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Ecology letters, ISSN 1461-023X, 2019, Volume 22, Issue 7, pp. 1083 - 1094
Journal Article
Ecology letters, ISSN 1461-0248, 09/2017, Volume 20, Issue 11, pp. 1427 - 1436
Journal Article
by Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Glasbey, James C and Li, Elizabeth and Simoes, Joana FF and Alser, Osaid and Bankhead-Kendall, Brittany K and Breen, Kerry A and Davidson, Giana H and Di Saverio, Salomone and Gallo, Gaetano and Gujjuri, Rohan R and Morton, Dion G and Moszkowicz, David and Pata, Francesco and Venn, Mary L and de Vries, Jean-Paul PM and Abdelaal, Ahmed S and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Alkadeeki, Ghadah Z and Almeida, Ana C and Ambler, Graeme K and Antonanzas, Leyre Lopez and Aoun, Salah G and Ashoush, Fouad M and Avellana, Rocio B and Ayeni, Funbi A and Ayorinde, John OO and Babu, Bheemanakone H and Baker, Olivia J and Barranquero, Alberto G and Barry, Conor P and DI Bartolomeo, Alessandro and Beamish, Andrew J and Bernal-Sprekelsen, Juan Carlos and Biffl, Walter L and Blundell, Chris M and Bouhuwaish, Ahmad EM and Brathwaite, Collin EM and Brown, Oliver D and Bueno-Cañones, Alejandro D and Byrne, Matthew HV and Callcut, Rachael A and Carlos, William J and Caruana, Edward J and Cato, Liam D and Chase, Thomas JG and Chowdhury, Abeed H and Collins, Chris G and Colonna, Emily T and Comini, Lara V and Davidson, Brian R and Davies, Emma J and Dawson, Brett E and Doe, Matthew J and Drake, Frederick T and Dunne, Naomi JM and Edwards, John G and Elliott, Jessie A and Enjuto, Diego T and Fahey, Brian A and Faria, Carlos S and Ferguson, Henry JM and Fernandez, Andres Garcia and Fernández-Pacheco, Borja Camacho and Font, Roser Farré and Fowler, Amy L and Del Giudice, Roberto and Di Giuseppe, Matteo and Hainsworth, Alison J and Haqqani, Maha H and van Heinsbergen, Maarten and Holme, Thomas J and Hopkinson, David N and Hudson, Victoria E and Jenkinson, Michael D and Jeyaretna, Deva S and Jones, Andrew P and Kalkwarf, Kyle J and El Kassas, Mohamed and Kavanagh, Dara O and Keatley, James M and Kouris, Spyros Marinos and Lima, Maria João and Lin, Daniel J and Lowery, Aoife J and Maia, Mariana Magalhães and Marino, Marco V and Marra, Angelo A and Marsh, Christopher L and McIntyre, Robert C and Mckay, Siobhan C and McKevitt, Kevin L and Mehigan, Brian J and Mohan, Helen M and Montella, Maria T and Muguerza, Jose M and De Nardi, Paola and Naumann, David N and Neely, David TA and Nita, George E and ... and COVIDSurg Collaborative and COVIDsurg Collaborative
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 07/2020, Volume 396, Issue 10243, pp. 27 - 38
Journal Article
by Bellato, V and Pellino, G and An, Y and Piciocchi, A and Sensi, B and Siragusa, L and Khanna, K and Pirozzi, B. M and Franceschilli, M and Kefleyesus, A and Hoofwijk, A. G. M and Gonzalez, Abel and Jawad, Aaoui and Jooma, Ahmad and Rubio, Ainhoa Valle and Landaluce-Olavarria, Aitor and Wu, Aiwen and Nagatsu, Akihisa and Inoue, Akira and Kanamoto, Akira and Ouchi, Akira and Wolthuis, Albert M and Peral, Alberto M and Lozano, Alejana Cruz and Efremov, Aleksan and Alò, Alessio and Forero-Torres, Alexander and Varabei, Alexander and Hinojosa, Siles and Balkan, Ali Zeynel Abidin and Oleg, Alikin and Soler-Silva, Álvaro and Ané, Ana and Cabrera, Ana María García and Fernández, Ana María Gonzalez and Minaya-Bravo, Ana M and Roíguez-Sánchez, Ana and Musina, Ana-Maria and Zolotko, Anastasia and Tonoyan, Ananik and Balla, Anea and Belli, Anea and Chierici, Anea and Divizia, Anea and Bucci, Anea Fares and