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by Yamagami, Keitaro and Kurogi, Ryota and Kurogi, Ai and Nishimura, Kunihiro and Onozuka, Daisuke and Ren, Nice and Kada, Akiko and Nishimura, Ataru and Arimura, Koichi and Ido, Keisuke and Mizoguchi, Masahiro and Sakamoto, Tetsuya and Kayama, Takamasa and Suzuki, Michiyasu and Arai, Hajime and Hagihara, Akihito and Iihara, Koji and Takigami, Masayoshi and Kamiyama, Kenji and Houkin, Kiyohiro and Nishi, Shougo and Yoshimoto, Tetsuyuki and Kaneko, Sadao and Oka, Koji and Ooyama, Hiroshi and Kamada, Kyousuke and Makino, Kenichi and Tokumitsu, Naoki and Sako, Kazuhiro and Suzuki, Susumu and Suzuki, Nozomi and Izumi, Naoto and Nitta, Kazumi and Ootaki, Masahumi and Isobe, Masanori and Nishiya, Mikio and Yamazaki, Takaaki and Mabuchi, Syouji and Ogasawara, Kuniaki and Kubo, Naohiko and Shimizu, Yukihiko and Saito, Keiichi and Yamanome, Tatumi and Yoshino, Atsuo and Fujitsuka, Mitsuyuki and Takami, Masaaki and Ohtaka, Hirotoshi and Hirano, Teruyuki and Shiokawa, Yosiaki and Okada, Takaharu and Suzuki, Ichiro and Kohno, Michihiro and Haraoka, Jou and Arai, Yoshinori and Kawamura, Noriyoshi and Isoshima, Akira and Yasue, Masaharu and Takayoshi Kobayashi, Mitsuhiko Hokari and Kawai, Kensuke and Maehara, Taketoshi and Arai, Hajime and Noguchi, Makoto and Hoshino, Haruhiko and Hiyama, Hirofumi and Yoshida, Kensaku and Utsugi, Osamu and Takeda, Yasuaki and Tamaki, Kouichi and Karasudani, Hirohide and Urabe, Takao and Kobayashi, Shiro and Nakamura, Michio and Koguchi, Yorio and Ono, Junichi and Suda, Sumio and Hadeishi, Hiromu and Fukutake, Toshio and Wakui, Kenji and Tanno, Hirokazu and Ishige, Naoki and Ohasi, Takashi and Sakai, Hideki and Nishimura, Yasuaki and Watanabe, Takayuki and Matsumoto, Takashi and Koketsu, Naoki and Hirose, Yuichi and Doyu, Manabu and Hasegawa, Toshinori and Kuwayama, Naoto and Terao, Shinichi and Mizutani, Nobuhiko and Suzaki, Noriyuki and Okuda, Satoshi and Yasui, Keizo and Seki, Yukio and Hasegawa, Yasuhiro and Ikeda, Akira and Takeuchi, Youtarou and Ohara, Sigeki and ... and J-ASPECT Study Collaborators
World Neurosurgery, ISSN 1878-8750, 10/2019, Volume 130, pp. e26 - e46
The epidemiology of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) has changed dramatically over recent decades as a result of rapid advances in aging societies.... 
Aging | Hospital mortality | Prognosis | Traumatic brain injury | Subdural hematoma | SURGERY | CARE | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | IMPACT | CLINICAL-VARIABLES | HOSPITAL VOLUME | GENDER | COMA
Journal Article
by Matsumura, Kyoka and Kawabata, Ayako and Wakebe, Hirokazu and Sugawara, Masanori and Shiratori, Akiko and Tashiro, Hiroyuki and Satoh, Tadashi and Yoshikawa, Yoko and Hara, Reiko and Sato, Hiroyuki and Ikema, Yasuko and Senoh, Akihiro and Yamazaki, Masaaki and Tanase, Tomo-o and Okitani, Rie and Nakamura, Yoshitaka and Kimura, Kouichi and Yamazaki, Makoto and Ono, Toshihide and Mizushima-Sugano, Junko and Sugiyama, Tomoyasu and Nishi, Tatsunari and Togiya, Sakae and Tanai, Hiroyuki and Goto, Yoshihiro and Ozaki, Kouichi and Shibahara, Toshikazu and Hishigaki, Haretsugu and Morinaga, Misato and Yasuda, Tomohiro and Kumagai, Ayako and Kawakami, Takuma and Iwayanagi, Takao and Sano, Sanae and Senba, Tadashi and Ohmori, Yoshihiro and Nishikawa, Tetsuo and Obayashi, Masaya and Fujimori, Kiyoshi and Takemoto, Makoto and Hayashi, Koji and Kikkawa, Emiko and Nagahari, Kenji and Abe, Kumi and Yamada, Katsue and Ninomiya, Ken and Itoh, Tomoko and Takahashi, Yukiko and Nomura, Nobuo and Okumura, Koji and Takami, Sachiko and Kawai, Yuri and Yamashita, Riu and Otsuki, Tetsuji and Wagatsuma, Masako and Terashima, Yuko and Nagai, Keiichi and Hata, Hiroko and Oyama, Masaaki and Hiraoka, Susumu and Hosoiri, Takehiko and Sugiyama, Akio and Sasaki, Masahide and Sudo, Hiroaki and Nakai, Kenta and Sekine, Mitsuo and Noguchi, Saori and Komatsu, Takami and Takeuchi, Kazuha and Watanabe, Susumu and Fujiwara, Tsutomu and Nakagawa, Satoshi and Komiyama, Megumi and Kaku, Yoshiko and Saito, Kaoru and Murakawa, Katsuji and Takiguchi, Sumiyo and Takahashi-Fujii, Asako and Tanigami, Akira and Isogai, Takao and Katsuta, Naoko and Arita, Miho and Nakamura, Yusuke and Aotsuka, Satoshi and Omura, Yuhi and Komai, Fukuyo and Shiohata, Namiko and Yuuki, Hisatsugu and Imose, Nobuyuki and Irie, Ryotaro and Suzuki, Osamu and Ohara, Osamu and Murakami, Katsuhiko and Yada, Tetsushi and Mizuno, Takae and Shimizu, Fumio and Watanabe, Takeshi and Musashino, Kaoru and Suzuki, Yutaka and Watanabe, Motoji and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 01/2004, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp. 40 - 45
As a base for human transcriptome and functional genomics, we created the "full-length long Japan" (FLJ) collection of sequenced human cDNAs. We determined the... 
