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by Rebbeck, Timothy R and Friebel, Tara M and Friedman, Eitan and Hamann, Ute and Huo, Dezheng and Kwong, Ava and Olah, Edith and Olopade, Olufunmilayo I and Solano, Angela R and teo, Soo-Hwang and Thomassen, Mads and Weitzel, Jeffrey N and Chan, T. L and Couch, Fergus J and Goldgar, David E and Kruse, Torben A and Palmero, Edenir Inêz and Park, Sue Kyung and Torres, Diana and van Rensburg, Elizabeth J and McGuffog, Lesley and Parsons, Michael T and Leslie, Goska and Aalfs, Cora M and Abugattas, Julio and Adlard, Julian and Agata, Simona and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Anews, Lesley and Anulis, Irene L and Arason, Adalgeir and Arnold, Norbert and Arun, Banu K and Asseryanis, Ella and Auerbach, Leo and Azzollini, Jacopo and Balmaña, Judith and Barile, Monica and Barkardottir, Rosa B and Barrowdale, Daniel and Benitez, Javier and Berger, Aneas and Berger, Raanan and Blanco, Amie M and Blazer, Kathleen R and Blok, Marinus J and Bonadona, Valérie and Bonanni, Bernardo and Bradbury, Angela R and Brewer, Carole and Buecher, Bruno and Buys, Sauna S and Caldes, Trinidad and Caliebe, Almuth and Caligo, Maria A and Campbell, Ian and Caputo, Sanine and Chiquette, Jocelyne and Chung, Wendy K and Claes, Kathleen B. M and Collée, J. Margriet and Cook, Jackie and Davidson, Rosemarie and de la Hoya, Miguel and de Leeneer, Kim and de Pauw, Antoine and Delnatte, Capucine and Diez, Orland and Ding, Yuan Chun and Ditsch, Nina and Domchek, Susan M and Dorfling, Cecilia M and Velazquez, Carolina and Dworniczak, Bernd and Eason, Jacqueline and Easton, Douglas F and Eeles, Ros and Ehrencrona, Hans and Ejlertsen, Bent and Engel, Christoph and Engert, Stefanie and Evans, D. Gareth and Faivre, Laurence and Feliubadaló, Lidia and Ferrer, Sana Fert and Foretova, Lenka and Fowler, Jeffrey and Frost, Debra and Galvão, Henrique C. R and Ganz, Patricia A and Garber, Judy and Gauthier-Villars, Marion and Gehrig, Anea and Gerdes, Anne-Marie and Gesta, Paul and Giannini, Giuseppe and Giraud, Sophie and Glendon, Gord and Godwin, Anew K and Greene, Mark H and ... and KConFab Investigators and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators
Human mutation, ISSN 1059-7794, 2018, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp. 593 - 620
Journal Article
by Mikropoulos, Christos and Selkirk, Christina G. Hutten and Saya, Sibel and Bancroft, Elizabeth and Vertosick, Emily and Dadaev, Tokhir and Brendler, Charles and Page, Elizabeth and Dias, Alexander and Evans, D. Gareth and Rothwell, Jeanette and Maehle, Lovise and Axcrona, Karol and Richardson, Kate and Eccles, Diana and Jensen, Thomas and Osther, Palle J and van Asperen, Christi J and Vasen, Hans and Kiemeney, Lambertus A and Ringelberg, Janneke and Cybulski, Cezary and Wokolorczyk, Dominika and Hart, Rachel and Glover, Wayne and Lam, Jimmy and Taylor, Louise and Salinas, Monica and Feliubadaló, Lidia and Oldenburg, Rogier and Cremers, Ruben and Verhaegh, Gerald and van Zelst-Stams, Wendy A and Oosterwijk, Jan C and Cook, Jackie and Rosario, Derek J and Buys, Sauna S and Conner, Tom and Domchek, Susan and Powers, Jacquelyn and Ausems, Margreet Gem and Teixeira, Manuel R and Maia, Sofia and Izatt, Louise and Schmutzler, Rita and Rhiem, Kerstin and Foulkes, William D and Boshari, Talia and Davidson, Rosemarie and Ruijs, Marielle and Helderman-van den Enden, Apollonia Tjm and Anews, Lesley and Walker, Lisa and Snape, Katie and Henderson, Alex and Jobson, Irene and Lindeman, Geoffrey J and Liljegren, Annelie and Harris, Marion and Adank, Muriel A and Kirk, Judy and Taylor, Amy