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Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, ISSN 1454-4164, 01/2009, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 34 - 40
Journal Article
by Aarab, J and Abbess, Ibtissem and Abdalla, Fathi and Abdelaziz, Z and Abdelfattah, S and Abdelli, I and Abdelmajid, K and Abdelsselem, Zied and Abdelwahed, N and Abdessayed, Nihed and Abid, Bassem and Abid, K and Abidi, R and Abudabbous, Asma and Abujanah, Sana and Aburwais, Afaf and Acacha, E and Acharfi, Nessrine and Affes, Nejmeddine and Aftis, R and Ahalli, I and Aid, Mr and Aissaoui, D and Alaoui, A and Alaoui, M and Albatran, Salaheddin and Mamdouh, Aldehmani and Alkikkli, Rabia and Allam, A and Aloulou, S and Alqawi, Omar and Alragig, Mussa A and Alsharksi, Ali and Amaadour, K Oualla L and Amaadour, L and Ameziane, N and Ammari, A and Ammour, H and Amrane, R and Annad, N and Aouati, E and Aouichat, S and Aouragh, S and Arifi, S and Astra, Md and Atassi, M and Ati, Nidhal and Atoui, K and Atreche, L and Ayachi, S and Ayadi, I and Ayadi, Mohammed Ali and Ayadi, Mouna and Ayari, Jihene and Ayed, Haroun and Ayed, K and Ayedi, Henda and Ayedi, Ines and Azegrar, M and Azzouz, Heifa and Babdalla, Fathi and Bachiri, R and Bachiri, Z and Baghdad, M and Bahloul, R and Bahouli, A and Bahri, M and Baississ, I and Bakkali, Hanae and Balti, Mehdi and Baraket, O and Bargaoui, Hayfa and Batti, Rim and Bedioui, Ahlem and Begag, R and Behourah, Z and Belaid, Imtinene and Belaïd, Asma and Ben Abdallah, Amine and Ben Abdallah, Ichrak and Ben Ahmed, Slim and Ben Ahmed, Tarek and Ben Azaiz, M and Ben Chehida, M.A and Ben Fatma, Leila and Ben Ghachem, D and Ben Ghachem, T and Ben Hassouna, J and Ben Hmida, S and Ben Nasr, Sonia and Ben Nejima, Dalel and Ben Rahal, K and Ben Rejeb, M and Ben Rhouma, S and Ben Safta, I and Ben Salem, A and Ben Zargouna, Yosr and Benabdallah, Ichrak and Benabdella, H and Benabdessalem, Mohamed Zied and ...
La Tunisie medicale, ISSN 0041-4131, 04/2018, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp. 177 - 182
Journal Article
Heart Rhythm, ISSN 1547-5271, 2016, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 24
Journal Article
Food Chemistry, ISSN 0308-8146, 2005, Volume 89, Issue 1, pp. 27 - 36
Tea and herbal infusions have been studied for their polyphenolic content, antioxidant activity and phenolic profile. The total phenolics recovered by ethyl... 
