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Methods in Molecular Biology, ISSN 1064-3745, 2009, Volume 537, pp. 39 - 64
Multiple alignment of DNA sequences is an important step in various molecular biological analyses. As a large amount of sequence data is becoming available... 
genome comparison | progressive method | iterative refinement method | Multiple sequence alignment | consistency objective function | Sequence Alignment - methods | Computational Biology - methods | Algorithms | Animals | Base Sequence | Humans | Molecular Sequence Data | Software | Sequence Analysis, DNA - methods | Index Medicus
Conference Proceeding
by Birney, Ewan and Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Dutta, Anindya and Guigó, Roderic and Gingeras, Thomas R and Margulies, Elliott H and Weng, Zhiping and Snyder, Michael and Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T and Thurman, Robert E and Kuehn, Michael S and Taylor, Christopher M and Neph, Shane and Koch, Christoph M and Asthana, Saurabh and Malhotra, Ankit and Adzhubei, Ivan and Greenbaum, Jason A and Andrews, Robert M and Flicek, Paul and Boyle, Patrick J and Cao, Hua and Carter, Nigel P and Clelland, Gayle K and Davis, Sean and Day, Nathan and Dhami, Pawandeep and Dillon, Shane C and Dorschner, Michael O and Fiegler, Heike and Giresi, Paul G and Goldy, Jeff and Hawrylycz, Michael and Haydock, Andrew and Humbert, Richard and James, Keith D and Johnson, Brett E and Johnson, Ericka M and Frum, Tristan T and Rosenzweig, Elizabeth R and Karnani, Neerja and Lee, Kirsten and Lefebvre, Gregory C and Navas, Patrick A and Neri, Fidencio and Parker, Stephen C. J and Sabo, Peter J and Sandstrom, Richard and Shafer, Anthony and Vetrie, David and Weaver, Molly and Wilcox, Sarah and Yu, Man and Collins, Francis S and Dekker, Job and Lieb, Jason D and Tullius, Thomas D and Crawford, Gregory E and Sunyaev, Shamil and Noble, William S and Dunham, Ian and Denoeud, France and Reymond, Alexandre and Kapranov, Philipp and Rozowsky, Joel and Zheng, Deyou and Castelo, Robert and Frankish, Adam and Harrow, Jennifer and Ghosh, Srinka and Sandelin, Albin and Hofacker, Ivo L and Baertsch, Robert and Keefe, Damian and Dike, Sujit and Cheng, Jill and Hirsch, Heather A and Sekinger, Edward A and Lagarde, Julien and Abril, Josep F and Shahab, Atif and Flamm, Christoph and Fried, Claudia and Hackermüller, Jörg and Hertel, Jana and Lindemeyer, Manja and Missal, Kristin and Tanzer, Andrea and Washietl, Stefan and Korbel, Jan and Emanuelsson, Olof and Pedersen, Jakob S and Holroyd, Nancy and Taylor, Ruth and Swarbreck, David and Matthews, Nicholas and Dickson, Mark C and Thomas, Daryl J and Weirauch, Matthew T and Gilbert, James and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center and Washington University Genome Sequencing Center and Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute and NISC Comparative Sequencing Program and Broad Institute and The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 06/2007, Volume 447, Issue 7146, pp. 799 - 816
Journal Article
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 2019, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp. 555 - 560
Standardized benchmarking approaches are required to assess the accuracy of variants called from sequence data. Although variant-calling tools and the metrics... 
Benchmarks | Genomes | Performance measurement | Identification methods | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Nature biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 05/2019, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp. 567 - 567
In the version of this article initially published online, two pairs of headings were switched with each other in Table 4: "Recall (PCR free)" was switched... 
Genomics | Recall | Genomes | Error correction
Journal Article
by Margulies, Elliott H and Cooper, Gregory M and Asimenos, George and Thomas, Daryl J and Dewey, Colin N and Siepel, Adam and Birney, Ewan and Keefe, Damian and Schwartz, Ariel S and Hou, Minmei and Taylor, James and Nikolaev, Sergey and Montoya-Burgos, Juan I and Löytynoja, Ari and Whelan, Simon and Pardi, Fabio and Massingham, Tim and Brown, James B and Bickel, Peter and Holmes, Ian and Mullikin, James C and Ureta-Vidal, Abel and Paten, Benedict and Stone, Eric A and Rosenbloom, Kate R and Kent, W. James and Antonarakis, Stylianos E and Batzoglou, Serafim and Goldman, Nick and Hardison, Ross and Haussler, David and Miller, Webb and Pachter, Lior and Green, Eric D and Sidow, Arend and Bouffard, Gerard G and Guan, Xiaobin and Hansen, Nancy F and Idol, Jacquelyn R and Maduro, Valerie V.B and Maskeri, Baishali and McDowell, Jennifer C and Park, Morgan and Thomas, Pamela J and Young, Alice C and Blakesley, Robert W and Muzny, Donna M and Sodergren, Erica and Wheeler, David A and Worley, Kim C and Jiang, Huaiyang and Weinstock, George M and Gibbs, Richard A and Graves, Tina and Fulton, Robert and Mardis, Elaine R and Wilson, Richard K and Clamp, Michele and Cuff, James and Gnerre, Sante and Jaffe, David B and Chang, Jean L and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Lander, Eric S and Hinrichs, Angie and Trumbower, Heather and Clawson, Hiram and Zweig, Ann and Kuhn, Robert M and Barber, Galt and Harte, Rachel and Karolchik, Donna and Field, Matthew A and Moore, Richard A and Mathewson, Carrie A and Schein, Jacqueline E and Marra, Marco A and Washington Univ Genome Sequencing and Baylor Coll Med Human Genome Seque and Broad Inst and UCSC Genome Browser Team and Brit Columbia Canc Agency Genome S and NISC Comparative Sequencing Progra and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för medicinsk biokemi och mikrobiologi and Uppsala universitet
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 06/2007, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp. 760 - 774
Journal Article
Disclosed herein are systems and methods for processing data, particularly biological data. An exemplary system comprises a memory and a processor coupled to... 
A computer application programming interface (API) for interacting with genomic data. Genomic data is stored by a genomic information provider using... 
A computer application programming interface (API) for interacting with genomic data. Genomic data is stored by a genomic information provider using... 
Science Translational Medicine, ISSN 1946-6234, 04/2016, Volume 8, Issue 335, pp. 335ps10 - 335ps10
Next-generation sequencing technologies are fueling a wave of new diagnostic tests. Progress on a key set of nine research challenge areas will help generate... 
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide - genetics | High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing - methods | Precision Medicine - methods | Informatics - methods | Index Medicus
Journal Article
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