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Journal Article
by Adye, T and Albert, J and Artz, S and Asquith, L and Backhaus, M and Banas, E and Barnett, R. M and Barreiro, F and Basalaev, A and Beau, T and Bedognetti, M and Beresford, L and Bessner, M and Boveia, A and Bryngemark, L and Bussey, P and Cakir, O and Caloba, L. P and Calvet, D and Toro, R. Camacho and Armadans, R. Caminal and Chernyatin, V and Cirotto, F and Colasurdo, L and Muino, P. Conde and Cuth, J and de Asmundis, R and de Jong, P and Deliot, F and Diehl, E. B and Ellinghaus, F and Evans, H and Feigl, S and Fisher, W. C and Castillo, L. R. Flores and Ganguly, S and Ghneimat, M and Gonzalez-Sevilla, S and Ortiz, N. G. Gutierrez and Hiller, K. H and Hladik, O and Iodice, M and Ishino, M and Izzo, V and Jakobi, K. B and Kashif, L and Kastanas, A and Keller, J. S and Kharlamova, T and Klimek, P and Konig, A. C and Korn, A and Kukhtin, V and Kuwertz, E. S and Li, C and Li, X and Liu, J and Loch, P and Loew, K. M and Mateos, D. Lopez and Solis, A. Lopez and Madar, R and Meehan, S and Meideck, T and Mlynarikova, M and Myagkov, A. G and Nechaeva, P. Yu and Nicolaidou, R and Ntekas, K and Okumura, Y and Paolozzi, L and Petridis, A and Rossi, E and Ryzhov, A and Sadrozinski, H. F-W and Sandbach, R. L and Santoni, C and Saraiva, J. G and Schaepe, S and Schaefer, U and Scharf, V and Schildgen, L. K and Shen, Y and Soukharev, A. M and Spagnolo, S and Spano, F and Stamm, S and Takubo, Y and Taylor, G. N and Perez, M. Villaplana and Vokac, P and Vorobev, K and Wardrope, D. R and Whallon, N. L and Willis, C and Worm, S. D and Wotschack, J and Wynne, B. M and Yamaguchi, Y and Zou, R
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 09/2017, Volume 96, Issue 5
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Albert, J and Allport, P. P and Alonso, F and Andreazza, A and Annovi, A and Antel, C and Basalaev, A and Beck, H. P and Beddall, A. J and Bellerive, A and Bender, M and Bjergaard, D. M and Black, K. M and Bortoletto, D and Brock, R and Calvet, S and Campoverde, A and Carquin, E and Cerda Alberich, L and Cetin, S. A and Chelstowska, M. A and Chudoba, J and Clark, P. J and Collot, J and Connell, S. H and D'Onofrio, M and Da Via, C and Di Micco, B and Diehl, E. B and Donati, S and Enari, Y and Farina, C and Favareto, A and Froidevaux, D and Gallop, B. J and Gorini, E and Gorisek, A and Goujdami, D and Grimm, K and Gui, B and Gustavino, G and Haber, C and Hoya, J and Hrdinka, J and Isacson, M. F and Jia, J and Kass, R. D and Kleinknecht, K and Kobel, M and Kourlitis, E and Kramarenko, V. A and Kramberger, G and Krasznahorkay, A and Kuger, F and Kurchaninov, L. L and Lammers, S and Lefebvre, B and Leite, M. A. L and Lemmer, B and Marsden, S. P and Mastrandrea, P and Meloni, F and Mkrtchyan, T and Montalbano, A and Mueller, R. S. P and Myska, M and Ochi, A and Oleiro Seabra, L. F and Onyisi, P. U. E and Polesello, G and Pontecorvo, L and Potter, C. J and Quadt, A and Rawling, J. H and Ristic, B and Rousseau, D and Rutherfoord, J. P and Saavedra, A. F and Schumacher, M and Schweiger, H and Starz, S and Swiatlowski, M and Teuscher, R. J and Toms, K and Touchard, F and Tseng, J. C-L and Tu, Y and Vadla, K. O. H and Vallier, A and Viel, S and Vivarelli, I and Voss, R and Wagner, W and Wang, R and Wozniak, K. W and Yamauchi, K and Yatsenko, E and Zhou, N and Zou, R and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 10/2017, Issue 10
Journal Article
