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analogous arrangements using other waves (27) 27
applying liquids or other fluent materials to surfaces, in general (27) 27
determining distance or velocity by use of radio waves (27) 27
locating or presence-detecting by use of the reflection orreradiation of radio waves (27) 27
radio direction-finding (27) 27
radio navigation (27) 27
spraying or atomising in general (27) 27
devices for introducing media into, or onto, the body (26) 26
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2007, ISBN 9780226313375, 433
Long ago, fish fins evolved into the limbs of land vertebrates and tetrapods. During this transition, some elements of the fin were carried over while new... 
Biology, life sciences | Extremities (Anatomy) | Evolution
by O'Donnell, Michael and Nelson, Leif D and Ackermann, Evi and Aczel, Balazs and Akhtar, Athfah and Alovandi, Silvio and Alshaif, Nasseem and Aninga, Ronald and Aveyard, Mark and Babincak, Peter and Balatekin, Nursena and Baldwin, Scott A and Banik, Gabriel and Baskin, Ernest and Bell, Raoul and Białobrzeska, Olga and Birt, Angie R and Boot, Walter R and Braithwaite, Scott R and Briggs, Jessie C and Buchner, Axel and Budd, Desiree and Budzik, Kathryn and Bullens, Lottie and Bulley, Richard L and Cannon, Peter R and Cantarero, Katarzyna and Cesario, Joseph and Chambers, Stephanie and Chartier, Christopher R and Chekroun, Peggy and Chong, Clara and Cleeremans, Axel and Coary, Sean P and Coulthard, Jacob and Cramwinckel, Florien M and Denson, Thomas F and Díaz-Lago, Marcos and DiDonato, Theresa E and mmond, Aaron and Eberlen, Julia and Ebersbach, Titus and Edlund, John E and Finnigan, Katherine M and Fisher, Justin and Frankowska, Natalia and García-Sánchez, Efraín and Golom, Frank D and Graves, Anew J and Greenberg, Kevin and Hanioti, Mando and Hansen, Heather A and Harder, Jenna A and Harrell, Erin R and Hartanto, Anee and Inzlicht, Michael and Johnson, David J and Karpinski, Anew and Keller, Victor N and Klein, Olivier and Koppel, Lina and Krahmer, Emiel and Lantian, Anthony and Larson, Michael J and Légal, Jean-Baptiste and Lucas, Richard E and Lynott, Dermot and Magaldino, Corey M and Massar, Karlijn and McBee, Matthew T and McLatchie, Neil and Melia, Nadhilla and Mensink, Michael C and Mieth, Laura and Moore-Berg, Samantha and Neeser, Geraldine and Newell, Ben R and Noordewier, Marret K and Özdogğru, Asil Ali and Pantazi, Myrto and Parzuchowski, Michał and Peters, Kim and Philipp, Michael C and Pollmann, Monique M H and Rentzelas, Panagiotis and Roíguez-Bailón, Rosa and Röer, Jan Philipp and Ropovik, Ivan and Roque, Nelson A and Rueda, Carolina and Rutjens, Bastiaan T and Sackett, Katey and Salamon, Janos and Sánchez-Roíguez, Ángel and Saunders, Blair and Schaafsma, Juliette and Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Michael and Shanks, David R and Sherman, Martin F and Steele, Kenneth M and ... and Medicinska fakulteten and Linköpings universitet and Centrum för social och affektiv neurovetenskap and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Filosofiska fakulteten and Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling and Nationalekonomi and Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och lärande and Psykologi
Perspectives on Psychological Science, ISSN 1745-6916, 03/2018, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp. 268 - 294
Dijksterhuis and van Knippenberg (1998) reported that participants primed with a category associated with intelligence ("professor") subsequently performed 13%... 
