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by Aarts, A.A and Anderson, J.E and Anderson, C.J and Attridge, P.R and Attwood, A and Axt, J.R and Babel, M and Bahnik, S and Baranski, E and Barnett-Cowan, M and Bartmess, E and Beer, J and Bell, R and Bentley, H and Beyan, L and Binion, G and Borsboom, D and Bosch, A and Bosco, F.A and Bowman, S.D and Brandt, M.J and Braswell, E and Brohmer, H and Brown, B.T and Brown, K and Bruning, J and Calhoun-Sauls, A and Callahan, S.P and Chagnon, E and Chandler, J and Chartier, C.R and Cheung, F and Christopherson, C.D and Cillessen, L.J.G and Clay, R and Cleary, H and Cloud, M.D and Cohn, M and Cohoon, J and Columbus, S and Cordes, A and Costantini, G and Alvarez, L.D.C and Cremata, E and Crusius, J and DeCoster, J and DeGaetano, M.A and Della Penna, N and Bezemer, B. den and Deserno, M.K and Devitt, O and Dewitte, L and Dobolyi, D.G and Dodson, G.T and Donnellan, M.B and Donohue, R and Dore, R.A and Dorrough, A and ber, A and Dugas, M and Dunn, E.W and Easey, K and Eboigbe, S and Eggleston, C and Embley, J and Epskamp, S and Errington, T.M and Estel, V and Farach, F.J and Feather, J and Fedor, A and Fernandez-Castilla, B and Fiedler, S and Field, J.G and Fitneva, S.A and Flagan, T and Forest, A.L and Forsell, E and Foster, J.D and Frank, M.C and Frazier, R.S and Fuchs, H and Gable, P and Galak, J and Galliani, E.M and Gampa, A and Garcia, S and Gazarian, D and Gilbert, E and Giner-Sorolla, R and Glöckner, A and Goellner, L and Goh, J.X and Goldberg, R and Goodbourn, P.T and Gordon-McKeon, S and Gorges, B and Gorges, J and Goss, J and Graham, J and ... and Open Sci Collaboration and Open Science Collaboration and Stockholms universitet and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten and Stressforskningsinstitutet
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2015, Volume 349, Issue 6251, pp. aac4716 - aac4716
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100... 
REPLICATION | PUBLICATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | POWER | INCENTIVES | PREVALENCE | TRUTH | REPLICABILITY | Causality | Experimental psychology | Samhällsvetenskap | Social Sciences | Psychology | Psykologi
Journal Article
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, ISSN 0010-8545, 12/2010, Volume 254, Issue 23-24, pp. 2703 - 2754
In contrast to well established experimental results of vibronic coupling effects in octahedral d complexes with E ground states (Cu , Ag ; Cr , Mn etc.), not... 
Strain effects | cations | Jahn-Teller coupling | Ligand field theory | T and E ground states | Density-functional calculations | Halide ligands
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 08/2015, Volume 349, Issue 6251, pp. aac4716 - 943
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100... 
Confidence Intervals | Reproducibility of Results | Publishing | Behavioral Research | Psychology | Publication Bias | Research | Research Design | Periodicals as Topic | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES
Journal Article
2007, Geological Society special publication, ISBN 1862392323, Volume no. 285., vi, 373
by Collaboration, The LHCb and Jr, A Augusto Alves and Filho, L M Andrade and Barbosa, A F and Bediaga, I and Cernicchiaro, G and Guerrer, G and Jr, H P Lima and Machado, A A and Magnin, J and Marujo, F and Miranda, J M de and Reis, A and Santos, A and Toledo, A and Akiba, K and Amato, S and Paula, B de and Paula, L de and Silva, T da and Gandelman, M and Lopes, J H and Maréchal, B and Moraes, D and Polycarpo, E and Rodrigues, F and Ballansat, J and Bastian, Y and Boget, D and Bonis, I De and Coco, V and David, P Y and Decamp, D and Delebecque, P and Drancourt, C and Dumont-Dayot, N and Girard, C and Lieunard, B and Minard, M N and Pietrzyk, B and Rambure, T and Rospabe, G and T'Jampens, S and Ajaltouni, Z and Bohner, G and Bonnefoy, R and Borras, D and Carloganu, C and Chanal, H and Conte, E and Cornat, R and Crouau, M and Delage, E and Deschamps, O and Henrard, P and Jacquet, P and Lacan, C and Laubser, J and Lecoq, J and Lefèvre, R and Magne, M and Martemiyanov, M and Mercier, M-L and Monteil, S and Niess, V and Perret, P and Reinmuth, G and Robert, A and Suchorski, S and Arnaud, K and Aslanides, E and Babel, J and Benchouk, C and Cachemiche, J-P and Cogan, J and Derue, F and Dinkespiler, B and Duval, P-Y and Garonne, V and Favard, S and Gac, R Le and Leon, F and Leroy, O and Liotard, P-L and Marin, F and Menouni, M and Ollive, P and Poss, S and Roche, A and Sapunov, M and Tocco, L and Viaud, B and Tsaregorodtsev, A and Amhis, Y and Barrand, G and Barsuk, S and Beigbeder, C and Beneyton, R and Breton, D and Callot, O and ...
Journal of Instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 08/2008, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp. S08005 - S08005
Journal Article
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, ISSN 0010-8545, 2010, Volume 254, Issue 23, pp. 2703 - 2754
In contrast to well established experimental results of vibronic coupling effects in octahedral d complexes with E ground states (Cu , Ag ; Cr , Mn etc.), not... 
Strain effects | Jahn–Teller coupling | T and E ground states | Ligand field theory | 3d n–M III cations | Density-functional calculations | Halide ligands
Journal Article
2003, Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology, ISBN 9783540436300, Volume 80., xv, 191
Process integration has been one of the most active research fields in Biochemical Engineering over the last decade and it will continue to be so if... 
