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1800-1899 (2) 2
chemistry (2) 2
chilean literature (2) 2
darío, rubén (2) 2
echocardiography (2) 2
heterocyclic compounds (2) 2
human necessities (2) 2
hygiene (2) 2
medical or veterinary science (2) 2
metallurgy (2) 2
nicaraguan literature (2) 2
organic chemistry (2) 2
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (2) 2
science & technology (2) 2
1800-1999 (1) 1
1900-1999 (1) 1
acute myocardial infarction (1) 1
alimento y nutricion (1) 1
ambiente de colaboracion (1) 1
análise fatorial (1) 1
análisis factorial (1) 1
aortic stenosis (1) 1
aortic valve area (1) 1
aspectos ambientales (1) 1
aspectos fisiologicos (1) 1
biology (1) 1
bufo marinus (1) 1
cardiac surgery (1) 1
cardiac tamponade (1) 1
cardiomegaly (1) 1
chest radiography (1) 1
chile (1) 1
chilean literature - history and criticism (1) 1
claridad (1) 1
clarity (1) 1
coherence (1) 1
coherencia (1) 1
collaborative environment (1) 1
colombia (1) 1
company (1) 1
competencia económica (1) 1
comprensión textual (1) 1
computer science (1) 1
computer science, information systems (1) 1
concorrência econômica (1) 1
corticosteroid (1) 1
debido proceso (1) 1
derecho penal (1) 1
diagnostic (1) 1
diastole (1) 1
dirección educativa (1) 1
dissertations & theses (1) 1
doppler echocardiography (1) 1
echocardiography, doppler (1) 1
ecología (1) 1
economic competition (1) 1
education (1) 1
educational leadership (1) 1
educational technology (1) 1
elite (1) 1
elite - chile (1) 1
empresa (1) 1
enfoque sociocultural (1) 1
engineering (1) 1
engineering, electrical & electronic (1) 1
entidades autónomas (1) 1
equilibrio (1) 1
estados (1) 1
estilo (1) 1
factor analysis (1) 1
female (1) 1
food (1) 1
garantismo (1) 1
habitat (1) 1
halmar, augusto d (1) 1
historia (1) 1
history and criticism (1) 1
humans (1) 1
ies (1) 1
inclusion educativa (1) 1
inclusive education (1) 1
information retrieval (1) 1
investigacion cientifica (1) 1
knowledge representation (1) 1
left ventricular stroke work loss (1) 1
licenses (1) 1
life sciences & biomedicine (1) 1
male (1) 1
memoir (1) 1
metacognición (1) 1
metadata (1) 1
mexico (1) 1
middle aged (1) 1
mistral, gabriela (1) 1
multidisciplinary sciences (1) 1
myocardial infarction - diagnostic imaging (1) 1
myocardial infarction - physiopathology (1) 1
neruda, pablo (1) 1
new capabilities (1) 1
nuevas capacidades (1) 1
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by Acero, M. A and Adamson, P and Allakhverdian, V and Antoshkin, N. Anfimov A and Arrieta-Diaz, E and Balashov, M. Baird N and Bambah, B. A and Bending, S and Bhuyan, B and Blackburn, J. Bian T and Blair, J and Bromberg, C and Buchanan, J. Brown N and Butkevich, A and Campbell, V. Bychkov M and Childress, S and Chowdhury, B. C. Choudhary B and Coan, T. E and Cooper, M. Colo J and Cronin-Hennessy, L. Cremonesi D and Davies, G. S and De Rijck, J. P. Davies S and Derwent, P. F and Djurcic, Z and Duyang, H and Ehrlich, S. Edayath R and Gallagher, M. J. Frank H. R and Gandrajula, R and Germani, F. Gao S and Giri, A and Goodman, R. A. Gomes M. C and Grichine, V and Group, M. Groh R and Grover, D and Habig, B. Guo A and Hakl, F and Hatcher, J. Hartnell R and Hatzikoutelis, A and Kakorin, I and Kaplan, D. Kalra D. M and Keloth, R and Kolupaeva, L and Kumar, Ch. Kulenberg A and Lackey, V. Kus T and Lang, K and Lokajicek, S. Lin M and Maan, S. Luchuk K and Magill, S and Messier, D. P. Méndez M. D and Meyer, H and Miller, T. Miao W. H and