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diagnostic systems (1) 1
digestive system surgical procedures - adverse effects (1) 1
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digestive system surgical procedures - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
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Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963), ISSN 0032-1052, 10/2020, Volume 146, Issue 4, pp. 799 - 807
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 10/2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 5009 - 5009
Journal Article
BMJ global health, ISSN 2059-7908, 12/2020, Volume 5, Issue 12
Journal Article
by Robertson, Faith C and Esene, Ignatius N and Kolias, Angelos G and Kamalo, Patrick and Fieggen, Graham and Gormley, William B and Broekman, Marike L.D and Park, Kee B and Rosenfeld, Jeffrey and Balak, Naci and Ammar, Ahmed and Tisel, Magnus and Haglund, Michael and Smith, Timothy and Mendez, Ivar and Brennum, Jannick and Honeybul, Stephen and Matsumara, Akira and Muneza, Severien and Rubiano, Andres and Rosseau, Gail and Khan, Tariq and Misra, Basant and Bolles, Gene and Adelson, David and Dempsey, Robert and Hutchinson, Peter and Aklilu, Abenezer and Javier-Lizan, Abigail and Belhachmi, Adil and Khizar, Ahtesham and Tascu, Alexandru and Yalcinkaya, Ali and Ndajiwo, Aliyu Baba and Ukacjukwu, Alvan-Emeka and Agrawal, Amit and Thapa, Amit and Silva, Ana C.V and Gretschel, Armin and Sukumaran, Arvind and Vats, Atul and Jarad, Bakr Abo and Karmacharya, Balgopal and Chaurasia, Bipin and Liew, Boon Seng and Rodriguez Arias, Carlos A and Karekezi, Claire and Or, Cohen-Inbar and Sale, Danjuma and Kanesen, Davendran and Djilvesi, Djula and Nwaribe, Evarsitus and Mahmoud, M. Elhaj and Awais, Mian and Kumar, Sanjay and Adeleye, Amos O and Agarwal, Manish and Nkeshimana, Menelas and Ndubuisi Achebe, Sunday David and El Gaddafi, Walid and Uysal, Ece and Morgan, Eghosa and Buno, Elubabor and Sunday, Emmanuel and Adefris, Esayas and Alelyani, Fayez and Constanzo, Felipe and Longo, Gabriel and Farooq, Ghulam and Dunia, Goertz Mirenge and Bot, Gyang Markus and Shabani, Hamisi K and Deora, Harch and Almenshawy, Hassan and Kuheil, Hazem and Maldonado, Igor Lima and Negoi, Ionut and Yousaf, Irfan and Abdullah, Jafri Malin and Golubovic, Jagos and Ayadi, Khalil and Limpastan, Kriengsak and Jokonya, Luxwell and Hodzic, Mirsad and Kassem, Mohamed and Al-Rawi, Mohammed and Tariq, Muhammad and Vyval, Mykola and Abuhadrous, Nidal and Syrmos, Nikolaos and Alser, Osaid and Young, Paul H and Wahjoepramono, Petra and Sriram, Prabu Rau and Ouchetati, Rafik and Basaran, Recep and Bhoot, Ritesh and Amorim, Robson and Ilić, Rosanda and Wadanamby, Saman and ... and Collaborative Working Group
World neurosurgery: X, ISSN 2590-1397, 04/2020, Volume 6, pp. 100059 - 100059
Journal Article
by Wright, Naomi Jane and Wright, Naomi and Ade-Ajayi, Niyi and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji and Ameh, Emmanuel and Davies, Justine and Lakhoo, Kokila and Poenaru, Dan and Sevdalis, Nick and Smith, Emily and Leather, Andrew and Ubhi, Harmony and Parker, Samuel and Philipo, Godfrey Sama and Abukhalaf, Sadi and Adofo-Ansong, Nana and Akhbari, Melika and Alhamid, Ahmad and Alser, Osaid H and Aydin, Emrah and Benaskeur, Yousra-Imane and Elghazaly, Shrouk M and Elrais, Safa abdal and Hashim, Sophia and Herrera, Laura and Hyman, Gabriella and Kwasau, Henang and Liu, Yang and Martinez-Leo, Bruno and Naranjo, Kelly and