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by Alsayegh, Mohammad A and Alshamali, Hanan and Khadada, Mousa and Ciccolini, Amanda and Ellis, Anne K and Quint, Diana and Powley, William and Lee, Laurie and Fiteih, Yahya and Baksh, Shairaz and Vliagoftis, Harissios and Gerega, Sebastien K and Millson, Brad and Charland, Katia and Barakat, Stephane and Sun, Xichun and Jimenez, Ricardo and Waserman, Susan and FitzGerald, Mark J and Hébert, Jacques and Cognet-Sicé, Josiane and Renahan, Kevin E and Huq, Saiful and Chooniedass, Rishma and Sawyer, Scott and Pasterkamp, Hans and Becker, Allan and Smith, Steven G and Zhang, Shiyuan and Jayasundara, Kavisha and Tacon, Claire and Simidchiev, Alex and Nadeau, Gilbert and Gunsoy, Necdet and Mullerova, Hana and Albers, Frank and Kim, Young Woong and Shannon, Casey P and Singh, Amrit and Neighbour, Helen and Larché, Mark and Tebbutt, Scott J and Klopp, Annika and Vehling, Lorena and Becker, Allan B and Subbarao, Padmaja and Mandhane, Piushkumar J and Turvey, Stuart E and Sears, Malcolm R and Azad, Meghan B and Loewen, Keely and Monchka, Barret and Mahmud, Salaheddin M and Jong, Geert ‘t and Longo, Cristina and Bartlett, Gillian and Ducharme, Francine M and Schuster, Tibor and MacGibbon, Brenda and Barnett, Tracie and North, Michelle L and Brook, Jeff and Lee, Elizabeth and Omana, Vanessa and Thiele, Jenny and Steacy, Lisa M and Evans, Greg and Diamond, Miriam and Sussman, Gordon L and Amistani, Yann and Abiteboul, Kathy and Tenn, Mark W and Yang, ChenXi and Carlsten, Christopher and Conway, Edward M and Mack, Douglas and Othman, Yasmin and Barber, Colin M and Kalicinsky, Chrystyna and Burke, Andrea E and Messieh, Mary and Nair, Parameswaran and Che, Chun T and Douglas, Lindsay and Liem, Joel and Duan, Lucy and Miller, Charlotte and Dupuis, Pascale and Connors, Lori A and Fein, Michael N and Shuster, Joseph and Hadi, Hani and Polk, Brooke and Raje, Nikita and Labrosse, Roxane and Bégin, Philippe and Paradis, Louis and Roches, Anne Des and Lacombe-Barrios, Jonathan and Mishra, Sanju and ... and and the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development Study Investigators
ALLERGY ASTHMA AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, ISSN 1710-1484, 04/2017, Volume 13, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article
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