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by Kasner, Scott E and Kasner, SE and Swaminathan, Balakumar and Lavados, Pablo and Lavados, P and Sharma, M and Sharma, Mukul and Muir, Keith and Muir, KW and Veltkamp, Roland and Veltkamp, R and Ameriso, Sebastian F and Ameriso, SF and Endres, M and Endres, Matthias and Lutsep, H and Lutsep, Helmi and Messé, Steven R and Spence, J David and Spence, D and Nedeltechev, Krassen and Perera, Kanjana and Perera, K and Santo, G and Santo, Gustavo and Olavarria, Veronica and Olavarria, V and Lindgren, Arne and Lindgren, A and Bangdiwala, Shrikant and Shoamanesh, Ashkan and Shoamanesh, A and Berkowitz, Scott D and Berkowitz, SD and Mundl, Hardi and Mundl, H and Connolly, Stuart J and Connolly, SJ and Hart, Robert G and Hart, RG and Abdelhamid, N and Abdul Rahman, D and Abdul-Saheb, M and Abreu, P and Abroskina, M and Abu Ahmad, F and Accassat, S and Acciaresi, M and Adami, A and Ahmad, N and Ahmed, F and Alberto Hawkes, M and Alemseged, F and Ali, A and Altavilla, R and Alwis, L and Amarenco, P and Amaro, S and Amaya Sanchez, LE and Amelia Pinto, A and Amin, H and Amino, T and Amjad, AK and Anagnostou, E and Andersen, G and Anderson, C and Anderson, DC and Andrea Falco, M and Andres Mackinnon, F and Andreu, D and Androulakis, M and Angel Gamero, M and Angel Saredo, G and Angeles Diaz, R and Angels Font, M and Anticoli, S and Arauz, A and Arauz Gongora, AA and Araya, P and Arenillas Lara, JF and Arias Rivas, S and Arnold, M and Augustin, S and Avelar, W and Azevedo, E and Babikian, V and Bacellar, A and Badalyan, K and Bae, HJ and Baez Martinez, EM and Bagelmann, H and Bailey, P and Bak, Z and Baker, M and Balazs, A and Baldaranov, D and Balogun, I and Balueva, T and Bankuti, Z and Bar, M and ... and NAVIGATE ESUS Investigators and Klinisk strokeforskning and EpiHealth: Epidemiology for Health and Clinical Stroke Research Group and NAVIGATE ESUS and Lund University and Lunds universitet
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Journal Article
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2019, Volume 21, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-164
Journal Article
Neurology, ISSN 0028-3878, 05/2004, Volume 62, Issue 9, pp. 1468 - 1481
Journal Article
by Ghinda, Diana and Chen, Suzan and Bedaiwy, Mahmoud and Jabri, Hussam and Alshardan, Mohammad and Taccone, Michael S and Lai, Carolyn and Rabski, Jessica and Tsai, Eve and Dedek, Annemarie and Xu, Jian and Tsai, Eve and Lombroso, Paul and Hildebrand, Mike and Mothe, Andrea and Tator, Charles H and Siladi, Andrew and Nally, Jaqueline and Stirling, David and Keller, Anastasia and Buckley, Christian and Shum-Siu, Alice and Magnuson, David and Rosenbaum, Benjamin P and Kelly, Michael L and Ahuja, Christopher and Ahuja, Christopher and Nori, Satoshi and Khazaei, Mohamad and Ahlfors, Jan-Eric and Liu, Yang and Wang, Jian and Fuehrmann, Tobias and Pakulska, Malgosia and Hettiaratchi, Marian H and Poon, Peter and Shoichet, Molly S and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Hazrati, Lili-Naz and Cherian, Leela and Nilewski, Lizanne and Tour, James M and Kent, Thomas A and Robertson, Claudia S and Wilde, Elisabeth and Newsome, Mary and Scheibel, Randall and Troyanskaya, Maya and Velez, Carmen and Wade, Benjamin and Drennon, Ann Marie and York, Gerald and Bigler, Erin and Abildskov, Tracy and Taylor, Brian and Jaramillo, Carlos and Eapen, Blessen and Belanger, Heather and Morey, Rajendra