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Letters in organic chemistry, ISSN 1570-1786, 01/2017, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp. 227 - 230
.... The microbial N-acetylation is known to be a chief detoxifying mechanism for noxious AA. However, this transformation is not widely reported for fungi. Methods... 
Physical Sciences | Chemistry | Chemistry, Organic | Science & Technology
Journal Article
Journal Article
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, ISSN 0968-0896, 05/2018, Volume 26, Issue 8, pp. 1971 - 1985
[Display omitted] 4-(Nitrophenyl)hydrazone derivatives of N-acylhydrazone were synthesized and screened for suppress lymphocyte proliferation and nitrite inhibition in macrophages... 
Hydrazones | Substituent effects | Methylation | Anti-inflammatory agents | Peritonitis | Hydroxides | Phosphatases | Analysis | Prostaglandins E | Aluminum compounds | Macrophages | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Abraham, J and Aglietta, M and Aguirre, I.C and Albrow, M and Allard, D and Allekotte, I and Allison, P and Alvarez Muñiz, J and do Amaral, M.G and Ambrosio, M and Anchordoqui, L and Andrews, R and Anguiano, M and dos Anjos, J.C and Aramo, C and Argiro, S and Arisaka, K and Arteaga, J.C and Atulugama, S and Ave, M and Avila, G and Baggio, R and Bai, X and Barbosa, A.F and Barbosa, H.M.J and Barnhill, D and Barroso, S.L.C and Bauleo, P and Beatty, J and Beau, T and Becker, K.-H and Bellido, J.A and Bello, P and Bergmann, T and Berman, E and Bertou, X and Biermann, P and Billoir, P and Biral, R and Bluemer, H and Bohacova, M and Bollmann, E and Bonifazi, C and Boratav, M and Boselli, A and Brack, J and Brunet, J.-M and Bui-Duc, H and Cabrera, V and Camin, D.V and Capdevielle, J.-N and Carreño, A and Cartiglia, N and Caruso, R and de Carvalho, L.A and Casanova, S and Casimiro, E and Castellina, A and Castro, J and Cattaneo, P.W and Cazon, L and Cester, R and Chávez, N and Cheam, D and Chiavassa, A and Chinellato, J.A and Chiosso, M and Chou, A and Chye, J and Cillis, A and Civit, B and Claes, D and Clark, P.D.J and Clay, R.W and Cohen, F and Cordero, A and Cordier, A and Cormier, E and Cotzomi, J and Cotti, U and Coutu, S and Covault, C.E and Creusot, A and Cronin, J.W and Cuautle, M and Dagoret-Campagne, S and Dang-Quang, T and Da Silva, P and Darling, J and Darriulat, P and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B.R and de Bruijn, L and De Capoa, A and de Oliveira, M.A.L and de Souza, V and Della Selva, A and Deligny, O and Diaz, J.C and Dobrigkeit, C and ... and AUGER COLLABORATION and Auger Collaboration
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 05/2004, Volume 523, Issue 1-2, pp. 50 - 95
Construction of the first stage of the Pierre Auger Observatory has begun. The aim of the Observatory is to collect unprecedented information about cosmic rays... 
Ultra high energy cosmic rays | Auger Observatory | Extensive air showers | Physical Sciences | Physics, Nuclear | Technology | Instruments & Instrumentation | Nuclear Science & Technology | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Sciences of the Universe | Astrophysics | Cosmology and Extra-Galactic Astrophysics
Journal Article
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, ISSN 1742-5468, 08/2009, Volume 2009, Issue 8, p. P08002
Some exact results are derived relating quantities computable by the so-called damage spreading method and thermodynamic functions for the N-color Ashkin-Teller model... 
