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original investigation (6) 6
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macular degeneration - drug therapy (4) 4
macular edema - surgery (4) 4
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prospective studies (4) 4
sense organs (4) 4
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by Chen, W and Stambolian, D and Edwards, A. O and Branham, K. E and Othman, M and Jakobsdottir, J and Tosakulwong, N and Pericak-Vance, M. A and Campochiaro, P. A and Klein, M. L and Tan, P. L and Conley, Y. P and Kanda, A and Kopplin, L and Li, Y and Augustaitis, K. J and Karoukis, A. J and Scott, W. K and Agarwal, A and Kovach, J. L and Schwartz, S. G and Postel, E. A and Brooks, M and Baratz, K. H and Brown, W. L and Brucker, A. J and Orlin, A and Brown, G and Ho, A and Regillo, C and Donoso, L and Tian, L and Kaderli, B and Hadley, D and Hagstrom, S. A and Peachey, N. S and Klein, R and Klein, B. E. K and Gotoh, N and Yamashiro, K and Ferris, F and Fagerness, J. A and Reynolds, R and Farrer, L. A and Kim, I. K and Miller, J. W and Corton, M and Carracedo, A and Sanchez-Salorio, M and Pugh, E. W and Doheny, K. F and Brion, M and DeAngelis, M. M and Weeks, D. E and Zack, D. J and Chew, E. Y and Heckenlively, J. R and Yoshimura, N and Iyengar, S. K and Francis, P. J and Katsanis, N and Seddon, J. M and Haines, J. L and Gorin, M. B and Abecasis, G. R and Swaroop, A and Johnson, R. N and Ai, E and McDonald, H. R and Stolarczuk, M and Pavan, P. R and Billiris, K. K and Iyer, M and Menosky, M. M and Pautler, S. E and Millard, S. M and Hubbard, B and Aaberg, T and DuBois, L and Lyon, A and Anderson-Nelson, S and Jampol, L. M and Weinberg, D. V and Munana, A and Rozenbajgier, Z and Orth, D and Cohen, J and MacCumber, M and Figliulo, C and Porcz, L and Folk, J and Boldt, H. C and Russell, S. R and Ivins, R and Hinz, C. J and Barr, C. C and Bloom, S and Jaegers, K and Kritchman, B and Whittington, G and ... and Complications of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial (CAPT) Research Group and Complications Age-Related Macular and Complications of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial Research Group
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 04/2010, Volume 107, Issue 16, pp. 7401 - 7406
Journal Article
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 03/2015, Volume 372, Issue 13, pp. 1193 - 1203
Journal Article
Optics express, ISSN 1094-4087, 02/2011, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 3440 - 3448
Focusing of multimodal beams by chains of dielectric microspheres assembled directly inside the cores of hollow waveguides is studied by using numerical ray... 
Optics | Physical Sciences | Science & Technology | Organ Specificity | Microspheres | Laser Therapy - methods | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Browning, David J and Glassman, Adam R and Aiello, Lloyd Paul and Beck, Roy W and Brown, David M and Danis, Ronald P and Kinyoun, James L and Nguyen, Quan Dong and Bhavsar, Abdhish R and Gottlieb, Justin and Pieramici, Dante J and Apte, Rajendra S and Miskala, Pdivi H and Solomon, Sharon D and Bressler, Susan and Gehlbach, Peter L and Zimmer-Galler, Ingrid and Doll, Warren and Sharuk, George S and Arrigg, Paul G and Schlossman, Deborah K and Shah, Sabera T and Kopple, Ann and Stockman, Margaret E and Bestourous, Leila and Calderon, Richard M and Cavallerano, Jerry D and Cavicchi, Robert W and Strong, James and Wells, John A and Clark, Lloyd and Bearden, Ruth T and Evans, Mark A and Stone, Marsha L and Neely, Kimberly A and Ringenbach, Kathleen C and Shen, Jacqueline and Chamian, Sheila M and Yuen, Andrew and Callanan, David G and Solley, Wayne A and Creighton, Jodi and Gray, Keith and Martinez, Jose A and Harper, Clio Armitage and Montesclaros, Chris A and Odean, Carrie E and Cadena, Ian and Sabo, Richard A and Berger, Brian B and Rodriguez, Margaret and Rathman, Jeni and Gallia, Bobbi and Ostrander, Ben and Elman, Michael J and Raden, Robert Z and Sloan, Michelle D and Starr, JoAnn and Salfer-Firestone, Dena and Cain, Terri and Sotirakos, Peter and Chew, Emily Y and Coleman, Hanna Rodriguez and Short, Gregory L and Foster, Guy E and Kuehl, Ernest M and Palmer, Marilois and Browning, David J and Helms, Jennifer V and Price, Angela K and Chatari, Lisa B and Murphy, Heather L and Bowen, Robert M and Lutman, Brian and McOwen, Michael D and Gross, Jeffrey G and Fishburne, Barron C and Cummings, Peggy W and Enlow, Jennifer C and Gabriel, Regina A and Lovit, Heidi K and Price, Randall L and Fish, Gary E and Arceneaux, Sally and Sanchez, Brenda and Aguado, Hank and Ellenich, Penny and Cummings, Kimberly and Jaramillo, Diana and Ciardella, Antonio P and Gallardo, Graciela C and Thomas, Dorothy L and Rhodes, Rosemary C and Smith, Colleen J and Zapata, Janelle Dane and Brown, Debbie M and Edwards, Paul Andrew and Murphy, Janet and Rock, Sheila M and Millsap, Barbara and ... and unav and Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network and Diabet Retinopathy Clinical Res Ne
Ophthalmology (Rochester, Minn.), ISSN 0161-6420, 2007, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp. 525 - 536
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article