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Journal Article
by Frati, Franco and Dell’Albani, Ilaria and Passalacqua, Giovanni and Bonini, Sergio and Rossi, Oliviero and Senna, Gianenrico and Incorvaia, Cristoforo and Albano, Monica and Allegretti, Lucrezia and Altomonte, Giorgia and Antico, Andrea and Arena, Antonio and Ariano, Renato and Arigliano, Pasquale and Arrigoni, Paola and Arsieni, Augusto and Aruanno, Arianna and Bernardis, Paola and Berra, Adriano and Billeri, Lucia and Boccafogli, Arrigo and Borghesan, Franco and Borgonovo, Linda and Borrelli, Paolo and Braga, Marina and Bresciani, Megan and Bruno, Guglielmo and Bruno, Massimo and Bruzzese, Domenico and Buonomo, Alessandro and Cadario, Gianni and Candi, Paolo and Cantone, Renato and Capretti, Stefania and Carabelli, Anna and Caramazza, Rino and Carbonara, Annamaria and Carosso, Aurelia and Caruso, Cristiano and Caruso, Riccardo and Casino, Giuseppe and Casotto, Stefano and Castellano, Francesco and Castiglioni, Gloria and Cecchi, Lidia and Chiarini, Francesca and Bianchi, Fulvia Chieco and Cinquepalmi, Giuseppe and Cinquini, Massimo and Cocchi, Silvia and Colangelo, Caterina and Colombo, Giselda and Cortellini, Gabriele and Crescioli, Stefano and Crimi, Nunzio and Cucinelli, Francesco and Curcio, Antonio and Cutajar, Marina and D’amato, Gennaro and De Palma, Rafaele and Del Pozzo, Giuseppe and Torre, Fabrizio Della and Donne, Pantalea Delle and Di Claudio, Fabio and Di Leo, Elisabetta and Di Lorenzo, Gabriele and Di Marco, Giuseppe and Di Rocco Cesinaro, Paola and Distaso, Maria and Ditta, Vito and Emiliani, Francesca and Ermini, Giuseppe and Facchetti, Susanna and Farsi, Alessandro and Favero, Elisabetta and Folletti, Ilenia and Franchini, Maurizio and Gammeri, Enrico and Gangemi, Sebastiano and Gani, Federica and Gargano, Domenico and Giannoccaro, Francesco and Giro, Giuseppina and Gracefa, Dario and Greco, Giacomo and Guarnieri, Gabriella and Ingrassia, Antonino and Intravaia, Rossella and Iorno, Loredana and Piana, Simona La and Rosa, Luigi La and Laddaga, Rocco and Lamanna, Carlo and Landi, Massimo and Leonetti, Luigi and Barone, Stefania Leto and Liccardi, Gennaro and Lodi-Rizzini, Fabio and Losappio, Laura and Lucivero, Giacomo and ... and Adult SURF Study Grp and Adult SURF Study Group
Medical Science Monitor, ISSN 1234-1010, 11/2014, Volume 20, pp. 2151 - 2156
Journal Article
by Frati, Franco and Incorvaia, C and Cadario, G and Fiocchi, A and Senna, G.E and Rossi, O and Romano, A and Scala, E and Romano, C and Ingrassia, A and Zambito, M and Dell'Albani, I and Scurati, S and Passalacqua, G and Canonica, G.W and Lucrezia, Allegretti and Augusto, Allegrucci and Giorgia, Altomonte and Antonino, Arena and Tiziana, Aresu and Renato, Ariano and Riccardo, Asero and Ruggiero, Barile and Lorenzo, Barresi and Valerio, Beltrami and Livia, Bernardi Maria and Daniele, Berra and Donatella, Bignardi and Arrigo, Boccafogli and Patrizia, Bonadonna and Lucio, Bonazza and Franco, Borghesan and Alessandro, Buonomo and Silvia, Caboni and Marco, Caminati and Maria, Caminiti Daria and Paolo, Candi and Enzo, Cannata and Renato, Cantone and Laura, Capuzzimati and Annamaria, Carbonara and Mario, Caringi and Cristiano, Caruso and Stefano, Casotto and Vincenzo, Castella and Francesco, Castellano and Gloria, Castiglioni and Luca, Catelli and Maurizia, Cavalli and Fulvia, Chieco Bianchi and Giannino, Cicuto and Marcello, Cilia and Giorgio, Ciprandi and Caterina, Colangelo and Giselda, Colombo and Giovanni, Coniglio and Mariaelisabetta, Conte and Rosario, Contiguglia and Antonio, Corica and Cristina, Cosentino and Luigi, Cremonte and Stefano, Crescioli and Nunzio, Crimi and Francesca, Crosti and Salvatore, Cutro' and Mariangela, Dagnello and Elisabetta, Damiani and Antonino, De Marco and Maurizio, Di Marzo and Massimo, Donini and Enrico, Iemoli and Paolo, Fancello and Filippo, Fassio and Elisabetta, Favero and Annamaria, Feliziani and Giulia, Fenini Maria and Salvatore, Ferrari Angelo and Ettore, Ferrarini and Enrico, Ferrario and Vittorio, Focarelli Barone and Ilenia, Folletti and Maurizio, Franchini and Nicola, Fuiano and Alessandra, Fusi and Pietro, Galati and Enrico, Gammeri and Federica, Gani and Domenico, Gargano and Alberto, Gasparini and Giuseppina, Giro and Antonio, Graziani and Maurizio, Gregori and Oriano, Grossi and Giuseppe, Guida and Loredana, Iorno Maria and Stefania, La Grutta and Luigi, La Rosa and Massimo, Landi and Giovanni, Lattuada and Erasmo, Laudani and ... and AIDA Study Group
European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 1764-1489, 2013, Volume 45, Issue 2, pp. 11 - 16
The evidence of efficacy of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) for respiratory allergy has been demonstrated by a number of meta-analyses. However, the daily... 
Allergen products | Allergen immunotherapy | Decision analysis | Sublingual immunotherapy | Respiratory allergy | Humans | Middle Aged | Decision Support Techniques | Adult | Female | Male | Surveys and Questionnaires | Aged | Sublingual Immunotherapy | Prescriptions | Desensitization, Immunologic
Journal Article
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