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blood vessel prosthesis implantation - adverse effects (1) 1
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prosthesis-related infections - diagnostic imaging (1) 1
prosthesis-related infections - etiology (1) 1
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tomography, x-ray computed - methods (1) 1
vascular surgical procedures (1) 1
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by Rob, D and Špunda, R and Lindner, J and Šmalcová, J and Šmíd, O and Kovárník, T and Linhart, A and Bìlohlávek, J and Marinoni, M. M and Cianchi, G and Trapani, S and Migliaccio, M. L and Gucci, L and Bonizzoli, M and Cramaro, A and Cozzolino, M and Valente, S and Peris, A and Grins, E and Kort, E and Weiland, M and Shresta, N. Manandhar and Davidson, P and Algotsson, L and Fitch, S and Marco, G and Sturgill, J and Lee, S and Dickinson, M and Boeve, T and Khaghani, A and Wilton, P and Jovinge, S and Ahmad, A. N and Loveridge, R and Vlachos, S and Patel, S and Gelandt, E and Morgan, L and Butt, S and Whitehorne, M and Kakar, V and Park, C and Hayes, M and Willars, C and Hurst, T and Best, T and Vercueil, A and Auzinger, G and Adibelli, B and Akovali, N and Torgay, A and Zeyneloglu, P and Pirat, A and Kayhan, Z and Schmidbauer, S. S and Herlitz, J and Karlsson, T and Friberg, H and Knafelj, R and Radsel, P and Duprez, F and Bonus, T and Cuvelier, G and Mashayekhi, S and Maka, M and Ollieuz, S and Reychler, G and Mosaddegh, R and Abbasi, S and Talaee, S and Zotzmann, V. Z and Staudacher, D. S and Wengenmayer, T. W and Dürschmied, D. D and Bode, C. B and Nelskylä, A and Nurmi, J and Jousi, M and Schramko, A and Mervaala, E and Ristagno, G and Skrifvars, M and Ozsoy, G and Kendirli, T and Azapagasi, E and Perk, O and Gadirova, U and Ozcinar, E and Cakici, M and Baran, C and Durdu, S and Uysalel, A and Dogan, M and Ramoglu, M and Ucar, T and Tutar, E and Atalay, S and Akar, R and Kamps, M and ...
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 03/2017, Volume 21, Issue S1
Journal Article
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