replication | priming | ACTIVATION | Social Perception | BEHAVIOR | Humans | Male | Female | Prejudice | PRIMES | CATEGORY ACCESSIBILITY | intelligence | PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | Intelligence | Priming | Gender | Laboratories | Moderation | Football | Psychology | Cognitive science | Samhällsvetenskap | Social Sciences | Tillämpad psykologi | priming; replication; intelligence | Applied Psychology | Psykologi
Journal Article
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 11/2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, p. 13493
Journal Article
by Galimberti, Viviana and Cole, Bernard F and Viale, Giuseppe and Veronesi, Paolo and Vicini, Elisa and Intra, Mattia and Mazzarol, Giovanni and Massarut, Samuele and Zgajnar, Janez and Taffurelli, Mario and Littlejohn, David and Knauer, Michael and Tondini, Carlo and Di Leo, Angelo and Colleoni, Marco and Regan, Meredith M and Coates, Alan S and Gelber, Richard D and Goldhirsch, Aron and Boyle, Fran and Jerusalem, Guy and Stahel, Rolf and Aebi, Stefan and Green, Michael and Karlsson, Per and Kössler, Ingrid and Láng, Istvan and Hiltbrunner, Anita and Bernhard, Jürg and Fournarakou, Stamatina and Kammler, Roswitha and Maibach, Rudolf and Rabaglio, Manuela and Ribi, Karin and Roschitzki, Heidi and Roux, Susanne and Ruepp, Barbara and Mahoney, Caitlin and Price, Karen and Blacher, Lynette and Scolese, Tara and Scott, Karolyn and Lippert, Sandra and Zielinski, Theresa and Mastropasqua, Mauro and Andrighetto, Stefania and Dell'Orto, Patrizia and Renne, Giuseppe and Pruneri, Giancarlo and Dellapasqua, Silvia and Iorfida, Monica and Cancello, Giuseppe and Montagna, Emilia and Cardillo, Anna and Peruzzotti, Giulia and Ghisini, Raffaella and Luini, Alberto and Veronesi, Umberto and Intra, Mattia and Gentilini, Oreste and Zurrida, Stefano and Curigliano, Giuseppe and Nole, Franco and Orecchia, Roberto and Leonardi, Marisa Cristina and Baratella, Paola and Chifu, Camelia and Sargenti, Manuela and Crivellari, Diana and Morassut, Sandro and Mileto, Mario and Piccoli, Erica and Veronesi, Andreas and Magri, Marisa Donatella and Buonadonna, Angelo and Candiani, Ezio and Carbone, Antonino and Perin, Tiziana and Volpe, Rachele and Roncadin, Mario and Arcicasa, Mauro and Coran, Francesco and Lagrassa, Manuela and Recalcati, Angelo and Limonta, Maria Emanuela and Tricomi, Paolo and Fenaroli, Privato and Candiago, Elisabetta and Cattaneo, Laura and Gianatti, Alberto and Santini, Donatella and Maweja, Sylvie and Delvenne, Philippe and Rorive, Andrée and Collignon, Joëlle and Garbay, Jean-Remi and Mathieu, Marie-Christine and Galatius, Hanne and Hoffmann, Jack and Schousen, Peer and ... and International Breast Cancer Study Group Trial 23-01 and Int Breast Canc Study Grp Trial 23
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 10/2018, Volume 19, Issue 10, pp. 1385 - 1393
We previously reported the 5-year results of the phase 3 IBCSG 23-01 trial comparing disease-free survival in patients with breast cancer with one or more... 
SURGERY | WOMEN | MULTICENTER | METASTASIS | ONCOLOGY | LYMPH-NODES | BIOPSY | RECURRENCE | EORTC 10981-22023 AMAROS | Care and treatment | Cancer patients | Breast cancer | Analysis | Surgery
Journal Article
2013, ISBN 9780739179574, 304
2017, ISBN 9781472478467, xxiii, 255 pages
European cities increasingly face problems caused by transport and traffic. For many people transport provision is unsatisfactory and current arrangements are... 
Environmental aspects | Local transit | Planning | Urban transportation policy | Urban transportation | Transportation | Design | Ergonomics & Human Factors | Transport Industries | Project Management | Public Management | NonProfit Management | Local transit - Europe
by Bulla, Martin and Valcu, Mihai and Dokter, Aiaan M and Dondua, Alexei G and Kosztolányi, Anás and Helm, Barbara and Sandercock, Brett K and Casler, Bruce and Ens, Bruno J and Spiegel, Caleb S and Hassell, Chris J and Küpper, Clemens and Minton, Clive and Burgas, Daniel and Lank, David B and Payer, David C and Loktionov, Egor Y and Nol, Erica and Kwon, Eunbi and Smith, Fletcher and Gates, H River and Vitnerová, Hana and Prüter, Hanna and Johnson, James A and St Clair, James J H and Lamarre, Jean-François and Rausch, Jennie and Reneerkens, Jeroen and Conklin, Jesse R and Burger, Joanna and Liebezeit, Joe and Bêty, Joël and Coleman, Jonathan T and Figuerola, Jordi and Hooijmeijer, Joslyn and Alves, José A and Smith, Joseph A M and Weidinger, Karel and Koivula, Kari and Gosbell, Ken and Exo, Klaus-Michael and Niles, Larry and Koloski, Laura and McKinnon, Laura and Praus, Libor and Klaassen, Marcel and Giroux, Marie-Anée and Sládeček, Martin and Boldenow, Megan L and Goldstein, Michael I and Šálek, Miroslav and Senner, Nathan and Rönkä, Nelli and Lecomte, Nicolas and Gilg, Olivier and Vincze, Orsolya and Johnson, Oscar W and Smith, Paul A and Woodard, Paul F and Tomkovich, Pavel S and Battley, Phil F and Bentzen, Rebecca and Lanctot, Richard B and Porter, Ron and Saalfeld, Sarah T and Freeman, Scott and Brown, Stephen C and Yezerinac, Stephen and Székely, Tamás and Montalvo, Tomás and Piersma, Theunis and Loverti, Vanessa and Pakanen, Veli-Matti and Tijsen, Wim and Kempenaers, Bart
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 12/2016, Volume 540, Issue 7631, pp. 109 - 113
Journal Article
Journal Article