and Susman, Rachel and Chen-Shtoyerman, Rakefet and Pachter, Nicholas and Spigelman, Allan and Side, Lucy and Zgajnar, Janez and Mora, Josefina and Brewer, Carole and Gadea, Neus and Brady, Angela F and Gallagher, David and van Os, Theo and Donaldson, Alan and Stefansdottir, Vigdis and Barwell, Julian and James, Paul A and Murphy, Declan and Friedman, Eitan and Nicolai, Nicola and Greenhalgh, Lynn and Obeid, Elias and Murthy, Vedang and Copakova, Lucia and McGrath, John and teo, Soo-Hwang and Strom, Sara and Kast, Karin and Leongamornlert, Daniel A and Chamberlain, Anthony and Pope, Jenny and Newlin, Anna C and Aaronson, Neil and Ardern-Jones, Auey and Bangma, Chris and Castro, Elena and Dearnaley, David and Eyfjord, Jorunn and Falconer, Alison and ... and IMPACT Study Collaborators and IMPACT study collaborators and The IMPACT study collaborators
British journal of cancer, ISSN 0007-0920, 2018, Volume 118, Issue 2, pp. 266 - 276
Journal Article
by Vos, Theo, Prof and Flaxman, Abraham D, PhD and Naghavi, Mohsen, PhD and Lozano, Rafael, Prof and Michaud, Catherine, MD and Ezzati, Majid, Prof and Shibuya, Kenji, Prof and Salomon, Joshua A, Prof and Abdalla, Safa, MBBS and Aboyans, Victor, Prof and Abraham, Jerry, MPH and Ackerman, Ilana, PhD and Aggarwal, Rakesh, Prof and Ahn, Stephanie Y, MPH and Ali, Mohammed K, MBChB and AlMazroa, Mohammad A, MD and Alvarado, Miriam, BA and Anderson, H Ross, Prof and Anderson, Laurie M, PhD and Andrews, Kathryn G, MPH and Atkinson, Charles, BS and Baddour, Larry M, Prof and Bahalim, Adil N, MEng and Barker-Collo, Suzanne, PhD and Barrero, Lope H, ScD and Bartels, David H, BA and Basáñez, Maria-Gloria, Prof and Baxter, Amanda, MPH and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Benjamin, Emelia J, Prof and Bennett, Derrick, PhD and Bernabé, Eduardo, PhD and Bhalla, Kavi, PhD and Bhandari, Bishal, MSc and Bikbov, Boris, Prof and Abdulhak, Aref Bin, MD and Birbeck, Gretchen, Prof and Black, James A, MPhil and Blencowe, Hannah, MBChB and Blore, Jed D, PhD and Blyth, Fiona, PhD and Bolliger, Ian, AB and Bonaventure, Audrey, MD and Boufous, Soufiane, PhD and Bourne, Rupert, Prof and Boussinesq, Michel, MD and Braithwaite, Tasanee, BMBCh and Brayne, Carol, Prof and Bridgett, Lisa, PhD and Brooker, Simon, Prof and Brooks, Peter, Prof and Brugha, Traolach S, Prof and Bryan-Hancock, Claire, BPsych and Bucello, Chiara, BPsyc and Buchbinder, Rachelle, Prof and Buckle, Geoffrey, MPH and Budke, Christine M, PhD and Burch, Michael, MD and Burney, Peter, Prof and Burstein, Roy, BA and Calabria, Bianca, BPsych and Campbell, Benjamin, BA and Canter, Charles E, Prof and Carabin, Hélène, Prof and Carapetis, Jonathan, Prof and Carmona, Loreto, MD and Cella, Claudia, PharmChemD and Charlson, Fiona, MPH and Chen, Honglei, PhD and Cheng, Andrew Tai-Ann, Prof and Chou, David, BA and Chugh, Sumeet S, Prof and Coffeng, Luc E, MD and Colan, Steven D, Prof and Colquhoun, Samantha, MPH and Colson, K Ellicott, BA and Condon, John, PhD and Connor, Myles D, PhD and Cooper, Leslie T, Prof and Corriere, Matthew, MD and Cortinovis, Monica, BiotechD and de Vaccaro, Karen Courville, MD and Couser, William, Prof and Cowie, Benjamin C, MBBS and Criqui, Michael H, Prof and Cross, Marita, PhD and Dabhadkar, Kaustubh C, MBBS and Dahiya, Manu, BDS and Dahodwala, Nabila, MD and Damsere-Derry, James, MPH and Danaei, Goodarz, MD and Davis, Adrian, Prof and De Leo, Diego, Prof and Degenhardt, Louisa, Prof and Dellavalle, Robert, MD and Delossantos, Allyne, BS and Denenberg, Julie, MA and Derrett, Sarah, PhD and Des Jarlais, Don C, PhD and Dharmaratne, Samath D, Prof and ...