Tea | Flavonoids | Antioxidant activity | Phenolic acids | Herbal infusion | LC–MS | LC-MS | FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | CATECHINS | antioxidant activity | tea | POLYPHENOLS | NUTRITION & DIETETICS | SCAVENGING ACTIVITY | phenolic acids | PLANTS | CHEMISTRY, APPLIED | flavonoids | herbal infusion | EXTRACTS | CONSTITUENTS | FOOD
Journal Article
by Cuzin, Lise and Ferry, Tristan and Rey, David and Lourenco, Jérémy and Rey, Jacques and Cabié, André and Drobacheff-Thiébaut, C and Foltzer, A and Bouiller, K and Hustache-Mathieu, L and Chirouze, C and Lepiller, L and Bozon, F and Babre, O and Muret, P and Laurichesse, L and Lesens, L and Vidal, M and Mrozek, M and Aumeran, C and Baud, O and Corbin, C and Letertre, L and Casanova, C and Jacomet, C and Hoen, H and Lamaury, L and Fabre, F and Curlier, C and Ouissa, O and Schepers, K and Herrmann-Storck, C and Dournon, N and Merrien, M and Perré, P and Guimard, T and Bollangier, O and Leautez, L and Morrier, M and Ader, A and Biron, F and Boibieux, A and Cotte, C and Ferry, F and Miailhes, P and Perpoint, P and Roux, S and Degroodt, S and Brochier, C and Valour, F and Chidiac, C and Dhiver, C and Saadia Mokhtari, M and Menard, A and Tissot Dupont, H and Tomei, C and Meddeb, L and Belkhir, A and Ravaux, I and Bregigeon, Sylvie and Zaegel-Faucher, F and Obry-Roguet, O and Orticoni, O and Soavi, M and Luquet-Besson, L and Ressiot, E and Carta-Padovani, C and Ducassou, M and Bertone, H and Galie, S and Galinier, A and Monclar, M and Ritleng, A and Ivanova, A and Blanco-Betancourt, C and Lions, C and Poizot-Martin, P and Abel, A and Césaire, C and Cuzin, C and Dos Santos, S and Fagour, L and Illiaquer, M and Najioullah, F and Nguyen, N and Ouka, O and Pierre-François, F and Pasquier, P and Pircher, P and Rozé, B and Cabié, C and Atoui, A and Le Moing, L and Makinson, A and Meftah, M and Merle de Boever, C and Montes, M and Montoya Ferrer, A and Boyer, L and Bouillon, P and ...
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 12/2018
Journal Article
Journal of African Earth Sciences, ISSN 1464-343X, 07/2018, Volume 143, pp. 118 - 133
The spatial distribution of trace elements of strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), bromide (Br), boron (B) and lithium (Li) was investigated in the deeper confined... 
Southern Tunisia | Hydrogechemistry | Basic exchange | Marine facies | Strontium isotopes | Water‒rock interaction | SEISMIC-REFLECTION | SEDIMENTS | Water rock interaction | ORIGIN | GEOSCIENCES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | EVOLUTION | BASIN | SALINITY | GEOCHEMISTRY | SR-87/SR-86 | GROUNDWATER | WATER | Strontium | Barium | Analysis | Sediments (Geology) | Aquifers | Salinity
Journal Article
by Suzan-Monti, Marie and Celse, Michel and Vilotitch, Antoine and Demoulin, Baptiste and Dray-Spira, Rosemary and Yéni, Patrick and Lert, France and Spire, Bruno and Carrieri, Patrizia and Hamelin, Christine and Lorente, Nicolas and Préau, Marie and Suzan-Monti, Marie and Mora, Marion and Le Strat, Yann and Cuzin, Lise and Meyer, Laurence and Rojas-Castro, Daniela and Fischer, Hugues and Allègre, T and Mours, P and Riou, J.M and Sordage, M and Chennebault, J.M and Fialaire, P and Rabier, V and Froidure, M and Huguet, D and Leduc, D and Pichancourt, G and Wajsbrot, A and Bourdeaux, C and Foltzer, A and Hoen, B and Hustache-Mathieu, L and Abgrall, S and Barruet, R and Bouchaud, O and Chabrol, A and Mattioni, S and Mechai, F and Jeantils, V and Bernard, N and Bonnet, F and Hessamfar, M and Lacoste, D and Malvy, D and Mercié, P and Morlat, P and Paccalin, F and Pertusa, M.C and Pistone, T and Receveur, M.C and Vandenhende, M.A and Dupont, C and Freire Maresca, A and Leporrier, J and Rouveix, E and Dargere, S and de la Blanchardière, A and Martin, A and Noyon, V and Verdon, R and Rogeaux, O and Beytout, J and Gourdon, F and Laurichesse, H and Meier, F and Mortier, E and Simonpoli, A.M and Cordier, F and Delacroix, I and Garrait, V and Elharrar, B and Dominguez, S and Lascaux, A.S and Lelièvre, J.D and Levy, Y and Melica, G and Buisson, M and Piroth, L and Waldner, A and Gruat, N and Leprêtre, A and de Truchis, P and Le Du, D and Melchior, J. Cl and Sehouane, R and Troisvallets, D and Blanc, M and Boccon-Gibod, I and Bosseray, A and Brion, J.P and Durand, F and Leclercq, P and Marion, F and Pavese, P and Brottier-Mancini, E and Faba, L and Roncato-Saberan, M and ... and ANRS VESPA2 Study Grp and ANRS VESPA2 study group