Classical Monte Carlo simulations | Correlation functions (theory) | Other numerical approaches | Mechanics | Physical Sciences | Technology | Physics | Physics, Mathematical | Science & Technology | Physics - Statistical Mechanics
Journal Article
by Khachatryan, V and Aguilo, E and Dragicevic, M and Fabjan, C and Frühwirth, R and Hammer, J and Krammer, M and Pernicka, M and Rohringer, H and Wulz, C.-E and Rougny, R and Blyweert, S and Van Mulders, P and Clerbaux, B and Gay, A.P.R and Marage, P.E and Vanlaer, P and Wang, J and Grunewald, M and Mccartin, J and Verwilligen, P and Walsh, S and Castello, R and Piotrzkowski, K and Daubie, E and Hammad, G.H and Martins, T and Pol, M.E and Matos Figueiredo, D and Prado Da Silva, W.L and Soares Jorge, L and Anjos, T.S and Dias, F.A and Gregores, E.M and Mercadante, P.G and Novaes, S.F and Padula, Sandra S and Rodozov, M and Vutova, M and Hadjiiska, R and Pavlov, B and Chen, H.S and Jiang, C.H and Wang, J and Wang, Z and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Zou, W and Osorio Oliveros, A.F and Polic, D and Duric, S and Attikis, A and Elgammal, S and Rebane, L and Lampén, T and Lehti, S and Luukka, P and Tuovinen, E and Fabbro, B and Faure, J.L and Ferri, F and Hamel De Monchenault, G and Broutin, C and Charlot, C and Paganini, P and Sirois, Y and Andrea, J and Goerlach, U and Fassi, F and Beauceron, S and Bondu, O and Depasse, P and El Mamouni, H and Gascon, S and Kurca, T and Lethuillier, M and Perries, S and Feld, L and Jussen, R and Zhukov, V and Duchardt, D and Hebbeker, T and Meyer, A and Schmitz, S.A and Geisler, M and Kargoll, B and Nowack, A and Stahl, A and Behr, J and Behrens, U and Bergholz, M and Burgmeier, A and Castro, E and Glushkov, I and Hauk, J and Mankel, R and Perrey, H and Görner, M and Höing, R.S and Kirschenmann, H and Mura, B and ... and CMS Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 11/2012, Volume 109, Issue 22, pp. 222301 - 222301
The suppression of the individual Υ(nS) states in PbPb collisions with respect to their yields in pp data has been measured. The PbPb and pp data sets used in... 
Journal Article
Classical and quantum gravity, ISSN 0264-9381, 09/2016, Volume 33, Issue 18, p. 185010
Journal Article
Colloquium humanarum, ISSN 1809-8207, 06/2019, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp. 1 - 3
Journal Article
by Khachatryan, V and Bergauer, T and Friedl, M and Ghete, V.M and Jeitler, M and Schöfbeck, R and Strauss, J and Rougny, R and van Haevermaet, H and van Remortel, N and van Onsem, G.P and Marage, P.E and Vander Velde, C and Beernaert, K and Garcia, G and Klein, B and Bruno, G and Pin, A and Schul, N and Caebergs, T and Alves, G.A and de Jesus Damiao, D and Aldá Júnior, W.L and Mundim, L and Silva Do Amaral, S.M and Sznajder, A and Dias, F.A and Gregores, E.M and Lagana, C and Mercadante, P.G and Padula, Sandra S and Trayanov, R and Liang, D and Wang, Z and Xiao, H and Xu, M and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Guo, S and Osorio Oliveros, A.F and Attikis, A and Mousa, J and Razis, P.A and Finger, M and Finger Jr, M and Assran, Y and Radi, A and Hektor, A and Müntel, M and Raidal, M and Eerola, P and Voutilainen, M and Heikkinen, A and Ungaro, D and Wendland, L and Choudhury, S and Ganjour, S and Locci, E and Millischer, L and Beaudette, F and Broutin, C and Busson, P and Granier de Cassagnac, R and Ochando, C and Salerno, R and Cardaci, M and Greder, S and van Hove, P and Beaupere, N and Boumediene, D and Brun, H and Chierici, R and Depasse, P and Fay, J and Kurca, T and Le Grand, T and Perries, S and Viret, S and Anagnostou, G and Heracleous, N and Wittmer, B and Caudron, J and Heidemann, C and Kreuzer, P and Schmitz, S.A and Geisler, M and Kuessel, Y and Linn, A and Nowack, A and Sauerland, P and Castro, E and Dammann, D and Kasemann, M and Mankel, R and Marfin, I and Olzem, J and Petrukhin, A and Schmidt, R and Stein, M and Autermann, C and Klanner, R and ...
