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by Leiter, L. A and Lundman, P and da Silva, P. M and xel, H and Jünger, C and Gitt, A. K and Absenger, Guun and Albrich, Ernst and Allinger, Berndt and Allinger, Stephan and Anacher, Gerald and Angermayr, Gertraud and Angermeier, Hermann and Anzengruber, Aneas and Archimanitis, Gabriele and Arnsteiner, Patricia and Auberger, Wolfgang and Azhary, Mawaheb and Barfuss, Michael and Bauer, Christian and Bauer, Birgit Elisabeth and Beclin, Thomas and Binder, Thomas and Binder, Gabriele and Böhler, Dietmar and Brändle, Johann and Breslmair, Jörg and Brettlecker, Marlis and Bürger, Michael and Calvi, Inge and Dorfinger, Werner and Doringer-Schnepf, Elisabeth and Eer, Anton and Eckmayr, Christine and Eder, Franz and Egermann, Margit and Erath, Michael and Etzinger, Michael and Etzinger, Claudia and Fiedler, Lothar and Filip, Wolfgang and Filip, Michaela and Föchterle, Johann and Fodor, Anita and Frieden, Thomas and Gareiss, Mertens and Gföllner, Peter and Ghamarian, Thomas and Goritschan, Michael and Haar, Klaus and Habeler, Gerhard and Hadjiivanov, Valery and Haiböck, Christian and Hammer, Regina and Hartmann, Siegfried and Haschkovitz, Herbert and Hauer, Walter and Hauer, Josef and Haunschmidt, Christian and Heimayr, Christine and Hengl, Wolfgang and Hengl, Gunter and Hermann, Rudolf and Herrmann, Rainer and Hillebrand, Roswitha and Hintersteininger, Otto and Hirsch, Michael and Hitzinger, Martin and Hochegger, Tanja and Hockl, Wolfgang and Hoi, Michael and Hörmann, Jan and Hudler, Brigitte and Imb, Gerhard and Joichl, Anea and Jungbauer, Karl and Kapl, Gerlinde and Kerschbaum, Margit and Kienesberger, Franz and Killinger, Gerhard and Kitzler, Gerhard and Klein, Franz and Kleinbichler, Dietmar and Kohr, Anton and Kopetzky, Michael and Korthals, Christian and Kortschak, Werner and Koschutnik, Martin and Kraus, Werner A and Kurzemann, Susanne and Lavicka, Claus and Lehner, Guido and Lenz, Jürgen and Lepuschütz, Sabine and Lichtenwallner, Michael and Lober, Reinhard and Loidl, Christine and Lopatka, Eduard and Ludwig, Rudolf and Maca, Thomas and ... and DYSIS Investigators and DYSIS investigators
Diabetic medicine, ISSN 0742-3071, 2011, Volume 28, Issue 11, pp. 1343 - 1351
To assess the prevalence of persistent lipid abnormalities in statin-treated patients with diabetes with and without the metabolic syndrome. This was a... 
metabolic syndrome | cardiovascular disease | diabetes mellitus | dyslipidaemia | statins | Cardiovascular disease | Dyslipidaemia | Metabolic syndrome | Diabetes mellitus | Statins | METAANALYSIS | GUIDELINES | PREVENTION | DENSITY-LIPOPROTEIN CHOLESTEROL | THERAPY | REDUCTION | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | CORONARY-HEART-DISEASE | CLINICAL-PRACTICE | CARDIOVASCULAR RISK | LOW HDL-CHOLESTEROL | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - administration & dosage | Humans | Diabetic Angiopathies - etiology | Male | Metabolic Syndrome - drug therapy | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - epidemiology | Metabolic Syndrome - blood | Canada - epidemiology | Cardiovascular Diseases - epidemiology | Cholesterol, LDL - blood | Female | Dyslipidemias - etiology | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - complications | Metabolic Syndrome - epidemiology | Cardiovascular Diseases - etiology | Diabetic Angiopathies - chemically induced | Cross-Sectional Studies | Cholesterol, HDL - drug effects | Europe - epidemiology | Cholesterol, LDL - drug effects | Diabetic Angiopathies - blood | Anticholesteremic Agents - adverse effects | Metabolic Syndrome - complications | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - blood | Dyslipidemias - epidemiology | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - adverse effects | Anticholesteremic Agents - administration & dosage | Dyslipidemias - chemically induced | Cholesterol, HDL - blood | Diabetic Angiopathies - epidemiology | Aged | Cardiovascular Diseases - chemically induced | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - drug therapy | Diabetics | Blood cholesterol | Simvastatin | Low density lipoproteins | Triglycerides | Diabetes | Risk factors | Trans fatty acids | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Apweiler, Rolf and Martin, Maria Jesus and O'Donovan, Claire and Magrane, Michele and Alam-Faruque, Yasmin and Antunes, Ricardo and Casanova, Elisabet Barrera and Bely, Benoit and Bingley, Mark and Bower, Lawrence and Bursteinas, Borisas and Chan, Wei Mun and Chavali, Gayatri and Da Silva, Alan and Dimmer, Emily and Eberhardt, Ruth and Fazzini, Francesco and Fedotov, Alexander and Garavelli, John and Castro, Leyla Garcia and Gardner, Michael and Hieta, Reija