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by Scholten, Olaf and van den Berg, Aiaan and Las Cumbres Observatory Grp and ATCA Australia Telescope and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and KU Collaboration and GROUND and RIMAS RATIR and AGILE Team and ASKAP Australian SKA Pathfinder and IPN Collaboration and LOFAR Collaboration and Salt Grp and VINROUGE Collaboration and Nordic Optical Telescope and MAXI Team and Fermi GBM and Fermi Large Area Telescope and J-GEM and IceCube Collaboration and BOOTES Collaboration and Pi Sky Collaboration and Pan-STARRS and LWA Long Wavelength Array and SKA South Africa MeerKAT and CALET Collaboration and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride and HAWC Collaboration and GROWTH JAGWAR CALTECH and ATLAS and ePESSTO and DFN Desert Fireball Network and Insight-Hxmt Collaboration and Texas Tech Univ and MASTER Collaboration and TZAC Consortium and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and GRAWITA GRAvitational Wave and INTERGRAL and Toros Transient Robotic Observat and Chandra Team McGill Univ and H E S S Collaboration and Swift Collaboration and Pierre Auger Collaboration and OzGrav DWF Deeper Wider Faster and IKI-GW Follow-up Collaboration and Euro VLBI Team and High Time Resolution Universe and ANTARES Collaboration and DLT40 Collaboration and ALMA Collaboration and The 1M2H Team and MWA Murchison Widefield Array and The Insight-HXMT Collaboration and The MAXI Team and The Swift Collaboration and The Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration and GROND and TOROS: Transient Robotic Observatory of the South Collaboration and Texas Tech University and OzGrav, DWF (Deeper, Wider, Faster program), AST3, and CAASTRO Collaborations and MWA: Murchison Widefield Array and GROWTH, JAGWAR, Caltech-NRAO, TTU-NRAO, and NuSTAR Collaborations and INTEGRAL and RIMAS and RATIR and Pi of the Sky Collaboration and The Chandra Team at McGill University and LWA: Long Wavelength Array and The DLT40 Collaboration and DFN: Desert Fireball Network and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and ASKAP: Australian SKA Pathfinder and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and The BOOTES Collaboration and The Pierre Auger Collaboration and ATCA: Australia Telescope Compact Array and SALT Group and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and The Dark Energy Camera GW-EM Collaboration and the DES Collaboration and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and GRAWITA: GRAvitational Wave Inaf TeAm and The VINROUGE Collaboration and The CALET Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för astronomi and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 10/2017, Volume 848, Issue 2, p. L12
Journal Article
by Di Maio, Velia C and Cento, Valeria and Lenci, Ilaria and Aragri, Marianna and Rossi, Piera and Barbaliscia, Silvia and Melis, Michela and Verucchi, Gabriella and Magni, Carlo F and Teti, Elisabetta and Bertoli, Ada and Antonucci, FrancescoPaolo and Bellocchi, Maria C and Micheli, Valeria and Masetti, Chiara and Landonio, Simona and Francioso, Simona and Santopaolo, Francesco and Pellicelli, Adriano M and Calvaruso, Vincenza and Gianserra, Laura and Siciliano, Massimo and Romagnoli, Dante and Cozzolongo, Raffaele and Grieco, Antonio and Vecchiet, Jacopo and Morisco, Filomena and Merli, Manuela and Brancaccio, Giuseppina and Di Biagio, Antonio and Loggi, Elisabetta and Mastroianni, Claudio M and Pace Palitti, Valeria and Tarquini, Pierluigi and Puoti, Massimo and Taliani, Gloria and Sarmati, Loredana and Picciotto, Antonino and Vullo, Vincenzo and Caporaso, Nicola and Paoloni, Maurizio and Pasquazzi, Caterina and Rizzardini, Giuliano and Parruti, Giustino and Craxì, Antonio and Babudieri, Sergio and Andreoni, Massimo and Angelico, Mario and Perno, Carlo F and Ceccherini‐Silberstein, Francesca and Mariani, R and Iapadre, N and Grimaldi, A and Cozzolongo, R and Andreone, P and Verucchi, G and Menzaghi, B and Quirino, T and Pisani, V and Torti, C and Vecchiet, J and Bruzzone, B and De Maria, A and Marenco, S and Nicolini, L.A and Viscoli, C and Casinelli, K and Delle Monache, M and Lichtner, M and Aghemo, A and Boccaccio, V and Bruno, S and Cerrone, M and Colombo, M and D'Arminio Monforte, A and Danieli, E and Donato, F and Gubertini, G and Lleo, A and Magni, C.F and Mancon, A and Monico, S and Niero, F and Russo, M.L and Gnocchi, M and Orro, A and Milanesi, L and Baldelli, E and Bertolotti, M and Borghi, V and Mussini, C and Brancaccio, G and Gaeta, G.B and Lembo, V and Sangiovanni, V and Di Marco, V and Mazzola, A and Petta, S and D'Amico, E and Cacciatore, P and ... and HCV Italian Resistance Network Stu and HCV Italian Resistance Network Study Group and the HCV Italian Resistance Network Study Group
Liver International, ISSN 1478-3223, 04/2017, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 514 - 528
Journal Article
by Bhandari, S and Keane, E.F and Barr, E.D and Jameson, A and Petroff, E and Johnston, S and Bailes, M and Bhat, N.D.R and Burgay, M and Burke-Spolaor, S and Caleb, M and Eatough, R.P and Flynn, C and Green, J.A and Jankowski, F and Kramer, M and Venkatraman Krishnan, V and Morello, V and Possenti, A and Stappers, B and Tiburzi, C and van Straten, W and Andreoni, I and Butterley, T and Chandra, P and Cooke, J and Corongiu, A and Coward, D.M and Dhillon, V.S and Dodson, R and Hardy, L.K and Howell, E.J and Jaroenjittichai, P and Klotz, A and Littlefair, S.P and Marsh, T.R and Mickaliger, M and Muxlow, T and Perrodin, D and Pritchard, T and Sawangwit, U and Terai, T and Tominaga, N and Torne, P and Totani, T and Trois, A and Turpin, D and Niino, Y and Wilson, R.W and Albert, A and André, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Ardid, M and Aubert, J.-J and Avgitas, T and Baret, B and Barrios-Martí, J and Basa, S and Belhorma, B and Bertin, V and Biagi, S and Bormuth, R and Bourret, S and Bouwhuis, M.C and Brănzas, H and Bruijn, R and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Capone, A and Caramete, L and Carr, J and Celli, S and El Moursli, R. Cherkaoui and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Coelho, J.A.B and Coleiro, A and Coniglione, R and Costantini, H and Coyle, P and Creusot, A and Díaz, A.F and Deschamps, A and De Bonis, G and Distefano, C and Di Palma, I and Domi, A and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Drouhin, D and Eberl, T and El Bojaddaini, I and El Khayati, N and Elsässer, D and Enzenhöfer, A and Ettahiri, A and Fassi, F and Felis, I and Fusco, L.A and ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 04/2018, Volume 475, Issue 2, pp. 1427 - 1446
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2007, Volume 356, Issue 19, pp. 1915 - 1927
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Plos Medicine, ISSN 1549-1676, 2015, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp. e1001809 - e1001809
Journal Article