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Cryosphere, ISSN 1994-0416, 03/2018, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. 759 - 794
Journal Article
by Pivetta, Emanuele, MD and Goffi, Alberto, MD and Lupia, Enrico, MD, PhD and Tizzani, Maria, MD and Porrino, Giulio, MD and Ferreri, Enrico, MD and Volpicelli, Giovanni, MD, FCCP and Balzaretti, Paolo, MD and Banderali, Alessandra, MD and Iacobucci, Antonello, MD and Locatelli, Stefania, MD and Casoli, Giovanna, MD and Stone, Michael B., MD and Maule, Milena M., PhD and Baldi, Ileana, PhD and Merletti, Franco, MD and Cibinel, Gian Alfonso, MD and Baron, Paolo, MD and Battista, Stefania, MD and Buonafede, Giuseppina, MD and Busso, Valeria, MD and Conterno, Andrea, MD and Del Rizzo, Paola, MD and Ferrera, Patrizia, MD and Pecetto, Paolo Fascio, MD and Moiraghi, Corrado, MD and Morello, Fulvio, MD and Steri, Fabio, MD and Ciccone, Giovannino, MD and Calasso, Cosimo, MD and Caserta, Mimma A, MD and Civita, Marina, MD and Condo', Carmen, MD and D'Alessandro, Vittorio, MD and Del Colle, Sara, MD and Ferrero, Stefania, MD and Griot, Giulietta, MD and Laurita, Emanuela, MD and Lazzero, Alberto, MD and Lo Curto, Francesca, MD and Michelazzo, Marianna, MD and Nicosia, Vincenza, MD and Palmari, Nicola, MD and Ricchiardi, Alberto, MD and Rolfo, Andrea, MD and Rostagno, Roberto, MD and Bar, Fabrizio, MD and Boero, Enrico, MD and Frascisco, Mauro, MD and Micossi, Ilaria, MD and Mussa, Alessandro, MD and Stefanone, Valerio, MD and Agricola, Renzo, MD and Cordero, Gabriele, MD and Corradi, Federica, MD and Runzo, Cristina, MD and Soragna, Aldo, MD and Sciullo, Daniela, MD and Vercillo, Domenico, MD and Allione, Attilio, MD and Artana, Nicoletta, MD and Corsini, Fabrizio, MD and Dutto, Luca, MD and Lauria, Giuseppe, MD and Morgillo, Teresa, MD and Tartaglino, Bruno, MD and Bergandi, Daniela, MD and Cassetta, Ilaria, MD and Masera, Clotilde, MD and Garrone, Mario, MD and Ghiselli, Gianluca, MD and Ausiello, Livia, MD and Barutta, Letizia, MD and Bernardi, Emanuele, MD and Bono, Alessia, MD and Forno, Daniela, MD and Lamorte, Alessandro, MD and Lison, Davide, MD and Lorenzati, Bartolomeo, MD and Maggio, Elena, MD and Masi, Ilaria, MD and Maggiorotto, Matteo, MD and Novelli, Giulia, MD and Panero, Francesco, MD and Perotto, Massimo, MD and Ravazzoli, Marco, MD and Saglio, Elisa, MD and Soardo, Flavia, MD and Tizzani, Alessandra, MD and Tizzani, Pietro, MD and Tullio, Mattia, MD and Ulla, Marco, MD and Romagnoli, Elisa, MD and for the SIMEU Group for Lung Ultrasound in the Emergency Department in Piedmont
Chest, ISSN 0012-3692, 2015, Volume 148, Issue 1, pp. 202 - 210
BACKGROUND Lung ultrasonography (LUS) has emerged as a noninvasive tool for the differential diagnosis of pulmonary diseases. However, its use for the... 
