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The New Zealand medical journal, 12/2017, Volume 130, Issue 1466, p. 92
Fanconi anaemia (FA) is a rare multi-system genetic disorder where patients are susceptible to the development of oral malignancies. Clinicians involved in... 
Journal Article
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ISSN 0266-4356, 2014, Volume 52, Issue 8, pp. e111 - e111
Journal Article
International Journal of Surgery, ISSN 1743-9191, 2013, Volume 11, Issue 8, pp. 686 - 686
Journal Article
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ISSN 0266-4356, 2009, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp. e64 - e65
Journal Article
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ISSN 0266-4356, 2009, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp. e58 - e59
Journal Article
by Abdel-Galil, Khalild and Ahmed, Abdul and Ahmed, Nabeela and Aldridge, Thomas and Andi, Kavin and Al-Nawas, Bilal and Arnaud, Eric and Avery, Christopher M.E and Bainbridge, Mark and Beale, Victoria and Bell, William H and Berridge, Natasha Louise and Blancher, Adam and Block, Michael S and Blythe, John N St. J and Bodem, Jens and Boffano, Paolo and Borumandi, Farzad and Bos, Rudolf Robert Maria and Breeze, Major John and Brennan, Peter A and Brown, James and Buntic, Rudolf F and Bürger, Heinz and Burton, Brady and Carlson, Eric R and Cascarini, Luke and Cassidy, Siwan and Chalmers, Alison and Chapireau, David and Cobb, Alistair R.M and Colbert, Serryth and Coyle, Margaret Jean and Cuzalina, Angelo and Dashow, Jason E and Dhanda, Jag and Drake, David and Ehrlich, Alex D and Ellis, Simon and Evans, T. William and Extence, Helen and Farook, Shahme Ahamed and Farrier, Jerry N and Fasanmade, Adekunmi and Fernandes, Rui P and Forouzanfar, Tim and Fretwurst, Tobias and Frost, David E and Johann Gaggl Sr, Alexander and Gandhi, Rishi Kumar and Gellrich, Nils-Claudius Bernhard and George, Katherine and Ghali, G.E and Gilhooly, Michael and Godden, Daryl R and Gonzalez, Marianela and Gottlieb, Jonathan B and Alan Gremillion, Henry A and Green, Ben C and Gruber, Elizabeth Anne and Guerrero, Cesar A and Gupta, Rishi Jay and Harrington, Kevin J and Harris, Christopher and Hebert, Andrea M and Helman, Joseph and Hoffmann, Jürgen and Hoffmeister, Bodo and Holmes, Simon and Horn, Dominik and Jaspers, Birgit and Jundt, Gernot and Kabala, Julian Eamon and Kaban, Leonard B and Kaleem, Arshad and Kanatas, Anastasios and Kelly, Charles Gerald and Klasser, Gary D and Kim, Beomjune B and Koppel, David A and Kübler, Norbert R and Likhterov, Ilya and Lloyd, Timothy William and Loukota, Richard A and Lubek, Joshua E and Lyons, Andrew and Mackenzie, Col. Neil and Madani, Gitta and Markiewicz, Michael R and Matthews, Nigel Shaun and McQuillan, Joe and McGurk, Mark and Mehrotra, Divya and Mercer, Nigel Stuart George and Mercuri, Louis Gerard and Messiha, Ashraf and Monje, Florencio and Mujica, Elena V and Mumford, Rachel Anne and Murakami, Kenlchiro and ...
2017, ISBN 9780702060632
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