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 2012, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp. 1 - 22
Journal Article
by Abraham, J and Abreu, P and Aglietta, M and Ahn, E.J and Allard, D and Allen, J and Alvarez-Muñiz, J and Ambrosio, M and Anchordoqui, L and Andringa, S and Antičić, T and Anzalone, A and Aramo, C and Arganda, E and Arisaka, K and Arqueros, F and Asorey, H and Assis, P and Aublin, J and Ave, M and Avila, G and Bäcker, T and Badagnani, D and Balzer, M and Barber, K.B and Barbosa, A.F and Barroso, S.L.C and Baughman, B and Bauleo, P and Beatty, J.J and Becker, B.R and Becker, K.H and Bellétoile, A and Bellido, J.A and BenZvi, S and Berat, C and Bergmann, T and Bertou, X and Biermann, P.L and Billoir, P and Blanch-Bigas, O and Blanco, F and Blanco, M and Bleve, C and Blümer, H and Boháčová, M and Boncioli, D and Bonifazi, C and Bonino, R and Borodai, N and Brack, J and Brogueira, P and Brown, W.C and Bruijn, R and Buchholz, P and Bueno, A and Burton, R.E and Busca, N.G and Caballero-Mora, K.S and Caramete, L and Caruso, R and Castellina, A and Catalano, O and Cataldi, G and Cazon, L and Cester, R and Chauvin, J and Chiavassa, A and Chinellato, J.A and Chou, A and Chudoba, J and Clay, R.W and Colombo, E and Coluccia, M.R and Conceição, R and Contreras, F and Cook, H and Cooper, M.J and Coppens, J and Cordier, A and Cotti, U and Coutu, S and Covault, C.E and Creusot, A and Criss, A and Cronin, J and Curutiu, A and Dagoret-Campagne, S and Dallier, R and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B.R and de Almeida, R.M and De Domenico, M and De Donato, C and de Jong, S.J and De La Vega, G and de Mello Junior, W.J.M and de Mello Neto, J.R.T and De Mitri, I and de Souza, V and ... and Pierre Auger Collaboration
Physics letters. B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2010, Volume 685, Issue 4-5, pp. 239 - 246
We report a measurement of the flux of cosmic rays with unprecedented precision and statistics using the Pierre Auger Observatory. Based on fluorescence... 
Energy spectrum | Cosmic rays | Pierre Auger Observatory
Journal Article
Vibrational spectroscopy, ISSN 0924-2031, 11/2018, Volume 99, pp. 100 - 103
Journal Article
by Bergauer, T and Friedl, M and Ghete, V.M and Krammer, M and Liko, D and Rohringer, C and Wagner, P and Wulz, C.-E and Blyweert, S and Van Mulders, P and Léonard, A and Grunewald, M and Verwilligen, P and Zaganidis, N and Piotrzkowski, K and Correa Martins Junior, M and De Jesus Damiao, D and Souza, M.H.G and Carvalho, W and Da Costa, E.M and Fonseca De Souza, S and Nogima, H and Mercadante, P.G and Novaes, S.F and Padula, Sandra S and Iaydjiev, P and Rodozov, M and Vutova, M and Hadjiiska, R and Pavlov, B and Chen, H.S and Jiang, C.H and Teng, H and Wang, S and Gomez Moreno, B and Godinovic, N and Duric, S and Attikis, A and Rebane, L and Eerola, P and Heikkinen, A and Kortelainen, M.J and Lehti, S and Banzuzi, K and Choudhury, S and Dejardin, M and Denegri, D and Gras, P and Broutin, C and Charlot, C and Salerno, R and Zabi, A and Agram, J.-L and Andrea, J and Bodin, D and Chabert, E.C and Drouhin, F and Fontaine, J.-C and Juillot, P and Karim, M and Le Bihan, A.-C and Fassi, F and Beauceron, S and Bondu, O and Depasse, P and El Mamouni, H and Gascon, S and Kurca, T and Lethuillier, M and Heracleous, N and Sprenger, D and Zhukov, V and Duchardt, D and Erdmann, M and Klimkovich, T and Olschewski, M and Teyssier, D and Weber, M and Cherepanov, V and Flügge, G and Hoehle, F and Perchalla, L and Behr, J and Habib, S and Krämer, M and Lange, W and Lutz, B and Marfin, I and Mussgiller, A and Ribeiro Cipriano, P.M and Kirschenmann, H and Lange, J and Hartmann, F and Honc, S and Oehler, A and Röcker, S and Scheurer, A and Ziebarth, E.B and Kesisoglou, S and Kyriakis, A and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, ISSN 0556-2813, 01/2013, Volume 87, Issue 1
The anisotropy of the azimuthal distributions of charged particles produced in sNN=2.76 TeV PbPb collisions is studied with the CMS experiment at the LHC. The... 
Journal Article