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science & technology (41) 41
physics (35) 35
physical sciences (32) 32
thermoluminescence (17) 17
physics, fluids & plasmas (14) 14
70 plasma physics and fusion technology (13) 13
technology (12) 12
performing operations (10) 10
preventing derailing of rail vehicles (10) 10
rail vehicle suspensions, e.g. underframes, bogies orarrangements of wheel axles (10) 10
rail vehicles for use on tracks of different width (10) 10
railways (10) 10
transporting (10) 10
wheel guards, obstruction removers or the like for railvehicles (10) 10
proton beams (9) 9
engineering (8) 8
heating (7) 7
materials science (7) 7
runaway electrons (7) 7
arrangements or dispositions of brakes or other retardingapparatus in rail vehicles (6) 6
brakes or other retarding apparatus peculiar to railvehicles (6) 6
irradiation (6) 6
mechanical engineering (6) 6
plasma (6) 6
analysis (5) 5
blasting (5) 5
brakes (5) 5
clutches (5) 5
contact problem (5) 5
couplings for transmitting rotation (5) 5
engineering elements and units (5) 5
fusion, plasma and space physics (5) 5
fusion, plasma och rymdfysik (5) 5
general measures for producing and maintaining effectivefunctioning of machines or installations (5) 5
life sciences & biomedicine (5) 5
lighting (5) 5
nuclear science & technology (5) 5
phosphors (5) 5
proton beam (5) 5
thermal insulation in general (5) 5
weapons (5) 5
deformation modulus (4) 4
disruption (4) 4
dosimetry (4) 4
elektron (4) 4
gamma rays (4) 4
glow curve (4) 4
mechanics (4) 4
nanocrystals (4) 4
nanostructures (4) 4
photoluminescence (4) 4
physics, applied (4) 4
thermal quench (4) 4
tokamak (4) 4
114 physics (3) 3
a1 refereed journal article (3) 3
chemistry (3) 3
chemistry, physical (3) 3
condensed matter physics (3) 3
coprecipitation (3) 3
dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3104 (3) 3
dk/atira/pure/subjectarea/asjc/3100/3106 (3) 3
dosimeters (3) 3
ecology (3) 3
fi/minedu/virta/publicationtypes/a1 (3) 3
fi/minedu/virta/scienceareas/114 (3) 3
instruments & instrumentation (3) 3
ion beams (3) 3
jet (3) 3
materials science, multidisciplinary (3) 3
mathematical analysis (3) 3
microbiology (3) 3
nanocrystalline (3) 3
nuclear and high energy physics (3) 3
particle size (3) 3
pellets (3) 3
physics, atomic, molecular & chemical (3) 3
physics, mathematical (3) 3
physics, multidisciplinary (3) 3
plasmas (3) 3
runaway electron (3) 3
1 open access (2) 2
214 mechanical engineering (2) 2
accelerator physics and instrumentation (2) 2
acceleratorfysik och instrumentering (2) 2
atomic force microscopy (2) 2
ball milling (2) 2
barium sulfates (2) 2
beams (2) 2
biofilms (2) 2
biofilms - growth & development (2) 2
boundary element (2) 2
calcium compounds (2) 2
candida albicans (2) 2
candida albicans - genetics (2) 2
candida albicans - growth & development (2) 2
cell biology (2) 2
characterization and evaluation of materials (2) 2
condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties (2) 2
coniferous forests (2) 2
