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science & technology (39) 39
physical sciences (26) 26
physics (26) 26
experiment (15) 15
high energy physics (14) 14
technology (14) 14
astrophysics (13) 13
chemistry (12) 12
instrumentation and detectors (12) 12
physics, particles & fields (11) 11
earth drilling (10) 10
earth drilling, e.g. deep drilling (10) 10
fixed constructions (10) 10
high energy astrophysical phenomena (10) 10
mining (10) 10
obtaining oil, gas, water, soluble or meltable materials or aslurry of minerals from wells (10) 10
astronomy & astrophysics (9) 9
physics of elementary particles and fields (9) 9
metallurgy (8) 8
muons (7) 7
physics - instrumentation and detectors (7) 7
accelerator physics (6) 6
adhesives (6) 6
instruments & instrumentation (6) 6
particle accelerators (6) 6
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (6) 6
accelerators and storage rings (5) 5
cooling (5) 5
cosmic rays (5) 5
dark matter (5) 5
detectors and experimental techniques (5) 5
dyes (5) 5
elektron (5) 5
high energy physics - experiment (5) 5
instrumentation related to nuclear science and technology (5) 5
ionisation (5) 5
materials for miscellaneous applications, not provided forelsewhere (5) 5
materials science (5) 5
materials science, multidisciplinary (5) 5
miscellaneous applications of materials (5) 5
miscellaneous compositions (5) 5
natural resins (5) 5
neutrino (5) 5
neutrinos (5) 5
paints (5) 5
particle beams (5) 5
particle physics (5) 5
polishes (5) 5
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (4) 4
aérospatiale, astronomie & astrophysique [physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre] (4) 4
detectors (4) 4
engineering (4) 4
experiments (4) 4
ionization (4) 4
phenomenology (4) 4
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (4) 4
physics, nuclear (4) 4
science & technology - other topics (4) 4
space science, astronomy & astrophysics [physical, chemical, mathematical & earth sciences] (4) 4
telescopes (4) 4
astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (3) 3
astrophysics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (3) 3
cosmological parameters (3) 3
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (3) 3
dispersions (3) 3
elementary particles, quantum field theory (3) 3
galaxies: active (3) 3
gravitational lensing: strong (3) 3
hep (3) 3
high energy physics - phenomenology (3) 3
hochgeschwindigkeitsbahn (3) 3
kunststoff (3) 3
metallurgy & metallurgical engineering (3) 3
mice (3) 3
multidisciplinary sciences (3) 3
physics - accelerator physics (3) 3
physics - astrophysics of galaxies (3) 3
physics - earth and planetary astrophysics (3) 3
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (3) 3
physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (3) 3
pions (3) 3
quantum field theories, string theory (3) 3
quasars (3) 3
sensors (3) 3
space telescopes (3) 3
starke plastische verformung (3) 3
szintillator (3) 3
alloys (2) 2
amorphous materials (2) 2
animal experimentation (2) 2
anvils (2) 2
astronomy (2) 2
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (2) 2
beam dynamics (2) 2
beam processes (2) 2
beam techniques (2) 2
beams (2) 2
bending (2) 2
betriebsanlage (2) 2
charged particles (2) 2
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by Agarwalla, S.K and Agostino, L and Aittola, M and Alekou, A and Andrieu, B and Angus, D and Antoniou, F and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Asfandiyarov, R and Autiero, D and Ballett, P and Bandac, I and Banerjee, D and Barker, G J and Barr, G and Bartmann, W and Bay, F and Berardi, V and Bertram, I and Bésida, O and Blebea-Apostu, A.M and Blondel, A and Bogomilov, M and Borriello, E and Boyd, S and Brancus, I and Bravar, A and Buizza-Avanzini, M and Cafagna, F and Calin, M and Calviani, M and Campanelli, M and Cantini, C and Caretta, O and Cata-Danil, G and Catanesi, M.G and Cervera, A and Chakraborty, S and Chaussard, L and Chesneanu, D and Chipesiu, F and Christodoulou, G and Coleman, J and Crivelli, P and Davenne, T and Dawson, J and De Bonis, I and De Jong, J and Déclais, Y and Del Amo Sanchez, P and Delbart, A and Densham, C and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Duchesneau, D and Dumarchez, J and Efthymiopoulos, I and Eliseev, A and Emery, S and Enqvist, K and Enqvist, T and Epprecht, L and Ereditato, A and Erykalov, A.N and Esanu, T and Finch, A.J