Mishra, S. R and Mohanta, A. Mislivec R and Moren, A and Muether, L. Mualem M and Mufson, S and Naples, D and Nelson, N. Nayak J. K and Nichol, R and Norman, E. Niner A and Nosek, T and Olshevskiy, Y. Oksuzian A and Olson, T and Patterson, J. Paley R. B and Pawloski, G and Petrova, D. Pershey O and Petti, R and Plunkett, S. Phan-Budd R. K and Psihas, C. Principato F and Radovic, A and Rebel, R. A. Rameika B and Sachdev, V. Ryabov K and Samoylov, O and Sepulveda-Quiroz, M. C. Sanchez J and Shanahan, P and Singh, A. Sheshukov P and Singh, V and Smolik, E. Smith J and Snopok, P and Song, N. Solomey E and Sousa, A and Strait, K. Soustruznik M and Suter, L and Tas, R. L. Talaga P and Thayyullathil, R. B and Tiras, J. Thomas E and Tognini, S. C and Tripathi, D. Torbunov J and Urheim, Y. Torun J and Vahle, P and Vinton, J. Vasel L and Vokac, P and Vrba, A. Vold T and Wetstein, T. K. Warburton M and Whittington, D and Wolcott, S. G. Wojcicki J and Yang, S and Zalesak, S. Yu J and Zamorano, B and Zwaska, R and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 05/2018, Volume 98, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Hewett, J. L and Grossman, Y and Haxton, W and Pitts, K and Afanasev, A and Alonso, J and Baker, O and Bass, M and Bevan, A. J and Blessing, S and Blum, T and Bodek, A and Bonvicini, G and Bossi, F and Brice, S. J and Bromberg, C and Bryman, D. A and Buckley, M and Chupp, T. E and Coloma, P and Coney, L and Cooper, J and Cooper, R. J and Datta, A and Dewey, M. S and Dharmapalan, R and Eads, M and Fast, J. E and Forty, R and Frank, M. J and Freyberger, A and Gershon, T and Ginsberg, C and Graham, M and Grange, J and Gratta, G and Harris, P. G and Hartnett, J and He, B and Hinds, E. A and Horton-Smith, G and Huelsnitz, W and Jaegle, I and James, C and Jensen, D and Junk, T and Kettell, S and Kirch, K and Kordosky, M and Krisch, A. D and Kuno, Y and Lancaster, M and Lane, C and Lindner, A and Machado, P. A. N and Mackenzie, P. B and Maloney, J and Mauger, C and McLaughlin, G and McKeown, R and Meadows, B. T and Miller, J. P and Naviliat-Cuncin, O and Orozco, L and Pahlka, B and Papucci, M and Perdue, G. N and Povey, R and Raby, S and Rajendran, S and Ramsey, R and Reimer, P and Robicheaux, F and Schmidt, B and Shanahan, P and Sharpe, S. R and Shiltsev, V and Sigurdson, K and Sobel, H and Soderberg, M and Song, Y. H and Stancari, M and Stavenga, G. C and Sulai, I. A and Svoboda, R and Szczerbinska, B and Tanner, D. B and Urheim, J and Vahsen, S and Vogel, P and Wendell, R and Wetstein, M and Wilkinson, G and Wilson, R. J and Wongjirad, T and Worcester, E and Yamanaka, T and Yeck, J and Yoo, J and Zupan, J
Journal Article
2009 CERN-Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics, CLASHEP 2009 - Proceedings, 2010, pp. 547 - 554
Conference Proceeding
Revista iberoamericana de educación, ISSN 1022-6508, 04/2013, Volume 61, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 13
Journal Article
Revista Jurídica Mario Alario D´Filippo, ISSN 2145-6054, 06/2013, Volume 5, Issue 9, pp. 105 - 127
Journal Article
Revista Iberoamericana de Contaduría, Economía y Administración: RICEA, ISSN 2007-9907, 2018, Volume 7, Issue 13, pp. 21 - 49
Journal Article
Praxis Investigativa ReDIE: revista electrónica de la Red Durango de Investigadores Educativos, ISSN 2007-5111, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 12, pp. 30 - 41
Journal Article
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