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by Castro-Orós, Isabel and Irún, Pilar and Cebolla, Jorge Javier and Rodriguez-Sureda, Victor and Mallén, Miguel and Pueyo, María Jesús and Mozas, Pilar and Dominguez, Carmen and Pocoví, Miguel and Bustamante, Alejandro and Ortega, Irene Perez and Rivera, Pablo Mir and Palomino, Alfredo and Caceres, Maite and Maestre, Silvia Jesus and Calderon, Enrique and Uranga, Juan Jesus Rodriguez and Lorite, Juan Bautista and Bustos, Ma Dolores Gomez and Moreno, Jose M. Garcia and Gonzalez, Teresa Bermejo and Muñoz, Alfredo and Acebal, Manuel Romero and Medina, Rocio Calvo and Nieto, Juliana Serrano and Nuñez, Esmeralda and Sierra, Carlos and Campos, Mercedes Gil and de la Puebla, Rafael Fernandez and Sepulveda, Juan José Ochoa and Laso, Eduardo Lopez and Maestre, Asuncion and Martos, Myriam Ley and Zafra, Pamela and Rosso, Servando Pantoja and Rosso, Raul Espinosa and Reyes, Ma Jesus Salado and Fernandez, Luisa Arrabal and Moreno, Angel Ortega and Pardo, Cristobal Carnero and Martin, Alejandro and Poveda, Jordi Alom and Cantero, Belén Nacimiento and Ruiz, Pedro Garcia and Rodrigo, Maria and Posada, Ignacio and Ferro, Alvaro Sanchez and Jesús Hernandez Gallego, Hernandez Gallego and Villarejo, Alberto and San Martin, Alejandro O. Herrero and Perez, Asuncion Garcia and de Rivera, Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Sanz, Irene and Santos, Fernando and Gutierrez-Solana, Luis and Fontan, Carmen and Duque, Susana Cantarero and Leal, Rafael Martinez and Gamez, Josep and Santamaria, Esteve and del Toro, Mireia and Delgado, Tania and Lorente, Isabel and Lleó, Alberto and Pagonabarraga, Javier and Calvet, Marc Suarez and Turón, Eulalia and Moliner, Elisenda and Pascual, Berta and Almenar, Consuelo and Torralba, Anna Olivé and Floriach, Robert Misericordia and Nilda Venegas Bernal, Venegas Bernal and Villegas, Ma Dolores Lopez and Giné, Luis Planellas and Nomdedeu, Benet and Martí, Ma Jose and Domenech, Ma Teresa Bounjourno and Gascón, Jordi and Costa, Joan and Fons, Carmen and Pineda, Mercedes and Vidal, Ma Teresa Abellan and Mira, Emili and Tartari, Juan Pablo and Aparici, Roser Castilla and Sanchez, Antonio Arevalo and Codony, Marc Boix and Alberti, Ma Antonia and Ripoll, Gerard Piñol and Modol, Ramon and Genis, David and Sivera, Rafael and Costa, Juan Fco Vazquez and Martinez, Irene and Smeyers, Patricia and Vila, Tomas and Casanova, Bonaventura and Miralles, Francisco Carlos Perez and Serra, Jaime Dalmau and ... and Spanish NP-C Grp and Spanish NP-C Group and on behalf of the Spanish NP-C Group
Journal of Translational Medicine, ISSN 1479-5876, 02/2017, Volume 15, Issue 1, p. 43
Journal Article
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