Morini, Anea and Vignali, Anea and Chitul, Anei and Sebastian, Diaconescu Anei and Pcolkins, Anejs and Shchegolev, Aney and Hollenbeck, Anew and Wisneski, Anew and D'Amore, Anna and Hesketh, Anthony J and la Brocca, Anea and Caires, Antonio and Correo, Antonio Francisco Sanchís L. pez and Macrì, Antonio and Navarro-Sánchez, Antonio and Pronk, Apollo and Mehri, Arash and Pelta, Arie and Papadopoulos, Aristeidis and Kechagias, Aristotelis and Rashid, Arshad and Ramazanov, Artur and Nishimura, Atsushi and Ohkawa, Atsushi and Dulskas, Auius and Jamal, Aun and Mariani, Aurora and Unal, Ayse Gizem and Karagoz, Ayse and Pessia, Beatrice and Tulelli, Berenice and Sensi, Bruno and Langenhoff, Bs and Ng, Caecilia and Rueda, Camilo and Roxburgh, Campbell S and Ferrari, Carlo and Gazia, Carlo and Macias, Carlos and Fernandez, Carlota Garcia and Fernandez, Carmen Cagigas and Curtis-Martinez, Carolina and Fortmann, Caroline and Galeano, Catalina Uribe and Barroso, Catarina and Foppa, Caterina and Formisano, Cesare and Ding, Chao and Wang, Chenyu and Iacusso, Chiara and Yang, Chongwei and Pizzera, Christian and Chouliras, Christos and Liakos, Christos and Wu, Chun-yi and ... and S-COVID Collaborative Group
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 2020, Volume 107, Issue 10, pp. e364 - e365
Journal Article
by Gatta, Gemma and Capocaccia, Riccardo and Botta, Laura and Mallone, Sandra and De Angelis, Roberta and Ardanaz, Eva and Comber, Harry and Dimitrova, Nadya and Leinonen, Maarit K and Siesling, Sabine and van der Zwan, Jan M and Van Eycken, Liesbet and Visser, Otto and Žakelj, Maja P and Anderson, Lesley A and Bella, Francesca and Kaire, Innos and Otter, Renée and Stiller, Charles A and Trama, Annalisa and Hackl, Monika and Henau, Kris and Van Damme, Nancy and Valerianova, Zdravka and Sekerija, Mario and Dušek, Ladislav and Mägi, Margit and Paapsi, Keiu and Malila, Nea and Velten, Michel and Troussard, Xavier and Bouvier, Veronique and Guizard, Anne-Valérie and Bouvier, Anne-Marie and Arveux, Patrick and Maynadié, Marc and Woronoff, Anne-Sophie and Robaszkiewicz, Michel and Baldi, Isabelle and Monnereau, Alain and Tretarre, Brigitte and Colonna, Marc and Molinié, Florence and Bara, Simona and Schvartz, Claire and Lapôtre-Ledoux, Bénédicte and Grosclaude, Pascale and Stabenow, Roland and Luttmann, Sabine and Nennecke, Alice and Engel, Jutta and SchubertFritschle, Gabriele and Heidrich, Jan and Holleczek, Bernd and Jónasson, Jón Gunnlaugur and Clough-Gorr, Kerri and Mazzoleni, Guido and Giacomin, Adriano and Sardo, Antonella Sutera and Barchielli, Alessandro and Serraino, Diego and Collarile, Paolo and Pannozzo, Fabio and Ricci, Paolo and Autelitano, Mariangela and Spagnoli, Gianbattista and Fusco, Mario and Usala, Mario and Vitale, Francesco and Michiara, Maria and Tumino, Rosario and Mangone, Lucia and Falcini, Fabio and Ferretti, Stefano and Filiberti, Rosa Angela and Marani, Enza and Caiazzo, Anna Luisa and Iannelli, Arturo and Sensi, Flavio and Piffer, Silvano and Gentilini, Maria and Madeddu, Anselmo and Colanino, Antonino Ziino and Maspero, Sergio and Candela, Pina and Stracci, Fabrizio and Tagliabue, Giovanna and Rugge, Massimo and Baili, Paolo and Minicozzi, Pamela and Sant, Milena and Tereanu, Carmen and Francisci, Silvia and Tavilla, Andrea and Pierannunzio, Daniela and Rossi, Silvia and Santaquilani, Mariano and Knijn, Arnold and Pildava, Santa and Smailyte, Giedre and ... and RARECAREnet working group and RARECAREnet Working Grp
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 08/2017, Volume 18, Issue 8, pp. 1022 - 1039
Journal Article