AIDS and Behavior, ISSN 1090-7165, 10/2018, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp. 3264 - 3272
Journal Article
by Cotte, Laurent and Cua, Eric and Reynes, Jacques and Raffi, François and Rey, David and Delobel, Pierre and Gagneux‐Brunon, Amandine and Jacomet, Christine and Palich, Romain and Laroche, Hélène and Cabie, André and Hoen, Bruno and Chidiac, Christian and Pradat, Pierre and Ferry, T and Ader, F and Biron, F and Boibieux, A and Miailhes, P and Perpoint, T and Valour, F and Schlienger, I and Lippmann, J and Braun, E and Koffi, J and Longuet, C and Guéripel, V and Augustin‐Normand, C and Brochier, C and Degroodt, S and Pugliese, P and Breaud, S and Ceppi, C and Courjon, J and Cottalorda, J and Cottalorda, J and Dellamonica, P and Demonchy, E and De Monte, A and Durant, J and Durant, J and Etienne, C and Etienne, C and Ferrando, S and Fuzibet, J. G and Garraffo, R and Joulie, A and Risso, K and Mondain, V and Naqvi, A and Oran, N and Perbost, I and Pillet, S and Prouvost‐Keller, B and Pradier, C and Wehrlen‐Pugliese, S and Rio, V and Rosenthal, E and Sausse, S and Zouzou, G and Brégigeon, S and Zaegel‐Faucher, O and Obry‐Roguet, V and Orticoni, M and Soavi, M. J and Ressiot, E and Carta‐Padovani, M and Ducassou, M. J and Jaquet, I and Galie, S and Galinier, A and Martinet, P and Landon, M and Ritleng, A. S and Ivanova, A and Blanco‐Betancourt, C and Debreux, C and Lions, C and Poizot‐Martin, I and Valantin, M. A and Caby, F and Tubiana, R and Agher, R and Seang, S and Schneider, L and Blanc, C and Katlama, C and Cheret, A and Goujard, C and Quertainmont, Y and Teicher, E and Lerolle, N and Vittecoq, D and Deradji, O and Fourreau, F and Pallier, C and Barrail‐Tran, A and Consigny, P. H and Cessot, G and Bossi, P and ... and Dat'AIDS Study Grp and Dat'AIDS study Group and The Dat'AIDS Study Group
Liver International, ISSN 1478-3223, 10/2018, Volume 38, Issue 10, pp. 1736 - 1740
Journal Article
BMC Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 03/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, p. 278
BackgroundHIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) was implemented in France in November 2015 based on individual-level risk factors for HIV infection. We evaluated... 
HIV testing | Missed opportunities | PrEP | HIV | Pre-exposure prophylaxis | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS | MEN | SEX | PEOPLE | Prevention | HIV infection | Statistics | Risk factors
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 08/2015, Volume 75, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 25
  We compute the decays ... and ... with finite masses for the b and c quarks. We first discuss the spectral properties of both the B meson as a function of... 
Amplitudes | Mathematical analysis | Lattices | Decay | Texts | Recoil | Quarks | Spectra
Journal Article
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 8/2015, Volume 75, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 25
We compute the decays $${B\rightarrow D^*_0}$$ B → D 0 ∗ and $${B\rightarrow D^*_2}$$ B → D 2 ∗ with finite masses for the b and c quarks. We first discuss the... 
Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons | Measurement Science and Instrumentation | Nuclear Energy | Quantum Field Theories, String Theory | Physics | Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory | Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Journal Article