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Journal Article
by Liu, Dajiang J and Peloso, Gina M and Yu, Haojie and Butterworth, Adam S and Wang, Xiao and Mahajan, Anubha and Saleheen, Danish and Emdin, Connor and Alam, Dewan and Alves, Alexessander Couto and Amouyel, Philippe and Di Angelantonio, Emanuele and Arveiler, Dominique and Assimes, Themistocles L and Auer, Paul L and Baber, Usman and Ballantyne, Christie M and Bang, Lia E and Benn, Marianne and Bis, Joshua C and Boehnke, Michael and Boerwinkle, Eric and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Bottinger, Erwin P and Brandslund, Ivan and Brown, Morris and Busonero, Fabio and Caulfield, Mark J and Chambers, John C and Chasman, Daniel I and Chen, Y. Eugene and Chen, Yii-Der Ida and Chowdhury, Rajiv and Christensen, Cramer and Chu, Auey Y and Connell, John M and Cucca, Francesco and Cupples, L. Aienne and Damrauer, Scott M and Davies, Gail and Deary, Ian J and Dedoussis, George and Denny, Joshua C and Dominiczak, Anna and Dubé, Marie-Pierre and Ebeling, Tapani and Eiriksdottir, Gudny and Esko, Tõnu and Farmaki, Aliki-Eleni and Feitosa, Mary F and Ferrario, Marco and Ferrieres, Jean and Ford, Ian and Fornage, Myriam and Franks, Paul W and Frayling, Timothy M and Frikke-Schmidt, Ruth and Fritsche, Lars G and Frossard, Philippe and Fuster, Valentin and Ganesh, Santhi K and Gao, Wei and Garcia, Melissa E and Gieger, Christian and Giulianini, Franco and Goodarzi, Mark O and Grallert, Harald and Grarup, Niels and Groop, Leif and Grove, Megan L and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Hansen, Torben and Harris, Tamara B and Hayward, Caroline and Hirschhorn, Joel N and Holmen, Oddgeir L and Huffman, Jennifer and Huo, Yong and Hveem, Kristian and Jabeen, Sehrish and Jackson, Anne U and Jakobsdottir, Johanna and Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta and Jensen, Gorm B and Jørgensen, Marit E and Jukema, J. Wouter and Justesen, Johanne M and Kamstrup, Pia R and Kanoni, Stavroula and Karpe, Freik and Kee, Frank and Khera, Amit V and Klarin, Derek and Koistinen, Heikki A and Kooner, Jaspal S and Kooperberg, Charles and Kuulasmaa, Kari and Kuusisto, Johanna and Laakso, Markku and Lakka, Timo and ... and VA Million Veteran Program and Charge Diabet Working Grp and EPIC-CVD Consortium and EPIC-InterAct Consortium and GOLD Consortium and Charge Diabetes Working Group and The EPIC-InterAct Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin and Enheten för biobanksforskning and Umeå universitet and Medicin
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2017, Volume 49, Issue 12, pp. 1758 - 1766
We screened variants on an exome-focused genotyping array in >300,000 participants (replication in >280,000 participants) and identified 444 independent... 