Nour, Ibrahim and Riboni, Cristiana and Saleh, Mahmoud and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Shinondo, Patricia and Sim, Marcus and Thompson, Hannah and Vaitkiene, Agota and Vervoort, Dominique and Williams, Isabelle and Yunus, Aayenah and Chaudhary, Muhammad Amjad and Khattak, Muhammad Adnan Khan and Amjad, Muhammad Bin and Anaya, Marlene Dominguez and Hasan, Samiul and Karim, Sabbir and Mitul, Ashrarur Rahman and Bragagnini, Paolo and Rite, Segundo and Arbab, Hana and Samad, Lubna and Soomro, Aqil and Maistry, Niveshni and Al-Taher, Raed Nael and Nour, Ibrahim Rabi and Sarhan, Osama Abdul Kareem and Arshad, Muhammad and Qureshi, Taimur and Yousaf, Hina and Choo, Candy S.C and Dimatatac, Doris Mae and Nah, Shireen Anne and Ismavel, Vijay Anand and Miriam, Ann and Shajin, T and Ivanov, Monica and Serban, Andreea and Martinez-Leo, Bruno and Blazquez-Gomez, Eva and Garcia-Aparicio, Luis and Iriondo, Martí and Prat, Jordi and Tarrado, Xavier and Hagander, Lars and Svensson, Emma and Abdul-Mumin, Alhassan and Bagbio, Dominic and Owusu, Sheila and Tabiri, Stephen and Aziz, Dayang Anita Abdul and Global PaedSurg Res Collaboration and Global PaedSurg Research Collaboration
BMJ open, ISSN 2044-6055, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp. e030452 - e030452
Journal Article
by Ville Sallinen and Oliver Warren and Philip Choi and Victor Kong and Thomas M Drake and Dmitri Nepogodiev and Hosni Khairy Salem and Alex Makupe and Sarah Rayne and Aneel Bhangu and Tom Abbott and Gehad Tawfik and Sebastian King and Augusto Zani and Christopher Smith and John Whitaker and Alexis Arnaud and Esther Ferrero and Sanjay Patel and Mark Ian Hampton and Jennifer Ploski and Mengistu Worku and Shiva Dindyal and Dina Fouad and James Yang and Yoshan Moodley and Kathryn Lee and Luke Nicholson and Felix Alakaloko and Olumide Elebute and Omolara Williams and Elodie Haraux and George Ihediwa and Luigi Bonavina and Roger Schmid and Ahmed Soliman and Joshua Luck and Tanzeela Gala and J Edward Fitzgerald and Faustin Ntirenganya and Stuart J Fergusson and Andrew Kirby and Maria Marta Modolo and Mohammed Firdouse and Peep Talving and Roy Quek and Ahmed Altibi and Justas Zilinskas and Sebestian Shu and Matei Bratu and Mohammed Ubaid Alsaggaf and Sam Seisay and Omar Abdulbagi and Sukrit Suresh and Besmir Grizhja and Diego Antezana and Alvaro Enrique MendozaBeleño and Cecilia Costa and Rubén Balmaceda and Daniel Hamill and Peter Deutschmann and Dush Iyer and Morvarid Ashtari and Sabbir Karim and Nowrin F Aman and Umme Salma and Greg Padmore O'Shea and Ramesh Jonnalagadda and Dzmitry Paulouski and Maryna Shubianok and Tatsiana Shachykava and Francis Dossou and Fred Hodonou and Ernestyemalinstephane Ahounou and Germain Ahlonsou and Sandrine Kwizera and Simon Stock and Waleed Thabet and Ahmed Zaki and Noran Abdel-Hameed and Esraa Abd Elkhalek and Yehia Zakaria and Mohamed Kelany and OsamaMokhtar Mohamed Hassan and Suraya Bahar and Anan Radyabdelazeam and Siti NurAlia Kamarulzamil and Ahmad Bin Adnan and Aminah HanumHaji AbdulMajid and Mahmoud Salma and Citra Dewi MohdAli and Maha Nasr and Ahmed Sheta and Haidar Hajah and Ahmed Zohair and Mahitab Essam and Safia Ali and Ahmed mohamed Ibrahim and Hager Abdulazizamin and Mahmoud Saami and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
BMJ global health, ISSN 2059-7908, 12/2020, Volume 5, Issue 12
Journal Article
The Lancet Rheumatology, ISSN 2665-9913, 11/2020, Volume 2, Issue 11, pp. e698 - e711
Journal Article