by Alison, J and Arguin, J-F and Asquith, L and Barlow, N and Bassalat, A and Bawa, H. S and Behera, A and Bellagamba, L and Bindi, M and Bisanz, T and Blumenschein, U and Blunier, Dr and Bogdanchikov, A. G and Brock, R and Carli, T and Castelijn, R and Chuinard, A. J and Dahbi, S and Dam, M and Dervan, P and Dziedzic, B. S and Fassouliotis, D and Giannelli, M. Faucci and Fayard, L and Flaschel, N and Formica, A and George, S and Giugliarelli, G and Glaysher, P. C. F and Gonzalez de la Hoz, S and Gutierrez Ortiz, N. G and Hohn, D and Kanjir, L and Kersten, S and Klein, M and Knoops, E. B. F. G and Koffeman, E and Koehler, N. M and Koletsou, I and Kondo, T and Korcyl, K and Kramberger, G and Kroll, J and Lack, D. P. J and Lin, K and Lionti, A. E and Solis, A. Lopez and Mamuzic, J and Mandic, I and Mantoani, M and Martoiu, V. S and Mc Fadden, N. C and Mehta, A and Milov, A and Moreno, D and Ng, Y. S and Nikolopoulos, K and Oakham, F. G and Ochi, A and Oppen, H and Oreglia, M. J and Oren, Y and Orlando, N and Parker, K. A and Petrolo, E and Petrov, M and Poley, A and Polini, A and Astigarraga, M. E. Pozo and Rave, S and Rizzi, C and Roberts, R. T and Romano, M and Rybkin, G and Salnikov, A and Scyboz, L. M and Shaw, K and Shope, D. R and Silverstein, S. B and Stanitzki, M. M and Stark, G. H and Stark, J and Stenzel, H and Stevenson, T. J and Strandberg, J and Su, J and Sulin, V. V and Sutton, M. R and Tassi, E and Taylor, W and Trzebinski, M and Tudorache, V and Unal, G and Volpi, G and Weingarten, J and Wolter, M. W and Yabsley, B and Zambito, S and Zhang, X and Zobernig, G and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 04/2018, Volume 120, Issue 16
Journal Article
by Abud, A. Abed and Adelman, J and Aleksa, M and Amoroso, S and Anisenkov, A and Arnaez, O and Barnea, R and Barone, G and Becherer, F and Kuutmann, E. Bergeaas and Besson, N and Bobbink, G. J and Calfayan, P and Carli and Carlino, G and Cavallaro, E and Chen, B and Chiarella and Chytka, L and Cochran, J and Dawson and Demichev, M and Di Sipio, R and Doglioni, C and Ducu, O. A and Ellajosyula and Falke, S and Fomin, N and Fumagalli, E and Galhardo, B and Garelli, N and Bostanabad, M. Ghasemi and Giorgi, F. M and Golubkov, D and Gorini, B and Gupta, R and Gutschow, C and Hageboeck, S and Harkusha, S and Hayes, R. L and Heelan, L and Hessey, N. P and Hrdinka, J and Huegging, F and Issever, C and Johnson, C. A and Kanjir, L and Kareem, M. J and Karyukhin, A. N and Haghighat, S. Ketabchi and Kind, O. M and Kiryunin, A. E and Kleinknecht, K and Klitzner, F. F and Konya, B and Kordas, K and Korotkova, N and Kurchaninov, L. L and Laplace, S and Liang, Z and Majewski, S and Malecki, Pa and Marjanovic, M and Mastrandrea, P and Morgenstern, M and Nechaeva, P. Y and Nemethy, P and Ojeda, M. L and Paolozzi, L and Papadatos, C and Petroff, P and Pezoa, R and Qian, J and Rave, S and Robertson, S. H and Vera, A. M. Rodrguez and Rousseau, D and Schenck, F and Silverstein, S. B and Snoek, H. L and Spieker, T. M and Stamenkovic, M and Sykora and Taffard, A and Tafirout, R and Thorpe, E. J and Tornambe, P and Turra, R. T and Ukegawa, F and Uysal, Z and Valls Ferrer, J. A and Vorobel, V and Vos, M and Wagner-Kuhr, J and Wang, W. T and Weidberg, A. R and Ye, J and Zheng, Z and Zhou, C and Zhu, J and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 02/2020, Volume 101, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Albert, J and Alison, J and Alstaty, M and Anastopoulos, C and Araque, J. P and Artz, S and Asquith, L and Barr, A. J and Barranco Navarro, L and Beretta, M and Berge, D and Bertsche, D and Bisanz, T and Brock, I and Bulekovl, O and Bullock, D and Burckhart, H and Bussey, P and Cetin, S. A and Chegwidden, A and Chekulaev, S. V and Cheremushkina, E and Chiu, Y. H and Chomont, A. R and Chudoba, J and Clark, P. J and Connell, S. H and Corriveau, F and Da Cunha Sargedas De, M. J and Dell'Acqua, A and Denisov, S. P and Diehl, E. B and Flier, B. M and Castillo, L. R. Flores and Gabrieli, A and Gengas, C and Goldfarb, S and Gorisek, A and Guescinia, F and Hasegawa, M and Hayakawa, D and Hedberg, V and Henderson, J and Hetherly, J. W and Hill, E and Hu, S and Jeanty, L and Kagan, M and Kahn, S. J and Karyukhin, A. N and Khoo, T. J and Korol, A. A and Kozakai, C and Kruchonak, U and Kucuk, H and Kuehn, S and Liu, L and Liu, Y and Martinez, N. Lorenzo and Madsen, A and Malyukov, S and McCarn, A and Meng, X. T and Morii, M and Mornacchi, G and Nagano, K and Naumann, T and Nemecek, S and Nowak, S and Nuti, F and Ohman, H and Oide, H and Okuyama, T and Palka, M and Peters, K and Peters, R. F. Y and Ponomarenko, D and Pranko, A and Rosien, N. -A and Sander, C. O and Savage, G and Schamberger, R. D and Silva and Smirnov, N and Sosa, D and Stark, S. H and Stelzer, H. J and Stradling, A. R and Sulin, V. V and Sykora, T and Ta, D and Temple, D and Trischuk, W and Turgeman, D and Wang, Q and Wells, P. S and Wolf, T. M. H and Yamaguchi, Y and Zhang, M and Zhong, J and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 09/2017, Issue 9