APOBEC-1 COMPLEMENTATION FACTOR | MYELOPROLIFERATIVE DISORDERS | LOW-FREQUENCY | CLONAL HEMATOPOIESIS | B MESSENGER-RNA | GENETICS & HEREDITY | TYROSINE KINASE JAK2 | CARDIOVASCULAR-DISEASE | MACULAR DEGENERATION | GENETIC ARCHITECTURE | CODING-SEQUENCE VARIANTS | Genetic Predisposition to Disease - genetics | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - genetics | Humans | Risk Factors | Genetic Association Studies - methods | Genotype | Coronary Artery Disease - blood | Macular Degeneration - blood | Genetic Variation | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - blood | Exome - genetics | Phenotype | Macular Degeneration - genetics | Lipids - blood | Coronary Artery Disease - genetics | Genome-wide association studies | Genetic aspects | Blood lipids | Identification and classification | Methods | Plasma | Lipoproteins (low density) | Liver | Lipids | Risk | Cardiovascular disease | Genomes | Macular degeneration | Consortia | Janus kinase 2 | Heart diseases | Lipoproteins (high density) | Age | Diabetes mellitus | Coronary artery | Health risks | Thalassemia | Triglycerides | Coronary artery disease | Loci | Cholesterol | Lipolysis | Studies | Lipoproteins | Genotyping | Alleles | Quality control | Diabetes | Basic Medicine | Medical Genetics | Medicinsk genetik | Medical and Health Sciences | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Medicinska och farmaceutiska grundvetenskaper
Journal Article
by Di Angelantonio, Emanuele and Gao, Pei and Khan, Hassan and Butterworth, Adam S and Wormser, David and Kaptoge, Stephen and Kondapally Seshasai, Sreenivasa Rao and Thompson, Alex and Sarwar, Nadeem and Willeit, Peter and Ridker, Paul M and Barr, Elizabeth L. M and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Psaty, Bruce M and Brenner, Hermann and Balkau, Beverley and Dekker, Jacqueline M and Lawlor, Debbie A and Daimon, Makoto and Willeit, Johann and Njølstad, Inger and Nissinen, Aulikki and Brunner, Eric J and Kuller, Lewis H and Price, Jackie F and Sundström, Johan and Knuiman, Matthew W and Feskens, Edith J. M and Verschuren, W. M. M and Wald, Nicholas and Bakker, Stephan J. L and Whincup, Peter H and Ford, Ian and Goldbourt, Uri and Gómez-de-la-Cámara, Agustín and Gallacher, John and Simons, Leon A and Rosengren, Annika and Sutherland, Susan E and Björkelund, Cecilia and Blazer, Dan G and Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia and Onat, Altan and Marín Ibañez, Alejandro and Casiglia, Edoardo and Jukema, J. Wouter and Simpson, Lara M and Giampaoli, Simona and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Selmer, Randi and Wennberg, Patrik and Kauhanen, Jussi and Salonen, Jukka T and Dankner, Rachel and Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth and Kavousi, Maryam and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Evans, Denis and Wallace, Robert B and Cushman, Mary and D’Agostino, Ralph B and Umans, Jason G and Kiyohara, Yutaka and Nakagawa, Hidaeki and Sato, Shinichi and Gillum, Richard F and Folsom, Aaron R and van der Schouw, Yvonne T and Moons, Karel G and Griffin, Simon J and Sattar, Naveed and Wareham, Nicholas J and Selvin, Elizabeth and Thompson, Simon G and Danesh, John and Emerging Risk Factors and Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin and Allmänmedicin and Umeå universitet
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 03/2014, Volume 311, Issue 12, pp. 1225 - 1233
Journal Article
by Turcot, Valérie and Lu, Yingchang and Highland, Heather M and Schurmann, Claudia and Justice, Anne E and Fine, Rebecca S and Bradfield, Jonathan P and Esko, Tõnu and Giri, Ayush and Graff, Mariaelisa and Guo, Xiuqing and Hendricks, Audrey E and Karaderi, Tugce and Lempradl, Adelheid and Locke, Adam E and Mahajan, Anubha and Marouli, Eirini and Sivapalaratnam, Suthesh and Young, Kristin L and Alfred, Tamuno and Feitosa, Mary F and Masca, Nicholas G. D and Manning, Alisa K and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and Mudgal, Poorva and Ng, Maggie C. Y and Reiner, Alex P and Vedantam, Sailaja and Willems, Sara M and Winkler, Thomas W and Abecasis, Gonçalo and Aben, Katja