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Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 08/2019, Volume 34, Issue 8, pp. 1608 - 1619
Abstract STUDY QUESTION Can reduced representation genome sequencing offer an alternative to single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays as a generic and... 
Journal Article
04/2012, ISBN 9781107021549
Book Chapter
2012, 2012, ISBN 9789067048163
This chapter looks into how a country like Belgium deals with civil justice in a globalised world and the ensuing need for more convergence. For the sake of... 
Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law | Law | Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration | Fundamentals of Law
Book Chapter
2012, 2012, Beiträge zum ausländischen öffentlichen Recht und Völkerrecht, ISBN 9783642282980, Volume 233
The independence of the judiciary lies at the core of Belgian thinking about the rule of law.1 Despite its fundamental character, it has re-mained an unwritten... 
Law | Fundamentals of Law | Public International Law
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseJacob is managing Esther's assets with full power to sell them. One of the assets he holds on her behalf is an undeveloped piece of land called... 
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseA company, XYZ Ltd, wishes to raise money in the financial markets. It is willing and able to give real security to secure the debt. The transaction must... 
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseAlternative 1Tom is a real estate agent. One of the immovables he is trying to sell is an apartment belonging to Samantha. Bill is interested in buying... 
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseThe facts are as in Case 5, except as detailed below. The following alternatives occur:Alternative 1Without authority, Roberto uses all of the money in... 
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseA pension fund for employees of a company, that provides a specified benefit upon retirement, has been running for several years. Both the employer and the... 
Book Chapter
11/2005, ISBN 9780521849197
CaseA company, ABC Ltd, lends money on the security of mortgages/hypothecs on immovables. It now wishes to raise money in the financial markets. It wants to... 
Book Chapter
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