and Huntley, Rachael and Jacobsen, Julius and Legge, Duncan and Liu, Wudong and Luo, Jie and Orchard, Sandra and Patient, Samuel and Pichler, Klemens and Poggioli, Diego and Pontikos, Nikolas and Pundir, Sangya and Rosanoff, Steven and Sawford, Tony and Sehra, Harminder and Turner, Edward and Wardell, Tony and Watkins, Xavier and Corbett, Matt and Donnelly, Mike and Van Rensburg, Pieter and Goujon, Mickael and McWilliam, Hamish and Lopez, Rodrigo and Xenarios, Ioannis and Bougueleret, Lydie and Bridge, Alan and Poux, Sylvain and Redaschi, Nicole and Argoud-Puy, Ghislaine and Auchincloss, Andrea and Axelsen, Kristian and Baratin, Delphine and Blatter, Marie-Claude and Boeckmann, Brigitte and Bolleman, Jerven and Bollondi, Laurent and Boutet, Emmanuel and Quintaje, Silvia Braconi and Breuza, Lionel and DeCastro, Edouard and Cerutti, Lorenzo and Coudert, Elisabeth and Cuche, Beatrice and Cusin, Isabelle and Doche, Mikael and Dornevil, Dolnide and Duvaud, Severine and Estreicher, Anne and Famiglietti, Livia and Feuermann, Marc and Gehant, Sebastien and Ferro, Serenella and Gasteiger, Elisabeth and Gerritsen, Vivienne and Gos, Arnaud and Gruaz-Gumowski, Nadine and Hinz, Ursula and Hulo, Chantal and Hulo, Nicolas and James, Janet and Jimenez, Silvia and Jungo, Florence and Kappler, Thomas and Keller, Guillaume and Lara, Vicente and Lemercier, Philippe and Lieberherr, Damien and Martin, Xavier and Masson, Patrick and Moinat, Madelaine and Morgat, Anne and Paesano, Salvo and Pedruzzi, Ivo and Pilbout, Sandrine and Pozzato, Monica and Pruess, Manuela and Rivoire, Catherine and Roechert, Bernd and ... and UniProt Consortium and The UniProt Consortium
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 1/2012, Volume 40, Issue D1, pp. D71 - D75
The mission of UniProt is to support biological research by providing a freely accessible, stable, comprehensive, fully classified, richly and accurately... 
SEQUENCE DATABASE | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Metagenomics | Sequence Analysis, Protein | User-Computer Interface | Knowledge Bases | Databases, Protein | Molecular Sequence Annotation | Proteome | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Bultet, Lisandra Aguilar and Aguilar-Rodríguez, José and Ahrens, Christian H and Ahrné, Erik Lennart and Ai, Ni and Aimo, Lucila and Akalin, Altuna and Aleksiev, Tyanko and Alocci, Davide and Altenhoff, Adrian and Alves, Isabel and Ambrosini, Giovanna and Pedone, Pascale Anderle and Angelino, Paolo and Anisimova, Maria and Appel, Ron and Argoud-Puy, Ghislaine and Arnold, Konstantin and Arpat, Bulak and Artimo, Panu and Ascencao, Kelly and Auchincloss, Andrea and Axelsen, Kristian and Gerritsen, Vivienne Baillie and Bairoch, Amos and Bansal, Parit and Baratin, Delphine and Barbato, Alessandro and Barbié, Valérie and Barras, David and Barreiro, Maria and Barret, Sophie and Bastian, Frederic and Neto, Teresamanuela Batista and Baudis, Michael and Beaudoing, Emmanuel and Beckmann, Jacques S and Bekkar, Amel Kawter and Ben Hamida Cammoun, Leila and Benmohammed, Sara and Bernard, Madeleine and Bertelli, Claire and Bertoni, Martino and Bienert, Stefan and Bignucolo, Olivier and Bilbao, Aivett and Bilican, Adem and Blank, Diana and Blatter, Marie-Claude and Blum, Lorenz and Bocquet, Jocelyne and Boeckmann, Brigitte and Bolleman, Jerven Tjalling and Bordoli, Lorenza and Bosshard, Lars and Bouchet, Gerard and Bougueleret, Lydie and Boutet, Emmanuel and Bovigny, Christophe and Bratulic, Sinisa and Breuza, Lionel and Bridge, Alan James and Britan, Aurore and Brito, Francisco and Frazão, Josias Brito and Bruggmann, Rémy and Bucher, Philipp and Burdet, Frédéric and Burger, Lukas and Cabello, Elena Maria and Gomez, Ruben Martin Cabezon and Calderon, Sandra and Cannarozzi, Gina and Carl, Sarah and Casas, Cristina Casals and Catherinet, Sebastien and Périer, Rouayda Cavin and Charpilloz, Christophe and Chaskar, Prasad Datatray and Chen, Weihua and Pepe, Anush Chiappino and Chopard, Bastien and Chu, Hoi Yee and Civic, Natacha and Claassen, Manfred and Clottu, Sylvie and Colombo, Martino and Cosandier, Isabelle and Coudert, Elisabeth and Crespo, Isaac and Creus, Marc and Cuche, Béatrice and Cuendet, Michel A and Cusin, Isabelle and Daga, Neha and Daina, Antoine and Dauvillier, Jér Ôme and David, Fabrice and Davydov, Iakov and De Sa Ricca Manadelo Ferreira, Mariana and ... and SIB Swiss Inst Bioinformatics
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 2016, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. D27 - D37
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (www.isb-sib.ch) provides world-class bioinformatics databases, software tools, services and training to the... 
Journal Article