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by Shay, Jerry W and Homma, Noriko and Zhou, Ruyun and Naseer, Muhammad Imran and Chaudhary, Adeel G and Al-Qahtani, Mohammed and Hirokawa, Nobutaka and Goudarzi, Maryam and Fornace, Albert J and Baeesa, Saleh and Hussain, Deema and Bangash, Mohammed and Alghamdi, Fahad and Schulten, Hans-Juergen and Carracedo, Angel and Khan, Ishaq and Qashqari, Hanadi and Madkhali, Nawal and Saka, Mohamad and Saini, Kulvinder S and Jamal, Awatif and Al-Maghrabi, Jaudah and Abuzenadah, Adel and Chaudhary, Adeel and Al Qahtani, Mohammed and Damanhouri, Ghazi and Alkhatabi, Heba and Goodeve, Anne and Crookes, Laura and Niksic, Nikolas and Beauchamp, Nicholas and Abuzenadah, Adel M and Vaught, Jim and Budowle, Bruce and Assidi, Mourad and Buhmeida, Abdelbaset and Merdad, Leena and Kumar, Sudhir and Miura, Sayaka and Gomez, Karen and Rasool, Mahmood and Rebai, Ahmed and Karim, Sajjad and Eldin, Hend F. Nour and Abusamra, Heba and Alhathli, Elham M and Salem, Nada and Al-Qahtani, Mohammed H and Faheem, Hossam and Agarwa, Ashok and Nieschlag, Eberhard and Wistuba, Joachim and Damm, Oliver S and Beg, Mohd A and Abdel-Meguid, Taha A and Mosli, Hisham A and Bajouh, Osama S and Coskun, Serdar and Abu-Elmagd, Muhammad and Dallol, Ashraf and Hakamy, Sahar and Al-Qahtani, Wejdan and Al-Harbi, Asia and Hussain, Shireen and Ozkosem, Burak and DuBois, Rick and Messaoudi, Safia S and Dandana, Maryam T and Mahjoub, Touhami and Almawi, Wassim Y and Abdalla, S and Al-Aama, M. Nabil and Elzawahry, Asmaa and Takahashi, Tsuyoshi and Mimaki, Sachiyo and Furukawa, Eisaku and Nakatsuka, Rie and Kurosaka, Isao and Nishigaki, Takahiko and Nakamura, Hiromi and Serada, Satoshi and Naka, Tetsuji and Hirota, Seiichi and Shibata, Tatsuhiro and Tsuchihara, Katsuya and Nishida, Toshirou and Kato, Mamoru and Mehmood, Sajid and Ashraf, Naeem Mahmood and Asif, Awais and Bilal, Muhammad and Mehmood, Malik Siddique and Hussain, Aadil and Jamal, Qazi Mohammad Sajid and Siddiqui, Mughees Uddin and Alzohairy, Mohammad A and Al Karaawi, Mohammad A and Nedjadi, Taoufik and Al-Khattabi, Heba and Al-Ammari, Adel and ...
BMC genomics, ISSN 1471-2164, 07/2016, Volume 17 Suppl 6, Issue S6, p. 487
Journal Article
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