ORGANIZATION | MESSENGER-RNAS | HUMAN GENOME | GENE | DATABASE | DNA-SEQUENCE | PROGRAMS | MOUSE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | PROTEIN COMPLEXES | Humans | Open Reading Frames | Computational Biology | Chromosomes, Human, Pair 20 | RNA, Messenger | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Chromosomes, Human, 21-22 and Y | DNA, Complementary | Physiological aspects | Antisense DNA | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | transcriptomes
Journal Article
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2012, Volume 131, Issue 2, pp. 353 - 360.e2
Journal Article
Journal of Virology, ISSN 0022-538X, 04/2013, Volume 87, Issue 8, pp. 4252 - 4260
Journal Article
by Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi and Doyama, Hisashi and Ishikawa, Hideki and Uedo, Noriya and Gotoda, Takuji and Kato, Mototsugu and Nagao, Shigeaki and Nagami, Yasuaki and Aoyagi, Hiroyuki and Imagawa, Atsushi and Kodaira, Junichi and Mitsui, Shinya and Kobayashi, Nozomu and Muto, Manabu and Takatori, Hajime and Abe, Takashi and Tsujii, Masahiko and Watari, Jiro and Ishiyama, Shuhei and Oda, Ichiro and Ono, Hiroyuki and Kaneko, Kazuhiro and Yokoi, Chizu and Ueo, Tetsuya and Uchita, Kunihisa and Matsumoto, Kenshi and Kanesaka, Takashi and Morita, Yoshinori and Katsuki, Shinichi and Nishikawa, Jun and Inamura, Katsuhisa and Kinjo, Tetsu and Yamamoto, Katsumi and Yoshimura, Daisuke and Araki, Hiroshi and Kashida, Hiroshi and Hosokawa, Ayumu and Mori, Hirohito and Yamashita, Haruhiro and Motohashi, Osamu and Kobayashi, Kazuhiko and Hirayama, Michiaki and Kobayashi, Hiroyuki and Endo, Masaki and Yamano, Hiroo and Murakami, Kazunari and Koike, Tomoyuki and Hirasawa, Kingo and Miyaoka, Youichi and Hamamoto, Hidetaka and Hikichi, Takuto and Hanabata, Norihiro and Shimoda, Ryo and Hori, Shinichiro and Sato, Tadashi and Kodashima, Shinya and Okada, Hiroyuki and Mannami, Tomohiko and Yamamoto, Shojiro and Niwa, Yasumasa and Yashima, Kazuo and Tanabe, Satoshi and Satoh, Hiro and Sasaki, Fumisato and Yamazato, Tetsuro and Ikeda, Yoshiou and Nishisaki, Hogara and Nakagawa, Masahiro and Matsuda, Akio and Tamura, Fumio and Nishiyama, Hitoshi and Arita, Keiko and Kawasaki, Keisuke and Hoppo, Kazushige and Oka, Masashi and Ishihara, Shinichi and Mukasa, Michita and Minamino, Hiroaki and Yao, Kenshi
Endoscopy, ISSN 0013-726X, 10/2017, Volume 49, Issue 10, pp. 957 - 967
Abstract Background and study aim  Magnifying narrow-band imaging (M-NBI) is useful for the accurate diagnosis of early gastric cancer (EGC). However,... 
Original article | ENDOSCOPIC DIAGNOSIS | SURGERY | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | CANCER | TISSUE | Learning | Prospective Studies | Stomach Neoplasms - diagnostic imaging | Computer-Assisted Instruction | Humans | Adult | Female | Male | Stomach Neoplasms - pathology | Education, Medical, Continuing - methods | Gastroscopy | Narrow Band Imaging
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 10/2013, Volume 110, Issue 44, pp. 17808 - 17813
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2019, Volume 363, Issue 6423, pp. 151 - 155
Journal Article