and Haswell, Courtney and Levin, Harvey and Hinds, Sidney and Walker, William and Walker, William and Kochunov, Peter and Jahanshad, Neda and Thompson, Paul and Tate, David and Statz, Jonathan and Goodrich, Jessica and Goforth, Cdr Carl and Tschiffely, Anna E and Arena, John D and Smith, Douglas H and Wolf, John A and Johnson, Victoria E and Rhodes, James and Friess, Stuart and Lee, Taylor and Lycke, Roy J and Jang, Ikbeom and Vike, Nicole L and Nauman, Eric A and Talavage, Thomas M and Rispoli, Joseph V and Alonso-Escalante, Jose and Fulton, William and Sodhi, Chhinder and Hackam, David J and Nasr, Isam W and Hubbard, W B and Joseph, Binoy and Spry, Malinda L and Vekaria, Hemendra J and Saatman, Kathryn and Sullivan, Patrick G and Sullivan, Patrick G and Vascak, Michal and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 08/2018, Volume 35, Issue 16, pp. A-1 - A-285
[...]the vast majority of basic science pain research ends at target identification and validation in rodent models of chronic pain without confirmation in... 
Abstracts | Neurosciences | Keywords | Traumatic brain injury | Cytokines | Central nervous system | Inflammation | Gene expression | Trauma | Studies | Brain research | Hospitals | Pain | Rodents | Stem cells | DNA methylation | Biomarkers | Spinal cord injuries | Growth factors | Research centers | Proteins
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Parke, E and Hart, J and Baldock, D and Barchard, K and Etcoff, L and Allen, D and Stolberg, P and Nardi, N and Cohen, J and Jones, W and Loe, S and Delgaty, L and Tan, A and Bunner, M and Goodman, G and Kim, W and Nolty, A and Marion, S and Davis, A and Finch, W and Piehl, J and Moss, L and Nogin, R and Dean, R and Davis, J and Lindstrom, W and Poon, M and Fonseca, F and Bure-Reyes, A and Stewart, J and Golden, C and Fields, K and Hill, B and Corley, E and Russ, K and Boettcher, A and Musso, M and Rohling, M and Rowden, A and Downing, K and Benners, M and Miller, D and Maricle, D and Dugbartey, T and Anum, A and Anderson, J and Daniel, M and Hoskins, L and Gillis, K and Khen, S and Carter, K and Ayers, C and Neeland, I and Cullum, M and Weiner, M and Rossetti, H and Buddin, W and Mahal, S and Schroeder, R and Baade, L and Macaluso, M and Phelps, K and Evans, C and Clark, J and Vickery, C and Chow, J and Stokic, D and Watson, S and Odom, R and Thompson, J and Noggle, C and Kane, C and Kecala, N and Lane, E and Raymond, M and Woods, S and Iudicello, J and Dawson, M and Ghias, A and Ellis, R and Grant, I and Weber, E and Atkinson, J and Uderman, J and Miele, A and Rabinovitz, B and Schaffer, S and Burns, W and Olivier, T and Shapiro, E and Schleicher-Dilks, S and Andrews, P and Fontanetta, R and Demsky, Y and Burns, K and Sakamoto, M and Loftis, J and Huckans, M and Westervelt, H and Long, J and ... and PREDICT-HD Investigators and Coordinators of the Huntington Study Group
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, ISSN 0887-6177, 09/2013, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp. 518 - 626
Journal Article