K and Alam, Dewan S and Alharthi, Sameer E and Allison, Matthew and Amouyel, Philippe and Asselbergs, Folkert W and Auer, Paul L and Balkau, Beverley and Bang, Lia E and Barroso, Inês and Bastarache, Lisa and Benn, Marianne and Bergmann, Sven and Bielak, Lawrence F and Blüher, Matthias and Boehnke, Michael and Boeing, Heiner and Boerwinkle, Eric and Böger, Carsten A and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Bots, Michiel L and Bottinger, Erwin P and Bowden, Donald W and Brandslund, Ivan and Breen, Gerome and Brilliant, Murray H and Broer, Linda and Brumat, Marco and Burt, Amber A and Butterworth, Adam S and Campbell, Peter T and Cappellani, Stefania and Carey, David J and Catamo, Eulalia and Caulfield, Mark J and Chambers, John C and Chasman, Daniel I and Chen, Yii-Der I and Chowdhury, Rajiv and Christensen, Cramer and Chu, Audrey Y and Cocca, Massimiliano and Cook, James P and Corley, Janie and Corominas Galbany, Jordi and Cox, Amanda J and Crosslin, David S and Cuellar-Partida, Gabriel and D'Eustacchio, Angela and Danesh, John and Davies, Gail and Bakker, Paul I. W and Groot, Mark C. H and Mutsert, Renée and Deary, Ian J and Dedoussis, George and Demerath, Ellen W and Heijer, Martin and Hollander, Anneke I and Ruijter, Hester M and Dennis, Joe G and Denny, Josh C and Angelantonio, Emanuele and Drenos, Fotios and Du, Mengmeng and Dubé, Marie-Pierre and Dunning, Alison M and Easton, Douglas F and Edwards, Todd L and ... and Chd Exome Consortium and EPIC InterAct Consortium and Global Lipids Genetic Consortium and GoT2D Genes Consortium and MAGIC Investigators and Understanding Soc Sci Grp and ReproGen Consortium and Interval Study and Epic-Cvd Consortium and ExomeBP Consortium and T2D-Genes Consortium and INTERVAL Study and EPIC-CVD Consortium and EPIC InterAct Consortium and CHD Exome+ Consortium and Understanding Society Scientific Group and The MAGIC Investigators and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för folkhälsa och klinisk medicin and Enheten för biobanksforskning and Allmänmedicin and Umeå universitet and Medicin
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 01/2018, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp. 26 - 35
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 11/2018, Volume 50, Issue 11, pp. 1514 - 1523
The Million Veteran Program (MVP) was established in 2011 as a national research initiative to determine how genetic variation influences the health of US... 
Cardiovascular Diseases - ethnology | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - genetics | Humans | Middle Aged | Hispanic Americans - statistics & numerical data | Male | Cardiovascular Diseases - genetics | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - ethnology | Ethnic Groups - genetics | Lipids - blood | Cardiovascular Diseases - blood | Female | Lipid Metabolism - genetics | African Continental Ancestry Group - genetics | Ethnic Groups - statistics & numerical data | European Continental Ancestry Group - genetics | Genome-Wide Association Study | Hispanic Americans - genetics | European Continental Ancestry Group - statistics & numerical data | Genotype | African Continental Ancestry Group - statistics & numerical data | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - blood | Aged | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Veterans - statistics & numerical data | Wellness programs | Usage | Genetic variation | Analysis | Military personnel | Genetic aspects | Research | Blood lipids | Health aspects | Laboratories | Veterans | Angioplasty | Lipids | Cardiovascular disease | Genomes | Electronic medical records | Blood | Consortia | Aorta | Genetics | Diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent) | Heart diseases | Phenotypes | Research & development--R&D | Diabetes mellitus | Data processing | Principal components analysis | Triglycerides | Genetic diversity | Cholesterol | Abdomen | Meta-analysis | Studies | Quality control | Gene loci | Diabetes | Mutation | Electronic health records | Hispanics | coronary artery disease | population genetics | genome-wide association studies
Journal Article