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by Alexiev, Ivailo and Dimitrova, Reneta and Gancheva, Anna and Kostadinova, Asya and Stoycheva, Mariyana and Nikolova, Daniela and Elenkov, Ivaylo and Tilișcan, Cătălin and Predescu, Mioara and Păunescu, Bogdan and Streinu-Cercel, Anca and Săndulescu, Oana and Șchiopu, Claudiu Mihai and Hristache, Mădălina and Brîndușe, Lăcrămioara Aurelia and Streinu-Cercel, Adrian and Todorovic, Marija and Siljic, Marina and Salemovic, Dubravka and Nikolic, Valentina and Pesic-Pavlovic, Ivana and Ranin, Jovan and Jevtovic, Djordje and Stanojevic, Maja and Tudor, Ana Maria and Vlad, Delia and Mărdărescu, Mariana and Petrea, Sorin and Petre, Cristina and Neagu-Drăghicenoiu, Ruxandra and Ungurianu, Rodica and Cibea, Alina and Chirilă, Odette and Anghelina, Cristian and Coserea, Ileana and Krikelli, Pantelia-Amalia and Pavlitina, Eirini and Psichogiou, Mina and Lamnisos, Demetris and Williams, Leslie and Korobchuk, Anya and Skaathun, Britt and Smyrnov, Pavlo and Schneider, John and Sypsa, Vana and Paraskevis, Dimitrios and Hatzakis, Angelos and Friedman, Samuel R and Nikolopoulos, Georgios K and Dragović, Gordana and Srdić, Danica and Khawla, Al Musalhi and Soldatović, Ivan and Nikolić, Jelena and Jevtović, Djordje and Nair, Devaki and Temereanca, Aura and Rosca, Adelina and Ene, Luminita and Soontornniyomkij, Benchawa and Diaconu, Carmen and Dita, Claudia and Achim, Cristian and Ruta, Simona and Benea, Șerban and Moroti, Ruxandra and Jipa, Raluca and Manea, Eliza and Stan, Andrada and Benea, Elisabeta and Oțelea, Dan and Hristea, Adriana and Lăpădat, Irina and Antonică, Doina and Panait, Irina and Petre, Roxana and Kowalska, Justyna D and Pietraszkiewicz, Ewa and Grycner, Ewa and Firlag-Burkacka, Ewa and Horban, Andrzej and Vlaicu, Ovidiu and Bănică, Leontina and Paraschiv, Simona and Tudor, Ana-Maria and Dimitrijević, Bojana and Jevtović, Đorđe and Kusić, Jovana and Salemović, Dubravka and Florea, Dragoș and Bădicuț, Ioana and Rafila, Alexandru and Camburu, Cornel and Histrea, Adriana and Frățilă, Mihaela and Gmizic, Ivana and Djonin-Nenezic, Miljana and Milosevic, Ivana and Brmbolic, Branko and Neguț, Alina Cristina and ... and et HARMONIA3 Study Group
BMC infectious diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 06/2016, Volume 16 Suppl 3, Issue S3, pp. 290 - 290
Journal Article
Romanian journal of internal medicine = Revue roumaine de médecine interne, ISSN 1220-4749, 2014, Volume 52, Issue 2, pp. 111 - 120
Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, also known as carcinomatous meningitis, is defined by spreading of neoplastic cells to the meninges and ventricles, and is a... 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Diagnosis, Differential | Meningeal Carcinomatosis - complications | Paraneoplastic Polyneuropathy - complications | Crohn Disease - pathology | Humans | Middle Aged | Female | Meningeal Carcinomatosis - pathology | Crohn Disease - complications
Journal Article
Inventia se refera la un amestec lubrifiant si termoizolant utilizat la turnarea otelurilor cu carbon scazut, fara a influenta compozitia chimica a otelului... 
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