by Teng, E and Serpa, R.O and Prins, M.L and Koch, P.F and Grovola, M.R and Harris, J.P and Cullen, D.K and Wolf, J.A and Bharadwaj, H and Choi, I and Bogdanova, Y and Shinn-Cunningham, B.G and Morganti, J.M and Jopson, T.D and Liu, S and Riparip, L.K and Guandique, C.K and Gupta, N and Rosi, S and Daiutolo, B.V and Tyburski, A.L and Elliott, M.B and Struzyna, L.A and Murphy, P.L and Cullen, D.K and Wallisch, J and Bell, M.J and Bayir, H and Aneja, R.K and Janesko-Feldman, K and Kochanek, P.M and Clark, R.S and Hetz, R.A and Jimenez, F and Chang, J.T and Moore, A.N and Kosmach, S.C and Day, M and Lee, D.A and Worth, L.L and Savitz, S.I and Dash, P and Cox, C.S and Andaluz, N and Shutter, L.A and Okonkwo, D.O and Pahl, C and Strong, A.J and Dreier, J.P and Hartings, J.A and Hartings, J.A and Tsoulfas, P and Furones-Alonso, O and Bramlett, H.M and Dietrich, W.D and Tazoe, T and Ma, X and Ma, X and Guandique, C.F and Guandique, C.F and Guandique, C.F and VanCitters, L and Huie, J.R and Huie, J.R and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Bresnahan, J.C and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Beattie, M.S and Tanaka, S and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Ogata, T and Deiter, G.M and Stocker, S.D and Holmes, G.M and Stuck, E.D and Lee, K.H and Irvine, K.A and Grau, J.W and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Ferguson, A.R and Stivers, N and Stirling, D.P and Walker, C.L and Lu, Q.B and Xu, X.M and Jaiswal, S and Wilson, C.M and Khayrullina, G and Selwyn, R.G and Byrnes, K.R and Whetstone, W and Saigal, R and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 06/2014, Volume 31, Issue 12, pp. A-1 - A-126
Journal Article
by Tazoe, Toshiki and Huie, J. Russell and Guandique, Cristian F and Ma, Xiaokui and Sacramento, Jeffrey A and Tanaka, Sakae and Bresnahan, Jacqueline C and Beattie, Michael S and Ogata, Toru and Ferguson, Adam R and Ruan, Yiwen and Chen, Chen and Frye, Christian Corbin and Sengelaub, Dale and Xiong, Wenhui and Xiong, Wenhui and Jin, Xiaoming and Xu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao-Ming and Daphalapurkar, Nitin and Knutsen, Andrew and Pham, Dzung L and Ramesh, K.T and Tallarida, Christopher and Razmpour, Roshanak and Razmpour, Roshanak and Lutton, Evan and Persidsky, Yuri and Rawls, Scott and Ramirez, Servio and Ford, Joni and Burnsides, Chris and Fenn, Ashley and Popovich, Phillip and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Walker, Rohan and Eiferman, Daniel and Godbout, Jonathan and Tyburski, Ashley and Clark, Shannon and Elliott, Melanie and Wang, Jian and Liu, Yang and Badner, Anna and Dragas, Rachel and Siddiqui, Ahad and Forner, Stefania and Vawda, Reaz and Fehlings, Michael and Hovda, David and Prins, Mayumi and May, Hazel and Rowe, Rachel and Rowe, Rachel and Rumney, Benjamin and Johnson, Steven and Adelson, P. David and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Thomas, Theresa and Nielson, Jessica and Guandique, Cristian and Liu, Aiwen and Tovar, C. Amy and Young, Wise and Beattie, Michael and Bresnahan, Jacqueline and Bresnahan, Jacqueline and Ferguson, Adam and DePasquale, Erica and Dorsett, Christopher and Floyd, Candace L and McCullumsmith, Robert and Tyagi, Reeta and Dale, Jacob and Benton, Richard L and Tyagi, Suresh C and Hoying, James B and Lominadze, David and Browne, Kevin D and Wolf, John A and Smith, Douglas H and Duda, John E and Cullen, D. Kacy and Juengst, Shannon and Failla, Michelle and Failla, Michelle and Galang, Gary and Conley, Yvette and Arenth, Patricia and Arenth, Patricia and Wagner, Amy and Wagner, Amy and Cheng, Jeffrey P and Bondi, Corina O and Kline, Anthony E and Chapman, Sandra and Krawczyk, Daniel and Ellis, Monica and Marion, Sarah and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 06/2015, Volume 32, Issue 12, pp. A-1 - A-152
Journal Article