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by Abreu, H and Affolder, A.A and Åkesson, T.P.A and Akimov, A.V and Alberghi, G.L and Alconada Verzini, M.J and Alimonti, G and Alonso, A and Alstaty, M and Amako, K and Amor Dos Santos, S.P and Angelidakis, S and Antonelli, M and Anulli, F and Arabidze, G and Araque, J.P and Arduh, F.A and Arguin, J.-F and Armbruster, A.J and Artoni, G and Artz, S and Asbah, N and Asquith, L and Baak, M.A and Balestri, T and Barak, L and Barnes, S.L and Barranco Navarro, L and Bartoldus, R and Bartos, P and Batista, S.J and Bauer, F and Beacham, J.B and Beck, H.P and Beckingham, M and Beddall, A and Bee, C.P and Bellerive, A and Benary, O and Benekos, N and Benhammou, Y and Benjamin, D.P and Bentvelsen, S and Berge, D and Berger, N and Berry, T and Bertella, C and Bertoli, G and Bertolucci, F and Bertram, I.A and Bhimji, W and Biebel, O and Binet, S and Bobbink, G.J and Bona, M and Boonekamp, M and Bourdarios, C and Boyko, I.R and Brooks, W.K and Bruni, G and Brunt, Bh and Bruschi, M and Bruscino, N and Buat, Q and Buckley, A.G and Burghgrave, B and Burmeister, I and Busato, E and Camincher, C and Camplani, A and Carbone, R.M and Carlino, G and Carvalho, J and Castillo Gimenez, V and Cerutti, F and Charlton, D.G and Chau, C.C and Che, S and Cheatham, S and Chen, S and Chernyatin, V and Chizhov, M.V and Chudoba, J and Cindro, V and Collot, J and Compostella, G and Coniavitis, E and Costa, M.J and Costanzo, D and Cuhadar Donszelmann, T and Cummings, J and Czirr, H and Dabrowski, W and Dallapiccola, C and Dann, N.S and Danninger, M and Dano Hoffmann, M and Darmora, S and Davidek, T and Dawson, I and ... and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 08/2016, Volume 94, Issue 3, p. 032005
Journal Article
by Abouzeid, O.S and Abreu, R and Adams, D.L and Adelman, J and Agricola, J and Aielli, G and Akimov, A.V and Allport, P.P and Altheimer, A and Amor Dos Santos, S.P and Andrei, V and Anghinolfi, F and Antonelli, M and Arai, Y and Araque, J.P and Arce, A.T.H and Arik, M and Arnaez, O and Arratia, M and Artamonov, A and Ashkenazi, A and Axen, B and Baker, O.K and Balestri, T and Balunas, W.K and Banas, E and Barnett, R.M and Baroncelli, A and Barr, A.J and Beccherle, R and Beddall, A.J and Bell, W.H and Bella, G and Benhammou, Y and Bensinger, J.R and Bernlochner, F.U and Berta, P and Bethke, S and Bianchi, R.M and Bianchini, L and Biedermann, D and Biesuz, N.V and Bilokon, H and Bindi, M and Bini, C and Black, C.W and Blackburn, D and Blumenschein, U and Bobrovnikov, V.S and Bocci, A and Bona, M and Boonekamp, M and Bortfeldt, J and Boyko, I.R and Brandt, O and Braun, H.M and Breaden Madden, W.D and Britzger, D and Brosamer, J and Bruckman De Renstrom, P.A and Bruneliere, R and Buchholz, P and Buckley, A.G and Burgard, C.D and Buzykaev, A.R and Calace, N and Caloba, L.P and Camacho Toro, R and Cardarelli, R and Carquin, E and Carter, J.R and Catmore, J.R and Cattai, A and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerio, B.C and Cervelli, A and Cetin, S.A and Chakraborty, D and Chang, P and Cheatham, S and Chekulaev, S.V and Chelkov, G.A and Chen, S and Chen, X and Chitan, A and Choi, K and Chuinard, A.J and Clement, C and Collot, J and Constantinescu, S and Conta, C and Conventi, F and Cottin, G and Dale, O and Dallapiccola, C and Daniells, A.C and Danninger, M and Darmora, S and Davies, M and Dawe, E and ... and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 04/2016, Volume 116, Issue 17, p. 172301
Journal Article
