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The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 2015, Volume October
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 2015, Volume 75, Issue 4
The mass of the top quark is measured in a data set corresponding to 4.6 fb −1 of proton-proton collisions with centre-of-mass energy √s=7 TeV collected by the... 
Journal Article
by Aad, G and Rahal, G and Abdel Khalek, S and Bassalat, A and Becot, C and Binet, S and Bourdarios, C and Charfeddine, D and De Vivie De Regie, J.B and Duflot, L and Escalier, M and Fayard, L and Fournier, D and Grivaz, J.-F and Guillemin, T and Henrot-Versillé, S and Hrivnac, J and Iconomidou-Fayard, L and Idarraga, J and Kado, M and Lounis, A and Makovec, N and Matricon, P and Poggioli, L and Puzo, P and Renaud, A and Rousseau, D and Rybkin, G and Schaffer, A.C and Scifo, E and Serin, L and Simion, S and Tanaka, R and Tran, H.L and Zerwas, D and Zhang, Zhiqing and Boumediene, D and Busato, Emmanuel and Calvet, D and Calvet, S and Donini, J and Dubreuil, E and Ghodbane, N and Gilles, G and Gris, Ph and Guicheney, C and Liao, H and Pallin, D and Paredes Hernández, Daniela and Podlyski, F and Santoni, C and Theveneaux-Pelzer, Timothée and Valery, Loïc and Vazeille, F and Albrand, S and Brown, J and Collot, J and Crépé-Renaudin, S and Dechenaux, B and Delsart, P.A and Gabaldon, C and Genest, M.H and Hostachy, J.Y and Ledroit-Guillon, F and Lleres, A and Lucotte, A and Malek, F and Monini, C and Stark, J and Trocmé, B and Wu, M and Alio, L and Barbero, M and Bertella, C and C. Clémens, J and Coadou, Y and Diglio, S and Djama, F and Feligioni, L and Hoffmann, D and Hubaut, F and B. F. G. Knoops, E and Le Guirriec, E and Li, B and Madaffari, D and Mochizuki, K and Monnier, E and Muanza, S and Nagai, Y and Pralavorio, P and Rozanov, A and Serre, T and Talby, M and Tannoury, N and Tiouchichine, E and Tisserant, S and Toth, J and Touchard, F and Ughetto, M and Vacavant, L
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 2014, Volume 74, p. 3109
The inclusive top quark pair production cross-section has been measured in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV and sqrt(s)=8 TeV with the ATLAS... 
Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
JINST 13 (2018) P12006 Results of dedicated Monte Carlo simulations of beam-induced background (BIB) in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Abeloos, B and Abreu, R and Adamczyk, L and Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A and Ahmadov, F and Akimov, A. V and Alberghi, G. L and Verzini, M. J. Alconada and Aleksa, M and Alexa, C and Ali, B and Aloisio, A and Gonzalez, B. Alvarez and Coutinho, Y. Amaral and Amelung, C and Anastopoulos, C and Andreazza, A and Angerami, A and Antel, C and Antonov, A and Bella, L. Aperio and Arabidze, G and Arnold, H and Asbah, N and Ashkenazi, A and Ayoub, M. K and Baas, A. E and Bachacou, H and Backhaus, M and Bannoura, A. A. E and Barberis, D and Barillari, T and Barlow, N and Barnett, R. M and Behr, J. K and Benary, O and Benchekroun, D and Noccioli, E. Benhar and Bensinger, J. R and Beretta, M and Beringer, J and Berlendis, S and Bernardi, G and Berry, T and Bessner, M and Biesuz, N. V and Billoud, T. R. V and Black, J. E and Blocker, C and Blum, W and Bobbink, G. J and Bock, C and Boldyrev, A. S and Boonekamp, M and Borisov, A and Bortfeldt, J and Boscherini, D and Bourdarios, C and Boutle, S. K and Brandt, G and Brandt, O and Bratzler, U and Brenner, R and Brooks, T and Brost, E and Broughton, J. H and Buanes, T and Budagov, I. A and Bugge, M. K and Burmeister, I and Caloba, L. P and Calvet, D and Armadans, R. Caminal and Caprini, I and Carlino, G and Casper, D. W and Cavalli, D and Cerqueira, A. S and Charlton, D. G and Che, S and Cheatham, S and Chegwidden, A and Chiarella, V and Chu, M. C and Cinca, D and Cindro, V and Cioara, I. A and Ciocca, C and Clark, M. R and Clement, C and Colasurdo, L and Colijn, A. P and Collot, J and Conti, G and Cooke, M and Cortiana, G and Cranmer, K and Crépé-Renaudin, S and Cristinziani, M and Donszelmann, T. Cuhadar and ... and ATLAS Collaboration and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States). Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF)
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6052, 09/2017, Volume 77, Issue 9, pp. 1 - 32
Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 7, pp. 1 - 37
A search for Higgs boson pair production via vector-boson fusion (VBF) in the bb¯bb¯ final state is carried out with the ATLAS experiment using 126 fb−1 of... 
