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by De Luca, Leonardo and Colivicchi, Furio and Meessen, Jennifer and Uguccioni, Massimo and Piscione, Federico and Bernabò, Paola and Lardieri, Gerardina and Granatelli, Antonino and Gabrielli, Domenico and Gulizia, Michele M and Piscione, F and Silverio, A and Benvenga, R.M and Mascia, F and Fusco, A and Cicala, S and Oltrona Visconti, L and Marinoni, B and Canosi, U and Cirillo, P and Trimarco, B and Ziviello, F and Grosseto, D and Menozzi, M and Mezzena, D and Mauro, C and Sasso, A and Bellis, A and Calabrò, P and Gragnano, F and Cesaro, A and Venturelli, V and Porretta, V and Borrelli, N and Indolfi, C and De Rosa, S and Torella, D and Morici, N and Bernabò, P and Molfese, M and Della Rovere, F and Lardieri, G and Caiffa, T and Moretto, G and Grippo, G and Di Vincenzo, E and Granatelli, A and Lucisano, L and Pennacchi, M and Lardieri, G and Caiffa, T and Geraci, G and Sanfilippo, N and Ledda, A and Di Lenarda, A and Cherubini, A and Russo, G and Piemonte, F and Di Donato, A and Carraturo, A and Villari, B and Ciampi, Q and Contaldi, C and Pacher, V and Corrada, E and Cattani, D and Nassiacos, D and Meloni, S and Barco, B and Bonmassari, R and Bertoldi, A and Tedoldi, F and Cannone, M and Valenti, G and Musci, R.L and Caldarola, P and Locuratolo, N and Sublimi Saponetti, L and Gentili, L and Maiandi, C and Caputo, M and Capparuccia, C.A and Tonella, T and Massari, F.M and Lupi, A and Tessitori, M and Montano, M and Scaglione, A and Torri, A and Tortorella, G and Navazio, A and Cemin, R and Latina, L and Briguglia, D and Marino, R and Scalvini, S and Zanelli, E and Paganini, V and Riboni, G and Leiballi, E and ... and EYESHOT Post-MI Investigators and on behalf of the EYESHOT Post‐MI Investigators
Clinical Cardiology, ISSN 0160-9289, 11/2019, Volume 42, Issue 11, pp. 1113 - 1120
Journal Article
by Zanchetti, Alberto and Bond, M.Gene and Hennig, Michael and Mancia, Giuseppe and Dal Palù, Cesare and Hansson, Lennart and Magnani, Bruno and Rahn, Karl-Heinz and Reid, John and Rodicio, Josè and Safar, Michel and Ravinetto, Raffaella and Bond, M.G and Dal Palù, C and Hansson, L and Magnani, B and Mancia, G and Reid, J and Rodicio, J and Eckes, L and Ravinetto, R and Tong, R and Craig, J and Holley, B and Pozo, D and Rodriguez, M and Xiao, B and Wilson, C and Wolfe, M and Rohlmann, F and Parati, G and Omboni, S and Ravogli, A and Villani, A and Ulian, L and Rappelli, A and Catalini, R and Zingaretti, O and Toutouzas, P and Pitsavos, Ch and Kallikazaros, I and Tsekoura, D and Tsioufis, K and Roca Cusachs, A and Negredo, E and Paytubì Garì, C and Stuhr, G and Wolbart, C and Ambrosioni, E and Piccoli, M and Schiaratura, M and Agabiti Rosei, E and Bettoni, G and Muiesan, M.L and Gilfrich, H.-J and Römer, A and Wintrich, P and Carter, R and Johnston, S.J and Shields, K and Mallion, J.M and Hamm, C and Goldmann, B and Schlüter, C and Thulin, T and Averfalk-Ohlsson, L and Falk, K and Ruilope, L and Fernandez, M.L and Cuspidi, C and Lanfranchi, A and Paliotti, R and Mastellotto, A and Reder, S and Barenbrock, M and Suwelack, B and Witta, J and Zannad, F and Trimarco, B and Pessina, A and Pauletto, P and Pagliara, V and Asmar, R and Crisan, O and Salvetti, A and Arzilli, F and Sgrò, M and Bucci, A and Gioia, S and Modestini, G and Ramsey, L and Wright, M and Thompson, V and de Faire, U and Hellmark-Augustsson, U and Barjhoux, D and Bernard, J.L and Cavat, C and Chassery, B and Claustre, P and ... and ELSA Investigators
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 1998, Volume 16, Issue 7, pp. 949 - 961
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Baldacci, Sandra and Simoni, Marzia and Maio, Sara and Angino, Anna and Martini, Franca and Sarno, Giuseppe and Cerrai, Sonia and Silvi, Patrizia and Pala, Anna Paola and Bresciani, Megon and Paggiaro, Pierluigi and Viegi, Giovanni and Angino, Anna and Baldacci, Sandra and Bresciani, Megon and Cerrai, Sonia and Di Pede, Francesco and Maio, Sara and Martini, Franca and Piegaia, Bona Barbara and Sarno, Giuseppe and Silvi, Patrizia and Viegi, Giovanni and Mangione, Maurizio and Pala, Anna Paola and Bacci, Elena and Carrozzi, Laura and Dente, Federico and Paggiaro, Pierluigi and Pistelli, Francesco and Bancalari, Lorenza and Foschino, Maria Pia and Pelucchi, Andrea and Moscato, Gianna and Pierimarchi, Pasquale and Brunetto, Barbara and Iacovacci, Patrizia and Pini, Carlo and Tinghino, Raffaella and Forastiere, Francesco and Perucci, Carlo Alberto and Porta, Daniela and Ancona, Laura and Protasi, Sara and Lazazzera, Barbara and Ziroli, Valentina and D'Armini, Eleonora and Campanile, Sabella Festa and Ferri, Monica and Lorusso, Paola and Pistelli, Riccardo and Salotti, Rita and Santagati, Marco and Agea, Elisabetta and Casciari, Chiara and Murgia, Nicola and Spinozzi, Fabrizio and Bonifazi, Floriano and Antonicelli, Leonardo and Braschi, Maria Chiara and Conti, Valeria and Filippelli, Amelia and Corbi, Grazia Maria and Russomanno, Giusy and Braido, Fulvio and Canonica, Walter and Balbi, Francesco and Cerveri, Isa and Corsico, Angelo and Grosso, Amelia and ARGA Collaborative Group and ARGA Collaborative Grp
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes, ISSN 2058-5225, 10/2019, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp. 334 - 342
Abstract Aims We evaluated the 1-year clinical events, pharmacological management, and quality of life in a contemporary cohort of stable coronary artery... 
Journal Article
JAMA Dermatology, ISSN 2168-6068, 01/2014, Volume 150, Issue 1, pp. 25 - 33
Journal Article
Allergy, ISSN 0105-4538, 12/2011, Volume 66, Issue 12, pp. 1563 - 1569
Journal Article