by Michael Hoffmann and Craig Hilton-Taylor and Ariadne Angulo and Monika Böhm and Thomas M. Brooks and Stuart H. M. Butchart and Kent E. Carpenter and Janice Chanson and Ben Collen and Neil A. Cox and William R. T. Darwall and Nicholas K. Dulvy and Lucy R. Harrison and Vineet Katariya and Caroline M. Pollock and Suhel Quader and Nadia I. Richman and Ana S. L. Rodrigues and Marcelo F. Tognelli and Jean-Christophe Vie and John M. Aguiar and David J. Allen and Gerald R. Allen and Giovanni Amori and Natalia B. Ananjeva and Franco Andreone and Paul Andrew and Aida Luz Aquino Ortiz and Jonathan E. M. Baillie and Ricardo Baldi and Ben D. Bell and S. D. Biju and Jeremy P. Bird and Patricia Black-Decima and J. Julian Blanc and Federico Bolaños and Wilmar Bolivar-G and Ian J. Burfield and James A. Burton and David R. Capper and Fernando Castro and Gianluca Catullo and Rachel D. Cavanagh and Alan Channing and Ning Labbish Chao and Anna M. Chenery and Federica Chiozza and Viola Clausnitzer and Nigel J. Collar and Leah C. Collett and Bruce B. Collette and Claudia F. Cortez Fernandez and Matthew T. Craig and Michael J. Crosby and Neil Cumberlidge and Annabelle Cuttelod and Andrew E. Derocher and Arvin C. Diesmos and John S. Donaldson and J. W. Duckworth and Guy Dutson and S. K. Dutta and Richard H. Emslie and Aljos Farjon and Sarah Fowler and Jörg Freyhof and David L. Garshelis and Justin Gerlach and David J. Gower and Tandora D. Grant and Geoffrey A. Hammerson and Richard B. Harris and Lawrence R. Heaney and S. Blair Hedges and Jean-Marc Hero and Baz Hughes and Syed Ainul Hussain and Javier Icochea M and Robert F. Inger and Nobuo Ishii and Djoko T. Iskandar and Richard K. B. Jenkins and Yoshio Kaneko and Maurice Kottelat and Kit M. Kovacs and Sergius L. Kuzmin and Enrique La Marca and John F. Lamoreux and Michael W. N. Lau and Esteban O. Lavilla and Kristin Leus and Rebecca L. Lewison and Gabriela Lichtenstein and Suzanne R. Livingstone and Vimoksalehi Lukoschek and David P. Mallon and Philip J. K. McGowan and Anna Mclvor and Patricia D. Moehlman and Sanjay Molur and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2010, Volume 330, Issue 6010, pp. 1503 - 1509
Journal Article
by McKay, J.D and Hung, R.J and Han, Y and Zong, X and Carreras-Torres, R and Christiani, D.C and Caporaso, N and Johansson, M and Li, Y and Byun, J.Y and Dunning, A and Pooley, K.A and Qian, D.C and Liu, G and Bojesen, S.E and Wu, X and Marchand, L. le and Albanes, D and Bickeböller, H and Alich, M.C and Bush, W.S and Tardon, A and Rennert, G and Teare, M.D and Field, J.K and Kiemeney, L.A and Lazarus, P and Haugen, A and Schabath, M.B and Anew, A.S and Shen, H and Hong, Y.C and Yuan, J.M and Bertazzi, P.A and Pesatori, A.C and Ye, Y and Diao, N and Su, L and Zhang, R and Brhane, Y and Leighl, N and Johansen, J.S and Mellemgaard, A and Saliba, W and Haiman, C.A and Wilkens, L.R and Fernandez-Somoano, A and Fernandez-Tardon, G and Heijden, H.F.M. van der and Kim, J.H and Hu, Z and Davies, M and Brunnström, H and Manjer, J and Melander, O and Muller, D and Overvad, K and Trichopoulou, A and Tumino, R and Doherty, J.A and Barnett, M.P and Chen, C and Goodman, G.E and Cox, A and Taylor, F and Woll, P.J and Brüske, I and Wichmann, H.E and Manz, J and Muley, T.R and Risch, A and Rosenberger, A and Grankvist, K and Shepherd, F.A and Tsao, M.S and Haura, E.B and Bolca, C and Holcatova, I and Janout, V and Kontic, M and Lissowska, J and Mukeria, A and Ognjanovic, S and Orlowski, T.M and Scelo, G and Swiatkowska, B and Zaridze, D and Bakke, P and Skaug, V and Zienolddiny, S and Duell, E.J and Butler, L.M and Koh, W.P and Gao, Y.T and Houlston, R.S and McLaughlin, J and Stevens, V.L and Joubert, P and Lamontagne, M and Nickle, D.C and ... and SpiroMeta Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2017, Volume 49, Issue 7, pp. 1126 - 1132
Journal Article