gao, Xi and Garcia-Garcia, Javier and Ghosh, Samik and Giaretta, Alberto and Großeholz, Ruth and Guinney, Justin and Hafemeister, Christoph and Hahn, Oliver and Haider, Saad and Hase, Takeshi and Hodgson, Jay and Hoff, Bruce and Hsu, Chih Hao and Hu, Ying and Huang, Xun and Jalili, Mahdi and Jiang, Xia and Kacprowski, Tim and Kaderali, Lars and Kang, Mingon and Kannan, Venkateshan and Kikuchi, Kaito and Kim, Dong-Chul and Kitano, Hiroaki and Knapp, Bettina and Komatsoulis, George and Krämer, Andreas and Kursa, Miron Bartosz and Kutmon, Martina and Li, Yichao and Liang, Xiaoyu and Liu, Zhaoqi and Liu, Yu and ... and HPN-DREAM Consortium and The HPN-DREAM Consortium
Nature Methods, ISSN 1548-7091, 03/2016, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp. 310 - 322
Journal Article
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, ISSN 1552-5260, 07/2019, Volume 15, Issue 7, pp. P1325 - P1325
Journal Article
American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 06/2017, Volume 100, Issue 6, p. 843
One major challenge encountered with interpreting human genetic variants is the limited understanding of the functional impact of genetic alterations on... 
Genetic research | Technology application | Research | Genetic variation
Journal Article
by Al-Ouran and Wan and Mangleburg and Lee and Allison and Shulman and Liu
Genes, ISSN 2073-4425, 09/2019, Volume 10, Issue 10, p. 759
Target nomination for drug development has been a major challenge in the path to finding a cure for several neurological disorders. Comprehensive transcriptome... 
mouse models | neurodegeneration | transcriptomics | neurological disorders
Journal Article
by Wang, Julia and Al-Ouran, Rami and Hu, Yanhui and Kim, Seon-Young and Wan, Ying-Wooi and Wangler, Michael F and Yamamoto, Shinya and Chao, Katherine R and Chao, Hsiao-Tuan and Comjean, Aram and Mohr, Stephanie E and Adams, David R and Adams, Christopher J and Alejandro, Mercedes E and Allard, Patrick and Ashley, Euan A and Azamian, Mashid S and Bacino, Carlos A and Balasubramanyam, Ashok and Barseghyan, Hayk and Beggs, Alan H and Bellen, Hugo J and Bernstein, Jonathan A and Bican, Anna and Bick, David P and Birch, Camille L and Boone, Braden E and Briere, Lauren C and Brown, Donna M and Brush, Matthew and Burke, Elizabeth A and Burrage, Lindsay C and Clark, Gary D and Cogan, Joy D and Cooper, Cynthia M and Craigen, William J and Davids, Mariska and Dayal, Jyoti G and Dell’Angelica, Esteban C and Dhar, Shweta U and Dipple, Katrina M and Donnell-Fink, Laurel A and Dorrani, Naghmeh and Dorset, Daniel C and Draper, David D and Dries, Annika M and Eckstein, David J and Emrick, Lisa T and Eng, Christine M and Esteves, Cecilia and Estwick, Tyra and Fisher, Paul G and Frisby, Trevor S and Frost, Kate and Gahl, William A and Gartner, Valerie and Godfrey, Rena A and Goheen, Mitchell and Golas, Gretchen A and Goldstein, David B and Gordon, Mary G and Gould, Sarah E and Gourdine, Jean-Philippe F and Graham, Brett H and Groden, Catherine A and Gropman, Andrea L and Hackbarth, Mary E and Haendel, Melissa and Hamid, Rizwan and Hanchard, Neil A and Handley, Lori H and Hardee, Isabel and Herzog, Matthew R and Holm, Ingrid A and Howerton, Ellen M and Jacob, Howard J and Jain, Mahim and Jiang, Yong-hui and Johnston, Jean M and Jones, Angela L and Koehler, Alanna E and Koeller, David M and Kohane, Isaac S and Kohler, Jennefer N and Krasnewich, Donna M and Krieg, Elizabeth L and Krier, Joel B and Kyle, Jennifer E and Lalani, Seema R and Latham, Lea and Latour, Yvonne L and Lau, C. Christopher and Lazar, Jozef and Lee, Paul R and Lee, Hane and Lee, Brendan H and Levy, Shawn E and Levy, Denise J and Lewis, Richard A and Liebendorfer, Adam P and ... and UDN
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 06/2017, Volume 100, Issue 6, pp. 843 - 853
One major challenge encountered with interpreting human genetic variants is the limited understanding of the functional impact of genetic alterations on... 
rare diseases | genetic diseases | Diopt | Geno2MP | ExAC | Zfin | variants of unknown significance | FlyBase | MGI | ClinVar | SEQUENCE VARIANTS | PHENOTYPES | DATABASE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | Genetic Variation | Databases, Genetic | Software | Genome, Human | Humans | Molecular Sequence Annotation | Genetic research | Technology application | Research | Genetic variation
Journal Article
01/2015, ISBN 1339516209
The accuracy of identifying transcription factor binding sites (motifs) has increased with the use of technologies such as chromatin immunoprecipitation... 
Computer science | Bioinformatics
Proportional Share Scheduling (PSS) algorithms have two characteristics that make them attractive to be used in a scheduling design: flexibility and fairness.... 
pss | proportional share scheduling | task dynamics | linux
Thesis (M.S.)--Ohio University, June, 2010. Title from PDF t.p. Includes bibliographical references. 
Production scheduling. Task analysis. Computer algorithms
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