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by Litaudon, X and Aho-Mantila, L and Alfier, A and Asunta, O and Austin, Y and Baker, A and Belonohy, É and Bernert, M and Bigi, M and Bodnár, G and Budny, R and Bulman, M and Chang, C.S and Chapman, S.C and Coates, P.A and Collins, S and Conway, N and den Harder, N and El-Jorf, R and Evans, B and Ewart, G.D and Fawlk, N and Flammini, D and Foster, S and Fyvie, J and Ga zka, K and Giacomelli, L and Gil, C and Gil, L and Gilligan, S and Godwin, J and Grove, R and Hall, S.J and Harrison, J and Hawkes, N.C and Henderson, M and Hertout, P and Joffrin, E and Kent, O.N and Kizane, G and Klepper, C and Kocsis, G and Koivuranta, S and Koubiti, M and Krieger, K and Lahtinen, A and Lambertz, H.T and Lang, P.T and Lowry, C and Malaquias, A and Maquet, Ph and Marinucci, M and Martynova, Y and Maslov, M and McClements, K.G and Meakins, A and Mianowski, S and Nardon, E and Nouailletas, R and Ongena, J and Paccagnella, R and Page, A and Parra Diaz, F and Paz Soldan, C and Perez von Thun, C and Peysson, Y and Pintsuk, G and Powell, T and Prakash, R and Ratynskaia, S and Reinhart, M and Reinke, M and Reynolds, S and Saint-Laurent, F and Schmuck, S and Silburn, S and Simpson, J and Sjöstrand, H and Spagnolo, S and Stefanikova, E and Svensson, J and Taliercio, C and Tame, C and Tang, W and Thorne, L and Trimble, P and Tripsky, M and Ul-Abidin, Z and Valisa, M and Vallejos Olivares, P and Vartanian, S and Verona, C and Voitsekhovitch, I and Wakeling, B and Wang, E and Wauters, T and Weiszflog, M and Wischmeier, M and Young, R and Zagorski, R and Jet Contributors and JET Contributors and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States)
Nuclear fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 10/2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102001
Journal Article
Radiation measurements, ISSN 1350-4487, 09/2007, Volume 42, Issue 8, pp. 1294 - 1300
Journal Article
by Aho-Mantila, L and Alper, B and Appelbee, C and Asztalos, O and Baumane, L and Bertalot, L and Birkenmeier, G and Blackburn, J and Bolshakova, I and Bonnin, X and Bowman, C and Brennan, D and Brett, A and Cecconello, M and Cecil, E and Chang, C.S and Coenen, J.W and Conka, D and Coster, D and Cruz, N and Czarnecka, A and De Dominici, G and Dittmar, T and Doerner, R.P and Dumont, R and Dunne, M and Edappala, P.V and Edwards, A.M and Elsmore, C and Ewart, G and Frigione, D and Fuchs, V and Gál, K and Geiger, B and Ghani, Z and Giacomelli, L and Giegerich, T and Glöggler, S and Gohil, P and Griph, S and Groth, M and Hacquin, S and Hager, R and Heinola, K and Higginson, W and Hornung, G and Kantor, A and Klepper, C and Knipe, S and Kocsis, G and Kollo, Z and Lascas Neto, E and aszy ska, E and Leggate, H.J and Lerche, E and Lescinskis, A and Li, Y and Macheta, P and Maingi, R and Marcenko, N and Marin, M and Mayoral, M.L and McCormack, O and Medley, S and Mertens, Ph and Meyer, H and Militello, F and Mosher, S and Nespoli, F and Neu, R and Noterdaeme, J.M and Nowak, S and Odupitan, T and Passeri, M and Pereira, R and Pericoli, V and Petravich, G and Predebon, I and Ragona, R and Rasmussen, J.J and Scott, S.D and Sommariva, C and Sonato, P and Stallard, J and Stamp, M.F and Stancar, Z and Staniec, P and Stepanov, I and Testa, D and Tholerus, E and Tyshchenko, M and Valovic, M and Wakeling, B and Weckmann, A and Wheeler, S and Wolfrum, E and Woodley, C and Xue, Y and Zakharov, L and Zwingmann, W and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States)
Nuclear fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 11/2019, Volume 59, Issue 11, p. 112021
Journal Article
Radiation measurements, ISSN 1350-4487, 09/2007, Volume 42, Issue 8, pp. 1294 - 1300
Journal Article