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by Rosa, Regis Goulart and Falavigna, Maicon and da Silva, Daiana Barbosa and Sganzerla, Daniel and Santos, Mariana Martins Siqueira and Kochhann, Renata and de Moura, Rafaela Moraes and Eugênio, Cláudia Severgnini and Haack, Tarissa da Silva Ribeiro and Barbosa, Mirceli Goulart and Robinson, Caroline Cabral and Schneider, Daniel and de Oliveira, Débora Mariani and Jeffman, Rodrigo Wiltgen and Cavalcanti, Alexandre Biasi and Machado, Flávia Ribeiro and Azevedo, Luciano Cesar Pontes and Salluh, Jorge Ibrain Figueira and Pellegrini, José Augusto Santos and Moraes, Rafael Barberena and Foernges, Rafael Botelho and Torelly, Andre Peretti and Ayres, Lizandra de Oliveira and Duarte, Pericles Almeida Delfino and Lovato, Wilson José and Sampaio, Patrick Harrison Santana and de Oliveira Júnior, Lúcio Couto and Paranhos, Jorge Luiz da Rocha and Dantas, Alessandro da Silva and de Brito, Pollyanna Iracema Peixoto Gouveia Gomes and Paulo, Eliane Aparecida Peixoto and Gallindo, Marcos Antônio Cavalcanti and Pilau, Janaina and Valentim, Helen Martins and Meira Teles, José Mario and Nobre, Vandack and Birriel, Daniella Cunha and Corrêa e Castro, Livia and Specht, Andréia Martins and Medeiros, Gregory Saraiva and Tonietto, Tulio Frederico and Mesquita, Emersom Cicilini and da Silva, Nilton Brandão and Korte, Jeffrey E and Hammes, Luciano Serpa and Giannini, Alberto and Bozza, Fernando Augusto and Teixeira, Cassiano and Brazilian Res Intensive Care and ICU Visits Study Grp Investigators and ICU Visits Study Group Investigators and the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICNet) and for the ICU Visits Study Group Investigators and the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICNet)
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 07/2019, Volume 322, Issue 3, pp. 216 - 228
Journal Article
by Machado, Flavia R and Cavalcanti, Alexandre Biasi and Bozza, Fernando Augusto and Ferreira, Elaine M and Angotti Carrara, Fernanda Sousa and Sousa, Juliana Lubarino and Caixeta, Noemi and Salomao, Reinaldo and Angus, Derek C and Pontes Azevedo, Luciano Cesar and Zajac, S R and Bley, M V and Scazufca, A and Rosateli, P and Reis, T and Junior, A Nogueira and Neto, P A Nunes and Filho, I L S and Lima, H and Vieira, M and Zanchet, M and Ferreira, I and Miguita, R and Petisco, G M and Westphal, G A and Santos, J R P and Damasceno, V and dos Santos, J T and Fernandes, F and Almeida, EP and Lemos, M and Lima, M F A and Camacho, R and Ribeiro, A and Douglas, M O G and Mattei, G A and Junior, E A and Ferreira, P and Rabelo, H R M P and Pinto, S P S and Fontes, L E and Machado, D and Guitzel, M and Lucio, M and Conceição, C N P and Barros, A and Salgado, D and Veiga, V C and Rojas, S S O and de Paula, KM and Hatum, R and Fraenkel, L and Viana, W N and Santos, A P G and Rabello, L and Tanaka, L and Uchoa, M and Moura, M D and Gneco, H and Buarque, M F and Monteiro, K and Nassar, A P and Koterba, E and Teixeira, M J and Falcão, A L E and Pinto, V G S and Junior, J M M and Gut, A L and Stefano, L M and Damasceno, M and Lontra, M V and Cozzani, C and Sobrinho, E B and Lage, S G and Kopel, L and Youssef, N C M and Sanches, L C and Amendola, C P and Kmohan, C and Silva, C B and Schifelbain, L and Bellotto, E and Viecili, P and Azevedo, L and Monteiro, L and Vieira, S and Abrão, A M and Moraes, A P and Insaurrale, H and Gadelha, M and Marisa, D and Diniz, R N and Romano, E R and Luzzi, S and Rezende, E and Filho, M C and Martins, R H F C and Carvalho, F B and Moreira, G C and Paula, J and ... and Latin American Sepsis Institute Network and SPREAD Investigators and Latin American Sepsis Institute Ne
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 11/2017, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp. 1180 - 1189
Journal Article
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 04/2013, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. R63 - R63
Journal Article
