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Journal Article
by Abdulwahab, Firdous and Abouelhoda, Mohamed and Abouthuraya, Rula and Abumansour, Iman and Ahmed, Syed O and Al Rubeaan, Khalid and Al Tassan, Nada and AlAbdulaziz, Basma and AlAbdulrahman, Khalid and Alamer, F.H and Alazami, Anas and Al-Baik, Lina A and Aldahmesh, Mohammed and Al-Dhekri, Hasan and AlDusery, Haya and Algazlan, Sulaiman and Al-Ghonaium, Abdulaziz and Alhamed, Mohammed and Alhashem, Amal and Alhissi, Safa Ahmed and AlIssa, Abdulelah and Aljurf, Mahmoud D and Alkuraya, Fowzan S and Alkuraya, Hisham and Allam, Rabab and Almasharawi, Iman J and Almoisheer, Agaadir and AlMostafa, Abeer and Al-Mousa, Hamoud and Al-Muhsen, Saleh and Almutairy, Eid A and Alnader, Noukha and AlNaqeb, Dhekra and ALOtaibi, A.B and Alotibi, Afaf and Al-Qattan, Sarah and Al-Saud, Bandar and Al-Saud, Haya and Alshammari, M and Alsharif, Hadeel and Alsheikh, Abdulmoneem H and Al-Sulaiman, Ayman and Altamimi, A.S and Al-Tayeb, Hamsa and Alwadaee, S.M and Al-Younes, B and Alzahrani, Fatima and Anazi, Shamsa and Arnaout, Rand and Bashiri, Fahad and Binamer, Yousef and Binhumaid, F.S and Bohlega, Saeed and Broering, Dieter and Burdelski, Martin and Dasouki, Majed Jamil and Dzimiri, Nduna Francis and Elamin, Tanziel and El-Kalioby, Mohamed and Elsiesy, Hussien and Faqeih, Eissa and Faquih, Tariq and Hagos, Samya and Hagr, Abdulrahman A and Hashem, Mais and Hawwari, Abbas and Hazzaa, Selwa and Ibrahim, Niema and Imtiaz, Faiqa and Jabr, Amal and Kattan, Rana and Kaya, Namik and Kentab, Amal and Khalil, Dania and Khan, Arif O and Khier, Omnia and Meyer, Brian and Mohamed, Jawahir and Monies, Dorota and Muiya, Paul N and Murad, Hatem and Naim, EA and Owaidah, Tarek and Patel, Nisha and Ramzan, Khushnooda and Salih, Mustafa A and Shagrani, Mohammad and Shaheen, Ranad and Shamseldin, Hanan and Sogaty, Sameera and Subhani, Shazia and Taibah, Khalid and Wakil, Salma M and Saudi Mendeliome Group
Genome Biology, ISSN 1474-7596, 10/2015, Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 226
Journal Article
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