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by Gomez-Reino, Juan J and Carmona, Loreto and Erra, Alba and Marsal, Sara and Castro, Mónica Fernández and Mulero, Juan and Andreu, Jose Luis and Gómez, Manuel Rodríguez and Padro, Marta Larrosa and Casado, Enrique and Leonor, Elena and Alierta, Sirvent and Reina, Delia and Gómez, Carmen García and Ibañez, Beatriz Joven and Delgado, Patricia Carreira and Hernández, Ma. Victoria and Loza, Estibaliz and Ruiz, Alberto Alonso and Itzazelaia, Esther Uriarte and Zarza, Lucia Pantoja and Aransay, Ma. Valvanera Pinillos and Hernández, Teresa Mariné and de Vicuña Pinedo, Rosario García and García, Ana Ma. Ortiz and Álvaro, Isidoro González and Laffon, Armando and Álvaro-Gracia, Jose Ma and López, César Díaz and de La Serna, Arturo Rodríguez and Cortina, Eduardo Loza and Oyarzabal, Ma. Victoria Irigoyen and Garnica, Inmaculada Ureña and Cagigal, Virginia Coret and Casasempere, Paloma Vela and Pascual, Eliseo and Serrano, Miquel Ángel Belmonte and Fabregat, Juan Beltran and Lerma, Juan José and Graña, Myriam Liz and Gómez-Reino, Juan José and Aizen, Saul Mario Gelman and Monge, Elena Ciruelo and Muriel, Eva Tomero and García, Juan Carlos Cobeta and Cuenca, Encarnación Saiz and Muñoz, José Galvez and de La Torre, Gerardo Iglesias and Pardo, Rosa Roselló and Galeano, Carlos Vázquez and de Diego, Juan Pablo Valdazo and Marsá, Xavier Tena and Santamaría, Vera Ortiz and Prada, Manuel Fernández and Piqueras, José Antonio and Tornero, Jesús and Méndez, Laura Cebrián and Carreño, Luis and Borras, Juan José García and Ruiz, Francisco Javier Manero and Busquets, Manel Pujol and Duran, Josep Granados and Cuadra, Jose Luis and Tevar, F. Javier Paulino and Huertas, Marcos Paulino and Maiz, Olga and Barastay, Estibaliz and Figueroa, Manuel and Torres, Carmen and Coro, Montserrat Corteguera and Lozano, Carlos Rodríguez and Hernández, Félix Francisco and Fernández, Iñigo Rua Figueroa and Martín, Oscar Illera and Zea Mendoza, Antonio C and de La Peña Lefebvre, Paloma García and Expósito, Marta Valero and Aznar, Emilia and Gutiérrez, Ricardo and Valenciano, Ana Cruz and Echeverria, Manuel Crespo and Del Pozo, Félix Cabero and Jimeno, Ma. Teresa Ruiz and Aresté, Jordi Fiter and Poch, Luis Espadaler and Carasa, Juan Carlos Vesga and Quintana, Eduardo Cuende and Andrada, Sagrario Sánchez and Valverde, Vicente Rodríguez and Amaro, Ivan Ferraz and García, Tomas González and Marenco, José Luis and Rejón, Eduardo and Estevez, Eduardo Collantes and Castro Villegas, M. Carmen and Hernández, Blanca and de Oca Mercader, José V. Montes and Sarabia, Federico Navarro and de Miera, Francisco Javier Toyos Saenz and Fernández-Cid, Carlos Marras and ... and BIOBADASER Grp and BIOBADASER Group
Arthritis Research and Therapy, ISSN 1478-6354, 01/2006, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. R29 - R29
Journal Article
by Descalzo, Miguel Ángel and Montero, Dolores and Erra, Alba and Marsal, Sara and Fernández Castro, Mónica and Mulero, Juan and Luis Andréu, José and Rodríguez Gómez, Manuel and Larrosa Pardo, Marta and Casado, Enrique and Sirvent, Elena Leonor and Reina, Delia and García Gómez, Carmen and Joven, Beatriz and Carreira, Patricia and Hernández, M. Victoria and Loza, Estibaliz and Alonso, Alberto and Uriarte, Esther and Pantoja, Lucía and Valvanera Pinillos, M and Mariné, Teresa and García de Vicuña, Rosario and Ortiz, Ana M and González Álvaro, Isidoro and Laffón, Armando and Álvaro-Gracia, José M and Díaz López, César and Rodríguez de La Serna, Arturo and Loza, Eduardo and Irigoyen, M. Victoria and Ureña, Inmaculada and Coret, Virginia and Vela, Paloma and Pascual Gómez, Eliseo and Belmonte, Miguel Ángel and Beltrán, Juan and Lerma, Juan José and Liz, Myriam and Gelman, Saul Mario and Ciruelo, Elena and Tomero, Eva and Amengual, Olga and Cobeta, Juan Carlos and Saiz, Encarnación and Gálvez, José and Iglesias de La Torre, Gerardo and Roselló, Rosa and Vźquez, Carlos and Valdazo, Juan Pablo and Tena, Xavier and Ortiz, Vera and Fernández Prada, Manuel and Piqueras, José Antonio and Tornero Molina, Jesús and Cebrián, Laura and Carreño, Luis and García Borras, Juan José and Javier Manero, Francisco and Pujol, Manel and Granados, Josep and Cuadra, José Luis and Javier Paulino, F and Paulino, Marcos and Maiz, Olga and Barastay, Estibaliz and Figueroa, Manuel and Torres, Carmen and Corteguera, Montserrat and Rodríguez Lozano, Carlos and Francisco Hernńadez, Félix and Rua Figueroa, Iñigo and Illera, Oscar and Zea, Antonio C and García de La Peña, Paloma and Valero, Marta and Aznar, Emilia and Gutiérrez, Ricardo and Cruz Valenciano, Ana and Crespo, Manuel and Cabero, Félix and Ruiz Jimeno, M. Teresa and Fiter, Jordi and Espadaler, Luis and Vesga, Juan Carlos and Cuende, Eduardo and Sánchez Andrada, Sagrario and Rodríguez Valverde, Vicente and Ferraz, Iván and González, Tomas and Marenco, José Luis and Rejón, Eduardo and Collantes, Eduardo and Castro, M. Carmen and Montes de Oca, José V and Navarro, Federico and Javier Toyos, Francisco and Marras, Carlos and Linares, Luis Francisco
Reumatologia Clinica, ISSN 1699-258X, 2007, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 4 - 20
Objective: BIOBADASER is a prospective registry of rheumatic patients treated with biological therapies, which aim is the analysis of long-term survival and... 
Adverse events | Biological therapies | Registry | Follow-up
Journal Article
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