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by Ferrer, Ricard and Martínez, María Luisa and Gomà, Gemma and Suárez, David and Álvarez-Rocha, Luis and de la Torre, María Victoria and González, Gumersindo and Zaragoza, Rafael and Borges, Marcio and Blanco, Jesús and Herrejón, Eduardo Palencia and Artigas, Antonio and Martínez, María Luisa and del Mar Cruz, María and Barbadillo, Sandra and Fernández, Francisco and Rilo, Ma Teresa Rey and Rocha, Luis Alvarez and Bartolomé, Belén Jiménez and Delgado, Juan Diego Jiménez and Ule, Demetrio Carriedo and Berro, Ana María Domínguez and Domínguez, Francisco Javier Díaz and Casas, Juan Machado and Santos, Clara Laplaza and García-Montesinos, Manuel and Poma, Enrique Maraví and Cortés, Pablo Vidal and Barrio, Miguel Martínez and Pueyo, Ma Jesús López and Cambra, María Jesús López and Torrabadella, Pau and Salcedo, Álvaro and Durán, Claudio and Seijas, Iratxe and Gómez, Teresa Recio and Arenzana, Ángel and Azkarate, Izaskun and Bolaño, Sandra Rodríguez and García, Pablo Olivares and Violán, Jordi Solé and Aguilar, Gerardo Aguilar and Rencinas, Ángel Rodríguez and Pérez, Marta Paz and Losada, Elena Pérez and Sagasti, Fernando Martínez and Allut, José Luis García and Gutiérrez, Fernando Díez and Gandía, Francisco and Amador, Amanda Francisco and Pinto, Ramón Vegas and Trivez, Pilar Martínez and Vázquez, Nieves García and Zapata, Luis and Vera, Paula and Antón, Eduardo and Yébenes, Juan Carlos and Arias, María de las Olas Cerezo and delgado, Francisco García and Rosón, Javier Fierro and Rodríguez, Josefa Peinado and Álvarez, María and Lerma, Paco Álvarez and Valenzuela, Francisco and de la Cruz, Patricia Albert and Gómez-Casero, Rafael Blancas and Heredia, Montserrat Sisón and Olaechea, Perico and Sañudo, Celia and Rubio, José Manuel Gutiérrez and Valero, Roberto Reig and Abdel-Hadi Álvarez, Hasania and Feo, Leandro Fajardo and Garro, Pau and Pellejero, Francisco Navarro and Alonso, Ana Esther Trujillo and Catalán, Rosa and Rovira, Assumpta and Rico, Nicolás and Gallego, José Manuel Allegue and Alonso, José Córdoba and Ocaña, Dolores and Ordóñez, Juan Mora and Mota, Manuel Salido and Herrera, Ma José Tolón and Dorado, Paloma and Azcona, Arantxa Lander and Mendoza, Diego and Prieto, Francisca and Martín, Ma Carmen Ramagge and Rota, José Ignacio Ayestarán and Piacentini, Enrique and Sirvent, Josep Maria and Murcia, Cristina and Rognoni, Gina and Gonzalo, José Antonio and Ruiz, Diego Parra and Díez, Natalia Bretón and Antuña, José Ignacio Argüelles and Ramos, Leonardo Lorente and ... and ABISS-Edusepsis Study Grp and ABISS-Edusepsis Study group and for the ABISS-Edusepsis Study group
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 06/2018, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 167 - 10
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Álvarez-Lerma, Francisco and Rodriguez, Montserrat and Soriano, Mari Cruz and Catalán, Mercedes and Llorente, Ana María and Vidart, Nieves and Garitacelaya, María and Maravi, Enrique and Rey, Elisabeth Fernández and Alvarado, Francisco and López-Sánchez, Marta and Alvarez-Sánchez, Bernabé and Granado, David and Quintana, Elisabeth and Torre, Andrés Concha and Fanjul, Rosa María García and Sáez, Fernando Gómez and Soriano, Mari Cruz and Ortega, Francisco Alvarado and Delgado, Miguel Angel and Suárez, José and Borraz, Nuria Chamorro and Montejo, Juan Carlos and Lodo, Margarita Mas and Sagasti, Fernando Martínez and Martín, María José Jiménez and Arriortua, Amaya Bustinza and Betolaza, Iratxe Seijas and Azcona, Arantxa Lánder and Utande, Arantxa and González, Víctor and Gómez, Pilar Luque and Barcenilla, Fernando and Castro, Pedro and Escorsells, Angels and Mesalles, Eduardo and Manrique, Alfonso and Díaz, Emili and Palomar, Mercedes and Badenes, Rafael and Aguar, Federico and Peña, Juan José and Bonastre, Juan and Vibó, Carmen and Armero, Rocío and Franco, Silvestre Nicolás and Ayestarán, José Ignacio and Laderas, Juan Carlos Pozo and Mora Ordóñez, Juan M and Bono, Javier Muñoz and Balsera, Emilio Curiel and Delgado, Francisco Cota and Morales Sirgado, Rafael E and Robaina, María del Pilar Eugenio and Llanes, Abilio Arrascaeta and JareñoChaumel, Antonio and Carvajal, Manuel Rodríguez and Ranchel, María Jesús Huerto and Bermejo, Francisco Romero and Quiñones, José Rubio
Revista Espanola de Quimioterapia, ISSN 0214-3429, 2013, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp. 360 - 368
Journal Article
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