Biotechnology | Biophysics | Chemical Engineering | Biochemical engineering | Biochemistry, general | Microbiology | Chemical engineering | Biochemistry | Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
by Karavana, V and Smith, I and Kanellis, G and Sigala, I and Kinsella, T and Zakynthinos, S and Liu, L and Chen, J and Zhang, X and Liu, A and Guo, F and Liu, S and Yang, Y and Qiu, H and Grimaldi, D. G and Kaya, E and Acicbe, O and Kayaalp, I and Asar, S and Dogan, M and Eren, G and Hergunsel, O and Pavelescu, D and Grintescu, I and Mirea, L and Guanziroli, M and Gotti, M and Marino, A and Cressoni, M and Vergani, G and Chiurazzi, C and Chiumello, D and Gattinoni, L and Spano, S and Massaro, F and Moustakas, A and Johansson, S and Larsson, A and Perchiazzi, G and Zhang, X. W and Guo, F. M and Chen, J. X and Xue, M and Qiu, H. B and Yang, L and Fister, M and Knafelj, R and Suzer, M. A and Kavlak, M. E and Atalan, H. K and Gucyetmez, B and Cakar, N and Weller, D and Grootendorst, A. F and Dijkstra, A and Kuijper, T. M and Cleffken, B. I and Regli, A and De Keulenaer, B and Van Heerden, P and Hadfield, D and Hopkins, P. A and Penhaligon, B and Reid, F and Hart, N and Rafferty, G. F and Grasselli, G and Mauri, T and Lazzeri, M and Carlesso, E and Cambiaghi, B and Eronia, N and Maffezzini, E and Bronco, A and Abbruzzese, C and Rossi, N and Foti, G and Bellani, G and Pesenti, A and Bassi, G. Li and Panigada, M and Ranzani, O and Kolobow, T and Zanella, A and Berra, L and Parrini, V and Kandil, H and Salati, G and Livigni, S and Amatu, A and Girardis, M and Barbagallo, M and Moise, G and Mercurio, G and Costa, A and Vezzani, A and Lindau, S and Babel, J and Cavana, M and Torres, A and ... and SR The SRLF Trial Group
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 03/2017, Volume 21, Issue S1
Journal Article
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, ISSN 0010-8545, 12/2010, Volume 254, Issue 23-24, p. 2703
In contrast to well established experimental results of vibronic coupling effects in octahedral d.sup.n complexes with E.sub.g ground states (Cu.sup.2+,... 
Analysis | Models | Chemical properties | Cobalt
Journal Article
Climate Research, ISSN 0936-577X, 2011, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp. 103 - 119
We examined trends in several hydro-meteorological variables in the upper Indus River basin (UIRB) in Pakistan. To represent the diversity of... 
Journal Article
2018, ISBN 9780816537266, xii, 265 pages
Examining how people understand themselves and others in the linguistic crossroads of South America--Provided by publisher. 
Sociolinguistics | Bolivia | Anthropological linguistics | Speech and social status
Journal Article
by Good, William V and Hardy, Robert J and Dobson, Velma and Palmer, Earl A and Phelps, Dale L and Quintos, Michelle and Tung, Betty and Madan, Ashima and Ball, M. Bethany and Hartsell, Patricia N and Inguillo, Dottie and Gaynon, Michael and Alcorn, Deborah and Ornitz, Donna and Gancasz, Judith and Durand, David and Slagle, Terri and Smith, Gordon and Shapiro, Michael and Garcia, Yesenia and Genio, Maria and Bloom, Jeffrey N and Kaufman, Lawrence and Lai, Wico Waikwan and Miller, Marilyn and Neely, Daniel and Hynes, Elizabeth A and Lemons, James and Plager, David and Sondhi, Naval and Sprunger, Derek and Rychwalski, Paul J and Whittington, Greg K and Fishman, Peggy H and Gordon, Robert A and Neff, Deborah S and Babel, Douglas B and Diamond, James G and Gill, William L and Steidl, Scott M and Hutcheson, Kelly A and Powdrill, Kevin and Jones, Eric and Preslan, Mark W and Repka, Michael X and Shepard, Jennifer A and Donahue, Pamela and Aucott, Susan W and Collins, Mary Louise Z and Gilmore, Maureen M and Handa, James T and Cole, Cynthia H and VanderVeen, Deborah and Mansfield, Terri and MacKinnon, Brenda and Fraioli, Anthony and McCabe, O'ine and Peterson, Robert and Hunter, David and MacKinnon, Sarah and Johnson, Rhiannon and Tyedmers, Mariette and Baker, John and Cumming, Krist and Manatrey, Pat and Capone, Antonio and O'Malley, Edward and Rao, Rajesh and Roarty, John and Trese, Michael and Williams, George and Christiansen, Stephen P and Cook, Sally and Holleschau, Ann and Summers, C. Gail and Davitt, Bradley V and Breuer, Linda and Cruz, Oscar and Keenan, William and Mantych, Greg and Lueder, Gregg and Freedman, Sharon and Wallace, David and Parkman, Lori Hutchins and Jones, Sarah and Enyedi, Laura and Reynolds, James D and Ziemann, Kristine and Albert, George P and Awner, Steven and Ryan, Rita and Weber, Pamela Ann and Horowitz, Marc and Behrendt, Cherylene and Dweck, Natalie and Koty, Richard and LaGamma, Edmund and Flynn, John and Lee, Thomas C and Coki, Osode and ... and Early Treatment Retinopathy Premat and Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group and The Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group
British Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0007-1161, 11/2006, Volume 90, Issue 11, pp. 1378 - 1382
Journal Article