Protons | Confidence intervals | Large Hadron Collider | Particle collisions | Searching | Pair production | Higgs bosons | Quarks | Topology | Coupling | Bosons | Fysik | Higgs physics | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments) | Subatomär fysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
by Abbott B and Abed Abud A and Abeling K and AbouZeid O S and Adamczyk L and Adersberger M and Adye T and Afik Y and Agheorghiesei C and Ai X and Åkesson T P A and Akimov A V and Alexa C and Aliev M and Aloisio A and Amidei D and Anelli C R and Antrim D J A and Araujo Ferraz V and Artz S and Asai S and Asawatavonvanich T and Asbah N and Asimakopoulou E M and Atlay N B and Ayoub M K and Backes M and Bailey V R and Baldin E M and Barberio E L and Barbour G and Barreiro F and Basso M J and Bawa H S and Beauchemin P H and Becker K and Beddall A and Bedognetti M and Behr J K and Bell A S and Bella G and Belotskiy K and Belyaev N L and Bensinger J R and Beresford L and Bernius C and Berthold A and Besson N and Bethani A and Betti A and Bierwagen K and Bohm C and Bold T and Bonilla J S and Bosman M and Bouhova-Thacker E V and Boumediene D and Britzger D and Bruschi M and Buat Q and Budagov I A and Burdin S and Butti P and Calderini G and Callea G and Camarda S and Camplani A and Canesse A and Capua M and Cardarelli R and Carducci G and Carlino G and Castillo Garcia L and Cattai A and Celebi E and Cerrito L and Chen H and Chen X and Cheng H C and Cheng H J and Chizhov M V and Chomont A R and Chouridou S and Chu X and Chudoba J and Ciocio A and Ciubotaru D A and Ciungu B M and Clark A and Clawson S E and Colijn A P and Cooper-Sarkar A M and Crawley S J and Dado T and Dahbi S and Dallapiccola C and Dartsi O and Dattagupta A and De Vasconcelos Corga K and Derkaoui J E and ... and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 07/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 7
This paper presents a measurement of the production cross-section of a Z boson in association with b-jets, in proton-proton collisions at s = 13 TeV with the... 
Protons | Partons | Large Hadron Collider | Flavor (particle physics) | Particle collisions | Computer simulation | Transverse momentum | Luminosity | Jets | Cross sections | Muons | Hadron-Hadron scattering experiments | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments) | Subatomär fysik | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 2015, Volume 749, pp. 242 - 261
This Letter reports a measurement of the exclusive γγ→ℓ+ℓ− (ℓ=e, μ) cross-section in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, based on an integrated luminosity of 4.6 fb-1... 
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 2016, Volume 76, p. 513
A study of the decays B0→μ+μ− and B0s→μ+μ− has been performed using data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 25 fb−1 of 7 TeV and 8 TeV proton--proton... 
Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Aaboud, M and Aad, G and Abbott, B and Abbott, DC and Abdinov, O and Abed Abud, A and Abhayasinghe, DK and Abidi, SH and AbouZeid, OS and Abraham, NL and Abramowicz, H and Abreu, H and Abulaiti, Y and Acharya, BS and Adachi, S and Adam, L and Adam Bourdarios, C and Adamczyk, L and Adamek, L and Adelman, J and Adersberger, M and Adiguzel, A and Adorni, S and Adye, T and Affolder, AA and Afik, Y and Agapopoulou, C and Agaras, MN and Aggarwal, A and Agheorghiesei, C and Aguilar-Saavedra, JA and Ahmadov, F and Ai, X and Aielli, G and Akatsuka, S and Åkesson, TPA and Akilli, E and Akimov, AV and Al Khoury, K and Alberghi, GL and Albert, J and Alconada Verzini, MJ and Alderweireldt, S and Aleksa, M and Aleksandrov, IN and Alexa, C and Alexandre, D and Alexopoulos, T and Alfonsi, A and Alhroob, M and Ali, B and Alimonti, G and Alison, J and Alkire, SP and Allaire, C and Allbrooke, BMM and Allen, BW and Allport, PP and Aloisio, A and Alonso, A and Alonso, F and Alpigiani, C and Alshehri, AA and Alstaty, MI and Alvarez Estevez, M and Alvarez Gonzalez, B and Álvarez Piqueras, D and Alviggi, MG and Amaral Coutinho, Y and Ambler, A and Ambroz, L and Amelung, C and Amidei, D and Amor Dos Santos, SP and Amoroso, S and Amrouche, CS and An, F and Anastopoulos, C and Andari, N and Andeen, T and Anders, CF and Anders, JK and Andreazza, A and Andrei, V and Anelli, CR and Angelidakis, S and Angelozzi, I and Angerami, A and Anisenkov, AV and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Anthony, MT and Antonelli, M and Antrim, DJA and Anulli, F and Aoki, M and Aparisi Pozo, JA and Aperio Bella, L and Arabidze, G and Araque, JP and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States)
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 10/2019, Volume 2019, Issue 10
This paper presents a measurement of ZZ production with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. The measurement is carried out in the final state with... 
PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS | Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments)
Journal Article
by Acharya, B. S and Adamczyk, L and Adersberger, M and Adye, T and Agaras, M. N and Agheorghiesei, C and Al Khoury, K and Alexopoulos, T and Ali, B and Ali, S and Alimonti, G and Allbrooke, B. M. M and Alpigiani, C and Amelung, C and Andrei, V and Angerami, A and Armbruster, A. J and Asai, S and Atlay, N. B and Bachacou, H and Backman, F and Bakker, P. J and Bakos, E and Balli, F and Bandieramonte, M and Barnea, R and Bates, R. L and Bauer, K. T and Beacham, J. B and Beck, H. P and Bensinger, J. R and Bergsten, L. J and Bernardi, G and Bernius, C and Bernlochner, F. U and Bertram, I. A and Bethani, A and Betti, A and Bingul, A and Birman, M and Bisanz, T and Blocker, C and Bogavac, D and Bogdanchikov, A. G and Bortoletto, D and Bossio Sola, J. D and Boveia, A and Boyd, J and Boye, D and Braren, F and Breaden Madden, W. D and Brooijmans, G and Brooks, W. K and Brost, E and Bruni, G and Bruno, S and Buanes, T and Buckley, A. G and Bulekov, O and Burch, T. J and Burdin, S and Burgard, C. D and Bussey, P. J and Buttinger, W and Cabrera Urbán, S and Calvet, S and Camarri, P and Campana, S and Cao, Y and Castillo Gimenez, V and Castro, N. F and Cavaliere, V and Cerutti, F and Cetin, S. A and Chadi, Z and Charman, T. P and Chekulaev, S. V and Chen, S. J and Chen, Y.-H and Cheng, H. C and Cheng, H. J and Chevalier, L and Chiarella, V and Chomont, A. R and Chouridou, S and Clement, C and Cobal, M and Coimbra, A. E. C and Connell, S. H and Corpe, L. D and Costanzo, D and Cowley, J. W and Cranmer, K and Cristinziani, M and Cuhadar Donszelmann, T and Cunningham, W. R and Dai, T and Daneri, M. F and De Beurs, M and De Maria, A and ... and ATLAS Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 08/2020, Volume 80, Issue 8
A search for direct pair production of scalar partners of the top quark (top squarks or scalar third-generation up-type leptoquarks) in the all-hadronic... 
Journal Article