Journal Article
by Antó, Josep M., MD, PhD and Pinart, Mariona, PhD and Akdis, Mübeccel, MD, PhD and Auffray, Charles, PhD and Bachert, Claus, MD, PhD and Basagaña, Xavier, PhD and Carlsen, Kai-Håkon, MD, PhD and Guerra, Stefano, MD, PhD and von Hertzen, Leena, PhD and Illi, Sabina, MPH and Kauffmann, Francine, MD and Keil, Thomas, MD, MSc and Kiley, James P., PhD and Koppelman, Gerard H., MD, PhD and Lupinek, Christian, MD and Martinez, Fernando D., MD and Nawijn, Martijn C., PhD and Postma, Dirkje S., MD, PhD and Siroux, Valérie, PhD and Smit, Henriette A., PhD and Sterk, Peter J., MD, PhD and Sunyer, Jordi, MD, PhD and Valenta, Rudolf, MD and Valverde, Sergio, PhD and Akdis, Cezmi A., MD and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella, DSc, PhD and Ballester, Ferran, MD, PhD and Benet, Marta, BStat and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne, MD, PhD and Chatzi, Leda, MD, PhD and Coquet, Jonathan, PhD and Demoly, Pascal, MD, PhD and Gan, Weiniu, PhD and Garcia-Aymerich, Judith, MD, PhD and Gimeno-Santos, Elena, PT and Guihenneuc-Jouyaux, Chantal, PhD and Haahtela, Tari, MD, PhD and Heinrich, Joachim, PhD and Herr, Marie, PharmD and Hohmann, Cynthia, Dipl Phych and Jacquemin, Bénédicte, MD, PhD and Just, Jocelyne, MD, PhD and Kerkhof, Marjan, MD, PhD and Kogevinas, Manolis, MD, PhD and Kowalski, Marek L., MD, PhD and Lambrecht, Bart N., MD, PhD and Lau, Susanne, MD and Lødrup Carlsen, Karin C., MD, PhD and Maier, Dieter, PhD and Momas, Isabelle, PhD and Noel, Patricia, PhD and Oddie, Sam, MD and Palkonen, Susanna and Pin, Isabelle, MD, PhD and Porta, Daniela, PhD and Punturieri, Antonello, MD, PhD and Rancière, Fanny, PharmD and Smith, Robert A., PhD and Stanic, Barbara, PhD and Stein, Renato T., MD, PhD and van de Veen, Willem, MSc and van Oosterhout, Antoon J.M., PhD and Varraso, Raphaelle, PhD and Wickman, Magnus, MD and Wijmenga, Cisca, PhD and Wright, John, MD, PhD and Yaman, Gorkem, MD and Zuberbier, Torsten, MD and Bousquet, Jean, MD, PhD and WHO Collaborating Centre on Asthma and Rhinitis (Montpellier) and WHO Collaborating Ctr Asthma
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2012, Volume 129, Issue 4, pp. 943 - 954.e4
Journal Article
by Steri, Maristella and Orrù, Valeria and Idda, M. Laura and Pitzalis, Maristella and Pala, Mauro and Zara, Ilenia and Sidore, Carlo and Faà, Valeria and Floris, Matteo and Deiana, Manila and Asunis, Isadora and Porcu, Eleonora and Mulas, Antonella and Piras, Maria G and Lobina, Monia and Lai, Sandra and Marongiu, Michele and Marongiu, Mara and Serra, Valentina and Sole, Gabriella and Busonero, Fabio and Maschio, Andrea and Cusano, Roberto and Cuccuru, Gianmauro and Deidda, Francesca and Poddie, Fausto and Farina, Gabriele and Dei, Mariano and Virdis, Francesca and Olla, Stefania and Satta, Maria A and Pani, Mario and Pani, Antonello and Delitala, Alessandro and Cocco, Eleonora and Frau, Jessica and Coghe, Giancarlo and Lorefice, Lorena and Fenu, Giuseppe and Ferrigno, Paola and Ban, Maria and Barizzone, Nadia and Leone, Maurizio and Guerini, Franca R and Piga, Matteo and Firinu, Davide and Kockum, Ingrid and Lima Bomfim, Izaura and Olsson, Tomas and Alfredsson, Lars and Suarez, Ana and Carreira, Patricia E and Castillo-Palma, Maria J and Marcus, Joseph H and Congia, Mauro and Angius, Andrea and Melis, Maurizio and Gonzalez, Antonio and Alarcón Riquelme, Marta E and da Silva, Berta M and Marchini, Maurizio and Danieli, Maria G and Del Giacco, Stefano and Mathieu, Alessandro and Montgomery, Stephen B and Rosati, Giulio and Hillert, Jan and Sawcer, Stephen and D’Alfonso, Sandra and Todd, John A and Novembre, John and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Whalen, Michael B and Marrosu, Maria G and Meloni, Alessandra and Sanna, Serena and Gorospe, Myriam and Schlessinger, David and Fiorillo, Edoardo and Zoledziewska, Magdalena and Cucca, Francesco
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 04/2017, Volume 376, Issue 17, pp. 1615 - 1626
Journal Article
Journal Article
JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2016, Volume 68, Issue 10, pp. 1037 - 1050
Journal Article