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 12/2012, Volume 380, Issue 9859, pp. 2163 - 2196
Journal Article
by Ding, Yuan C and McGuffog, Lesley and Healey, Sue and Friedman, Eitan and Laitman, Yael and Paluch-Shimon, Shani and Kaufman, Bella and Liljegren, Annelie and Lindblom, Annika and Olsson, Håkan and Kristoffersson, Ulf and Stenmark-Askmalm, Marie and Melin, Beatrice and Domchek, Susan M and Nathanson, Katherine L and Rebbeck, Timothy R and Jakubowska, Anna and Lubinski, Jan and Jaworska, Katarzyna and Durda, Katarzyna and Gronwald, Jacek and Huzarski, Tomasz and Cybulski, Cezary and Byrski, Tomasz and Osorio, Ana and Cajal, Teresa Ramóny and Stavropoulou, Alexana V and Benítez, Javier and Hamann, Ute and Rookus, Matti and Aalfs, Cora M and de Lange, Judith L and Meijers-Heijboer, Hanne E. J and Oosterwijk, Jan C and van Asperen, Christi J and Gómez García, Encarna B and Hoogerbrugge, Nicoline and Jager, Agnes and van der Luijt, Rob B and Easton, Douglas F and Peock, Susan and Frost, Debra and Ellis, Steve D and Platte, Radka and Fineberg, Elena and Evans, D. Gareth and Lalloo, Fiona and Izatt, Louise and Eeles, Ros and Adlard, Julian and Davidson, Rosemarie and Eccles, Diana and Cole, Trevor and Cook, Jackie and Brewer, Carole and Tischkowitz, Marc and Godwin, Anew K and Pathak, Harsh and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Mazoyer, Sylvie and Barjhoux, Laure and Léoné, Mélanie and Gauthier-Villars, Marion and Caux-Moncoutier, Virginie and de Pauw, Antoine and Hardouin, Agnès and Berthet, Pascaline and yfus, Hélène and Ferrer, Sana Fert and Collonge-Rame, Marie-Agnès and Sokolowska, Johanna and Buys, Sauna and Daly, Mary and Miron, Alex and Terry, Mary Beth and Chung, Wendy and John, Esther M and Southey, Melissa and Goldgar, David and Singer, Christian F and tea, Muy-Kheng Maria and Gschwantler-Kaulich, Daphne and Fink-Retter, Anneliese and Hansen, Thomas V. O and Ejlertsen, Bent and Johannsson, Oskar T and Offit, Kenneth and Sarrel, Kara and Gaudet, Mia M and Vijai, Joseph and Robson, Mark and Piedmonte, Marion R and Anews, Lesley and Cohn, David and DeMars, Leslie R and DiSilvestro, Paul and Roiguez, Gustavo and Toland, Amanda Ewart and Montagna, Marco and ... and KConFab Investigators and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and Consortium Investigators Modifiers and HEBON and OCGN and SWE-BRCA and Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 (CIMBA) and for EMBRACE and for HEBON and on behalf of Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 (CIMBA) and for GEMO Study Collaborators and for KConFab Investigators and for SWE-BRCA and for OCGN
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention, ISSN 1055-9965, 2012, Volume 21, Issue 8, pp. 1362 - 1370
Journal Article
BMJ Open, ISSN 2044-6055, 11/2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, p. e006945
Introduction Tobacco smoking claims 700 000 lives every year in Europe and the cost of tobacco smoking in the EU is estimated between €98 and €130 billion... 
TASK-FORCE | HEALTH-CARE | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Smoking - economics | Comparative Effectiveness Research | Smoking Prevention | Europe | Humans
Journal Article
by Rebbeck, T.R and Friebel, T.M and Friedman, E and Hamann, U and Huo, D and Kwong, A and Olah, E and Olopade, O.I and Solano, A.R and Teo, S.H and Thomassen, M and Weitzel, J.N and Chan, T.L and Couch, F.J and Goldgar, D.E and Kruse, T.A and Palmero, E.I and Park, S.K and Torres, D and Rensburg, E.J. van and McGuffog, L and Parsons, M.T and Leslie, G and Aalfs, C.M and Abugattas, J and Adlard, J and Agata, S and Aittomaki, K and Anews, L and Anulis, I.L and Arason, A and Arnold, N and Arun, B.K and Asseryanis, E and Auerbach, L and Azzollini, J and Balmana, J and Barile, M and Barkardottir, R.B and Barrowdale, D and Benitez, J and Berger, A and Berger, R and Blanco, A.M and Blazer, K.R and Blok, M.J and Bonadona, V and Bonanni, B and Bradbury, A.R and Brewer, C and Buecher, B and Buys, S.S and Caldes, T and Caliebe, A and Caligo, M.A and Campbell, I and Caputo, S.M and Chiquette, J and Chung, W.K and Claes, K.B.M and Collee, J.M and Cook, J and Davidson, R and Hoya, M. de la and Leeneer, K. De and Pauw, A. de and Delnatte, C and Diez, O and Ding, Y.C and Ditsch, N and Domchek, S.M and Dorfling, C.M and Velazquez, C and Dworniczak, B and Eason, J and Easton, D.F and Eeles, R and Ehrencrona, H and Ejlertsen, B and Engel, C and Engert, S and Evans, D.G and Faivre, L and Feliubadalo, L and Ferrer, S.F and Foretova, L and Fowler, J and Frost, D and Galvao, H.C.R and Ganz, P.A and Garber, J and Gauthier-Villars, M and Gehrig, A and Gerdes, A.M and Gesta, P and Giannini, G and Giraud, S and Glendon, G and Godwin, A.K and Greene, M.H and ...
Human mutation, ISSN 1059-7794, 2018, Volume 39, pp. 593 - 620
The prevalence and spectrum of germline mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 have been reported in single populations, with the majority of reports focused on White in... 
EMBRACE | GEMO Study Collaborators | HEBON
Journal Article
NPJ breast cancer, ISSN 2374-4677, 12/2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 14
Journal Article