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methane (4) 4
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mars (3) 3
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[sdu.astr.im]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (2) 2
[sdu.astr]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
astronomy & astrophysics (2) 2
atmospheric absorption (2) 2
atmospheric aerosols (2) 2
atmospheric composition (2) 2
atmospherics (2) 2
clouds (2) 2
composition (2) 2
exomars (2) 2
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gases (2) 2
genes (2) 2
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humans (2) 2
infections (2) 2
innate immunity (2) 2
instrumentation and methods for astrophysic (2) 2
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line parameters (2) 2
mars dust (2) 2
mars missions (2) 2
marsatmosphäre (2) 2
medicine, research & experimental (2) 2
multidisciplinary sciences (2) 2
nadir observations (2) 2
optical depth (2) 2
organic chemistry (2) 2
patients (2) 2
radiative transfer (2) 2
rna (2) 2
sensitive search (2) 2
spectrometers (2) 2
ultraviolet (2) 2
vertical-distribution (2) 2
viruses (2) 2
visible (2) 2
3.3 mu-m (1) 1
801.3 (1) 1
801.5 (1) 1
[sdu.astr.ep]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/earth and planetary astrophysics [astro-ph.ep] (1) 1
[sdu.astr.sr]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/solar and stellar astrophysics [astro-ph.sr] (1) 1
abridged index medicus (1) 1
absolute line-intensities (1) 1
absorption cross-sections (1) 1
abundance (1) 1
adverbi (1) 1
adverbial (1) 1
adverbiale (1) 1
adverbials (1) 1
adverbio (1) 1
adverbios (1) 1
aerosol (1) 1
aerospace technology and astronautics (1) 1
algorithm (1) 1
alleles (1) 1
altitude (1) 1
animals (1) 1
annual variations (1) 1
antibiotics (1) 1
artificial satellites (1) 1
astronomy (1) 1
astrophysics and astroparticles (1) 1
atmosphere, upper (1) 1
atmospheric circulation (1) 1
atmospheric physics (1) 1
atmospheric radiative transfer (1) 1
atmospheric water (1) 1
atmosphärenchemie (1) 1
atrophy (1) 1
bacteria (1) 1
bacterial (1) 1
bacterial infections (1) 1
bacterial meningitis (1) 1
bijwoordelijke bepalingen (1) 1
bijwoordelijke bijzinnen (1) 1
bijwoorden (1) 1
biological response modifiers (1) 1
biology and life sciences (1) 1
biopsy (1) 1
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Journal of Clinical Investigation, ISSN 0021-9738, 09/2017, Volume 127, Issue 9, pp. 3543 - 3556
Journal Article
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, ISSN 0022-4073, 2011, Volume 112, Issue 15, pp. 2395 - 2445
Journal Article
Space Science Reviews, ISSN 0038-6308, 8/2018, Volume 214, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 47
Journal Article
by Vandaele, AC and Korablev, O and Daerden, F and Aoki, S and Thomas, IR and Altieri, F and Lopez-Valverde, M and Villanueva, G and Liuzzi, G and Smith, MD and Erwin, JT and Trompet, L and Fedorova, AA and Montmessin, F and Trokhimovskiy, A and Belyaev, DA and Ignatiev, NI and Luginin, M and Olsen, KS and Baggio, L and Alday, J and Bertaux, JL and Betsis, D and Bolsee, D and Clancy, RT and Cloutis, E and Depiesse, C and Funke, B and Garcia-Comas, M and Gerard, JC and Giuranna, M and Gonzalez-Galindo, F and Grigoriev, AV and Ivanov, YS and Kaminski, J and Karatekin, O and Lefevre, F and Lewis, S and Lopez-Puertas, M and Mahieux, A and Maslov, I and Mason, J and Mumma, MJ and Neary, L and Neefs, E and Patrakeev, A and Patsaev, D and Ristic, B and Robert, S and Schmidt, F and Shakun, A and Teanby, NA and Viscardy, S and Willame, Y and Whiteway, J and Wilquet, V and Wolff, MJ and Bellucci, G and Patel, MR and Lopez-Moreno, JJ and Forget, F and Wilson, CF and Svedhem, H and Vago, JL and Rodionov, D and Alonso-Rodrigo, G and Bauduin, S and Carrozzo, G and Crismani, M and Da Pieve, F and D'Aversa, E and Etiope, G and Fussen, D and Geminale, A and Gkouvelis, L and Holmes, J and Hubert, B and Kasaba, Y and Kass, D and Kleinbohl, A and Lanciano, O and Nakagawa, H and Novak, RE and Oliva, F and Piccialli, A and Renotte, E and Ritter, B and Schneider, N and Sindoni, G and Thiemann, E and Vander Auwera, J and Wolkenberg, P and Yelle, R and Anufreychik, K and Arnold, G and Duxbury, N and Fouchet, T and Grassi, D and Guerlet, S and Hartogh, P and ... and ACS Sci Team and NOMAD Sci Team and NOMAD Science Team and ACS Science Team
NATURE, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2019, Volume 568, Issue 7753, pp. 521 - 521
Journal Article