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Angelidakis, S and Antel, C and Beck, H. P and Bell, A. S and Noccioli, E. Benhar and Brandt, O and Brock, I and Brock, R and Bussey, P and Carlino, G and Cattai, A and Chekulaev, S. V and Chudoba, J and Cuth, J and Dawe, E and Dell'Acqua, A and Dondero, P and Dris, M and Eigen, G and Fischer, C and Fletcher, R. R. M and Formica, A and Forster, F. A and Gkountoumis, P and Gonzalez de la Hoz, S and Gonzalez-Sevilla, S and Guan, L and Gui, B and Guyot, C and Haley, J and Hamity, G. N and Harkusha, S and Havranek, M and Hawkings, R. J and Henrot-Versille, S and Higon-Rodriguez, E and Hirose, M and Hladik, O and Hod, N and Hubaut, F and Jakoubek, T and Jarlskog, G and Kataoka, Y and Konig, A. C and Kortner, O and Kramarenko, V. A and Krasznahorkay, A and Lacker, H and Lafaye, R and Lavrijsen, W and Lee, G. R and Lefebvre, M and Lie, K and Long, R. E and Solis, A. Lopez and Luminari, L and Lyubushkin, V and Magerl, V and Malecki, Pa and Ramos, J. Manjarres and Marjanovic, M and Merritt, F. S and Morettini, P and Morisbak, V and Moss, J and Nagai, R and Nektarijevic, S and Neumann, M and Nisati, A and Ochoa, I and Olivares Pino, S. A and Perrella, S and Petridou, C and Rangel-Smith, C and Raspopov, S and Salzburger, A and Sato, K and Serfon, C and Sherwood, P and Simmons, B and Smakhtin, V and Snyder, I. M and Sanchez, C. A. Solans and Suruliz, K and Teng, P. K and Thompson, A. S and Torres, R. E. Ticse and Turra, R and Valery, L and Veloce, L. M and Vrba, V and Watkins, P. M and Williams, S and Winston, O. J and Winter, B. T and Wittgen, M and Wu, S. L and Yap, Y. C and Zanzi, D and ATLAS Collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 05/2018, Issue 5
Journal Article
by Abulaiti, Y and Adye, T and Alviggi, M. G and Andari, N and Backes, M and Barnett, B. M and Becot, C and Beresford, L and Brost, E and Bruschi, M and Budagov, I. A and Burckhart, H and Bussey, P and Castro, N. F and Chafaq, A and Chekulaev, S. V and Cheremushkina, E and Chiodini, G and D'amen, G and Desch, K and Doyle, A. T and Du, Y and Duschinger, D and Einsweiler, K and Ellis, N and Emeliyanov, D and Fleischmann, P and Castillo, L. R. Flores and Formica, A and Francavilla, P and Gallus, P and Geich-Gimbel, Ch and George, S and Gilchriese, M and Gillberg, D and Gkaitatzis, S and Grinstein, S and Havranek, M and Haywood, S. J and Heim, S and Helsens, C and Hiller, K. H and Jain, V and Jenni, P and Khubua, J and Kim, H. Y and King, B. T and Lantzsch, K and Li, H and Li, Y and Maccarrone, G and Malek, F and Malon, D and Marcisovsky, M and Martinez, M and Mastroberardino, A and McCarthy, R. L and Zu Theenhausen, H. Meyer and Moss, H. J and Nagano, K and Oberlack, H and Ogren, H and Pagacova, M and Peleganchuk, S. V and Peshekhonov, V. D and Ravinovich, I and Reed, R. G and Rezanova, O. L and Perez, A. Rodriguez and Rogan, C. S and Saha, P and Salamanna, G and Salihagic, D and Schaetzel, S and Schoening, A and Shang, R and Sijacki, Dj and Slavicek, T and South, D and Stamen, R and Stanescu-Bellu, M and Stugu, B and Araya, S. Tapia and Terron, J and Troncon, C and Turchikhin, S and Van Nieuwkoop, J and Schroeder, T. Vazquez and Vossebeld, J. H and Wallangen, V and Wang, T and Ward, C. P and Wells, P. S and Wenaus, T and Wilkens, H. G and Wozniak, K. W and Xu, L and Ye, S and Zhang, X and Zhuang, X and ATLAS Collaboration
Physical review. C, ISSN 2469-9985, 08/2017, Volume 96, Issue 2
Journal Article