by Faria, Nuno Rodrigues and Do Socorro Da Silva Azevedo, Raimunda and Kraemer, Moritz U. G and Souza, Renato and Cunha, Mariana Sequetin and Hill, Sarah C and Thézé, Julien and Bonsall, Michael B and Bowden, Thomas A and Rissanen, Ilona and Rocco, Iray Maria and Nogueira, Juliana Silva and Maeda, Adriana Yurika and Da Silva Vasami, Fernanda Giseli and De Lima Macedo, Fernando Luiz and Suzuki, Akemi and Rodrigues, Sueli Guerreiro and Cruz, Ana Cecilia Ribeiro and Nunes, Bruno Tardeli and De Almeida Medeiros, Daniele Barbosa and Rodrigues, Daniela Sueli Guerreiro and Queiroz, Alice Louize Nunes and Da Silva, Eliana Vieira Pinto and Henriques, Daniele Freitas and Da Rosa, Elisabeth Salbe Travassos and De Oliveira, Consuelo Silva and Martins, Livia Caricio and Vasconcelos, Helena Baldez and Casseb, Livia Medeiros Neves and De Brito Simith, Darlene and Messina, Jane P and Abade, Leandro and Lourenço, José and Alcantara, Luiz Carlos and De Lima, Maricélia Maia and Giovanetti, Marta and Hay, Simon I and De Oliveira, Rodrigo Santos and Da Silva Lemos, Poliana and De Oliveira, Layanna Freitas and De Lima, Clayton Pereira Silva and Da Silva, Sandro Patroca and De Vasconcelos, Janaina Mota and Franco, Luciano and Cardoso, Jedson Ferreira and Da Silva Gonçalves Vianez-Júnior, João Lídio and Mir, Daiana and Bello, Gonzalo and Delatorre, Edson and Khan, Kamran and Creatore, Marisa and Coelho, Giovanini Evelim and De Oliveira, Wanderson Kleber and Tesh, Robert and Pybus, Oliver G and Nunes, Marcio R. T and Vasconcelos, Pedro F. C
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Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 02/2017, Volume 12, Issue 2, p. e0172024
Journal Article
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, ISSN 1073-449X, 2017, Volume 195, Issue 1, pp. 67 - 77
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 2011, Volume 6, Issue 4, p. e18551
Journal Article
by Azani, Nasim and Babineau, Marielle and Bailey, C. Donovan and Banks, Hannah and Barbosa, Ariane R and Pinto, Rafael Barbosa and Boatwright, James S and Borges, Leonardo M and Brown, Gillian K and Bruneau, Anne and Candido, Elisa and Cardoso, Domingos and Chung, Kuo-Fang and Clark, Ruth P and Conceição, Adilva De S and Crisp, Michael and Cubas, Paloma and Delgado-Salinas, Alfonso and Dexter, Kyle G and Doyle, Jeff J and Duminil, Jérôme and Egan, Ashley N and De La Estrella, Manuel and Falcão, Marcus J and Filatov, Dmitry A and Fortuna-Perez, Ana Paula and Fortunato, Renée H and Gagnon, Edeline and Gasson, Peter and Rando, Juliana Gastaldello and Tozzi, Ana Maria Goulart de Azevedo and Gunn, Bee and Harris, David and Haston, Elspeth and Hawkins, Julie A and Herendeen, Patrick S and Hughes, Colin E and Iganci, João R. V and Javadi, Firouzeh and Kanu, Sheku Alfred and Kazempour-Osaloo, Shahrokh and Kite, Geoffrey C and Klitgaard, Bente B and Kochanovski, Fábio J and Koenen, Erik J. M and Kovar, Lynsey and Lavin, Matt and Roux, Marianne Le and Lewis, Gwilym P and De Lima, Haroldo C and López-Roberts, Maria Cristina and Mackinder, Barbara and Maia, Vitor Hugo and Malécot, Valéry and Mansano, Vidal F and Marazzi, Brigitte and Mattapha, Sawai and Miller, Joseph T and Mitsuyuki, Chika and Moura, Tania and Murphy, Daniel J and Nageswara-Rao, Madhugiri and Nevado, Bruno and Neves, Danilo and Ojeda, Dario I and Toby Pennington, R and Prado, Darién E and Prenner, Gerhard and De Queiroz, Luciano Paganucci and Ramos, Gustavo and Filardi, Fabiana L. Ranzato and Ribeiro, Pétala G and Rico-Arce, María De Lourdes and Sanderson, Michael J and Santos-Silva, Juliana and São-Mateus, Wallace M. B and Silva, Marcos J. S and Simon, Marcelo F and Sinou, Carole and Snak, Cristiane and de Souza, Élvia R and Sprent, Janet and Steele, Kelly P and Steier, Julia E and Steeves, Royce and Stirton, Charles H and Tagane, Shuichiro and Torke, Benjamin M and Toyama, Hironori and Da Cruz, Daiane Trabuco and Vatanparast, Mohammad and Wieringa, Jan J and Wink, Michael and Wojciechowski, Martin F and Yahara, Tetsukazu and Yi, Tingshuang and Zimmerman, Erin
Taxon, ISSN 0040-0262, 02/2017, Volume 66, Issue 1, pp. 44 - 77
The classification of the legume family proposed here addresses the long-known non-monophyly of the traditionally recognised subfamily Caesalpinioideae, by... 
Detarioideae | Caesalpinioideae | Cercidoideae | Dialioideae | Papilionoideae | Plastid matK phylogeny | Mimosoid clade | Duparquetioideae | mimosoid clade | DIVERSIFICATION | PLANT DIVERSITY | PLANT SCIENCES | S.L. LEGUMINOSAE | EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY | EVOLUTION | GENE | SEQUENCE | FLORAL DEVELOPMENT | LEGUMES | plastid matK phylogeny | RBCL | INSIGHTS | Life Sciences
Journal Article