and Fitton, M.D and Franco, D and Galymov, V and Gavrilov, G and Gendotti, A and Giganti, C and Goddard, B and Gomez, J.J and Gomoiu, C.M and Gornushkin, Y.A and Gorodetzky, P and Grant, N and Haesler, A and Haigh, M.D and Hasegawa, T and Haug, S and Hierholzer, M and Hissa, J and Horikawa, S and Huitu, K and Ilic, J and Ioannisian, A.N and Izmaylov, A and Jipa, A and Kainulainen, K and Kalliokoski, T and Karadzhov, Y and Kawada, J and Khabibullin, M and Khotjantsev, A and Kokko, E and Kopylov, A.N and Kormos, L.L and ... and LAGUNA-LBNO Collaboration and The LAGUNA-LBNO collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 5/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 38
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Aihara, H and Andreopoulos, C and Anghel, I and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Asfandiyarov, R and Askins, M and Back, J.J and Ballett, P and Barbi, M and Barker, G.J and Barr, G and Bay, F and Beltrame, P and Berardi, V and Bergevin, M and Berkman, S and Berry, T and Bhadra, S and Blaszczyk, F.d.M and Blondel, A and Bolognesi, S and Boyd, S.B and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Cafagna, F.S and Carminati, G and Cartwright, S.L and Catanesi, M.G and Choi, K and Choi, J.H and Collazuol, G and Cowan, G and Cremonesi, L and Davies, G and De Rosa, G and Densham, C and Detwiler, J and Dewhurst, D and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Drapier, O and Emery, S and Ereditato, A and Fernández, P and Feusels, T and Finch, A and Fitton, M and Friend, M and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, Y and Fukuda, D and Galymov, V and Ganezer, K and Gonin, M and Gumplinger, P and Hadley, D.R and Haegel, L and Haesler, A and Haga, Y and Hartfiel, B and Hartz, M and Hayato, Y and Hierholzer, M and Hill, J and Himmel, A and Hirota, S and Horiuchi, S and Huang, K and Ichikawa, A.K and Iijima, T and Ikeda, M and Imber, J and Inoue, K and Insler, J and Intonti, R.A and Irvine, T and Ishida, T and Ishino, H and Ishitsuka, M and Itow, Y and Izmaylov, A and Jamieson, B and Jang, H.I and Jiang, M and Joo, K.K and Jung, C.K and Kaboth, A and Kajita, T and Kameda, J and Karadhzov, Y and Katori, T and Kearns, E and Khabibullin, M and Khotjantsev, A and Kim, J.Y and Kim, S.B and Kishimoto, Y and Kobayashi, T and ... and Hyper-Kamiokande Proto-Collaborati and Hyper-Kamiokande Proto-Collaboration and Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC)
Progress of theoretical and experimental physics, ISSN 2050-3911, 05/2015, Volume 2015, Issue 5, p. 53
Journal Article
by Bogomilov, M and Tsenov, R and Vankova-Kirilova, G and Song, Y and Tang, J and Li, Z and Bertoni, R and Bonesini, M and Chignoli, F and Mazza, R and Palladino, V and De Bari, A and Cecchet, G and Orestano, D and Tortora, L and Kuno, Y and Ishimoto, S and Filthaut, F and Jokovic, D and Maletic, D and Savic, M and Hansen, O.M and Ramberger, S and Vretenar, M and Asfandiyarov, R and Blondel, A and Drielsma, F and Karadzhov, Y and Charnley, G and Collomb, N and Dumbell, K and Gallagher, A and Grant, A and Griffiths, S and Hartnett, T and Martlew, B and Moss, A and Muir, A and Mullacrane, I and Oates, A and Owens, P and Stokes, G and Warburton, P and White, C and Adams, D and Anderson, R.J and Barclay, P and Bayliss, V and Boehm, J and Bradshaw, T.W and Courthold, M and Francis, V and Fry, L and Hayler, T and Hills, M and Lintern, A and Macwaters, C and Nichols, A and Preece, R and Ricciardi, S and Rogers, C and Stanley, T and Tarrant, J and Tucker, M and Wilson, A and Watson, S and Bayes, R and Nugent, J.C and Soler, F.J.P and Gamet, R and Barber, G and Blackmore, V.J and Colling, D and Dobbs, A and Dornan, P and Hunt, C and Kurup, A and Lagrange, J.-B and Long, K and Martyniak, J and Middleton, S and Pasternak, J and Uchida, M.A and Cobb, J.H and Lau, W and Booth, C.N and Hodgson, P and Langlands, J and Overton, E and Robinson, M and Smith, P.J and Wilbur, S and Dick, A.J and Ronald, K and Whyte, C.G and Young, A.R and Boyd, S and Franchini, P and Greis, J.R and Pidcott, C and ... and MICE Collaboration and The MICE collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Physical review. Accelerators and beams, ISSN 2469-9888, 06/2017, Volume 20, Issue 6, p. 063501
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2017, Volume 552, Issue 7683, pp. 63 - 66
Journal Article