by Korablev, Oleg and Vandaele, Ann Carine and Montmessin, Franck and Fedorova, Anna A and Trokhimovskiy, Alexander and Forget, François and Lefèvre, Franck and Daerden, Frank and Thomas, Ian R and Trompet, Loïc and Erwin, Justin T and Aoki, Shohei and Robert, Séverine and Neary, Lori and Viscardy, Sébastien and Grigoriev, Alexey V and Ignatiev, Nikolay I and Shakun, Alexey and Patrakeev, Andrey and Belyaev, Denis A and Bertaux, Jean-Loup and Olsen, Kevin S and Baggio, Lucio and Alday, Juan and Ivanov, Yuriy S and Ristic, Bojan and Mason, Jon and Willame, Yannick and Depiesse, Cédric and Hetey, Laszlo and Berkenbosch, Sophie and Clairquin, Roland and Queirolo, Claudio and Beeckman, Bram and Neefs, Eddy and Patel, Manish R and Bellucci, Giancarlo and López-Moreno, Jose-Juan and Wilson, Colin F and Etiope, Giuseppe and Zelenyi, Lev and Svedhem, Håkan and Vago, Jorge L and Alonso-Rodrigo, Gustavo and Altieri, Francesca and Anufreychik, Konstantin and Arnold, Gabriele and Bauduin, Sophie and Bolsée, David and Carrozzo, Giacomo and Clancy, R. Todd and Cloutis, Edward and Crismani, Matteo and Da Pieve, Fabiana and D’Aversa, Emiliano and Duxbury, Natalia and Encrenaz, Therese and Fouchet, Thierry and Funke, Bernd and Fussen, Didier and Garcia-Comas, Maia and Gérard, Jean-Claude and Giuranna, Marco and Gkouvelis, Leo and Gonzalez-Galindo, Francisco and Grassi, Davide and Guerlet, Sandrine and Hartogh, Paul and Holmes, James and Hubert, Benoît and Kaminski, Jacek and Karatekin, Ozgur and Kasaba, Yasumasa and Kass, David and Khatuntsev, Igor and Kleinböhl, Armin and Kokonkov, Nikita and Krasnopolsky, Vladimir and Kuzmin, Ruslan and Lacombe, Gaétan and Lanciano, Orietta and Lellouch, Emmanuel and Lewis, Stephen and Luginin, Mikhail and Liuzzi, Giuliano and López-Puertas, Manuel and López-Valverde, Miguel and Määttänen, Anni and Mahieux, Arnaud and Marcq, Emmanuel and Martin-Torres, Javier and Maslov, Igor and Medvedev, Alexander and Millour, Ehouarn and Moshkin, Boris and Mumma, Michael J and Nakagawa, Hiromu and Novak, Robert E and Oliva, Fabrizio and Patsaev, Dmitry and ... and ACS NOMAD Team and ACS and NOMAD Science Teams and The ACS and NOMAD Science Teams
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2019, Volume 568, Issue 7753, pp. 517 - 520
Journal Article
Planetary and Space Science, ISSN 0032-0633, 01/2012, Volume 60, Issue 1, pp. 93 - 101
Building upon previous studies, we re-investigated the ethane spectrum between 1330 and 1610 cm by combining unapodized spectra obtained at room temperature... 
Infrared | Molecular database | Theoretical Hamiltonian | Line positions | Intensities | Ethane
Journal Article
by Liuzzi, Giuliano and Villanueva, Geronimo L and Mumma, Michael J and Smith, Michael D and Daerden, Frank and Ristic, Bojan and Thomas, Ian and Vandaele, Ann Carine and Patel, Manish R and Lopez-Moreno, José-Juan and Bellucci, Giancarlo and Allen, Mark and Alonso-Rodrigo, Gustavo and Altieri, Francesca and Aoki, Shohei and Bauduin, Sophie and Bolsée, David and Clancy, Todd and Cloutis, Edward and D'Aversa, Emiliano and Depiesse, Cédric and Erwin, Justin and Fedorova, Anna and Formisano, Vittorio and Funke, Bernd and Fussen, Didier and Garcia-Comas, Maia and Geminale, Anna and Gérard, Jean-Claude and Gillotay, Didier and Giuranna, Marco and Gonzalez-Galindo, Francisco and Hewson, Will and Homes, James and Ignatiev, Nicolai and Kaminski, Jacek and Karatekin, Ozgur and Kasaba, Yasumasa and Lanciano, Orietta and Lefèvre, Franck and Lewis, Stephen and López- Puertas, Manuel and López-Valverde, Miguel and Mahieux, Arnaud and Mason, Jon and Mc Connell, Jack and Hiromu Neary Nakagawa, Lori and Neefs, Eddy and Novak, R and Oliva, Fabrizio and Piccialli, Arianna and Renotte, Etienne and Robert, Severine and Sindoni, Giuseppe and Stiepen, Arnaud and Trokhimovskiy, Alexander and Vander Auwera, Jean and Viscardy, Sébastien and Whiteway, Jim and Willame, Yannick and Wilquet, Valérie and Wolff, Michael and Wolkenberg, Paulina and Alonso-Rodrigo, Gustavo and Aparicio del Moral, Beatriz and Barzin, Pascal and Beeckman, Bram and BenMoussa, Ali and Berkenbosch, Sophie and Biondi, David and Bonnewijn, Sabrina and Candini, Gian Paolo and Clairquin, Roland and Cubas, Javier and Giordanengo, Boris and Gissot, Samuel and Gomez, Alejandro and Hathi, Brijen and Jeronimo Zafra, Jose and Leese, Mark and Maes, Jeroen and Mazy, Emmanuel and Mazzoli, Alexandra and Meseguer, Jose and Morales, Rafael and Orban, Anne and Pastor-Morales, M and Perez-grande, Isabel and Queirolo, Claudio and Rodriguez Gomez, Julio and Saggin, Bortolino and Samain, Valérie and Sanz Andres, Angel and Sanz, Rosario and Simar, Juan-Felipe and Thibert, Tanguy
Icarus, ISSN 0019-1035, 03/2019, Volume 321, pp. 671 - 690
The Nadir and Occultation for MArs Discovery instrument (NOMAD), onboard the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) spacecraft was conceived to observe Mars in solar... 
Methane | Infrared spectroscopy | Instrumentation | Mars atmosphere | NOMAD
Journal Article