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by Nagel, Joan Davis and Beeghly-Fadiel, Alicia and Holman, Gwendolyn and Stansel, Samantha P and Edwards, Gretchen and Delahanty, Ryan J and Zheng, Wei and Khabele, Dineo and Bell, Susan P and Schnelle, John and Nwosu, Samuel and Schildcrout, Jonathan and Goggins, Kathryn and Kripalani, Sunil and Blaes, Anne and Shanley, Ryan and Beckwith, Heather and Duprez, Daniel and Potter, David and Yee, Douglas and Sanghavi, Kinjal and Jacobson, Pamala and Boone-Heinonen, Janne and Bosak, Kelly and Martin, Laura and Braid, Susan M and Bravo, Hector Corrado and Hong, Xiumei and Wang, Xioabin and Brown, Bryan N and Mani, Deepa and Nolfi, Alexis and Moalli, Pamela and Byambaa, Enkhmaa and Bytautiene, Egle and Yin, Huaizhi and Kechichian, Talar and Okunade, Deborah and Grewen, Karen and Saade, George R and Stuebe, Alison M and Chang, Alice Y and Dutta, Tumpa and Dasari, Surendra and Nair, K. Sreekumaran and Chaudhari, Abhijit J and Boutin, Robert D and Szabo, Robert J and Lane, Nancy E and Badawi, Ramsey D and Buonocore, Michael H and Cherala, Ganesh and Thornburg, Kent and Cherala, Ganesh and Edelman, Alison and Thornburg, Kent L and Clark, Crystal T and Wisner, Katherine L and Avram, Michael and Stika, Catherine and Cosgrove, Kelly P and Wang, Shuo and Kim, Su Jin and McGovern, Erin and McKee, Sherry and Morris, Evan D and Cree-Green, Melanie and Newcomer, Bradley R and Coe, Gregory and Brown, Mark and Newnes, Lindsey and Drew, Brendan and Nadeau, Kristen and Demoruelle, M. Kristen and Parish, Mark and Weisman, Michael and Norris, Jill M and Holers, V. Michael and Deane, Kevin D and Dunaif, Andrea and Hayes, M. Geoffrey and Torchen, Laura and Sisk, Ryan and Legro, Richard S and Urbanek, Margrit and Dusetzina, Stacie B and Winn, Aaron and Chambers, James and Ellis, Shellie and Conti, Rena M and Freedman, Rachel A and Alexander, G. Caleb and Keating, Nancy L and Huskamp, Haiden A and Ercan, Altan and Yu, Elaine and Finkelstein, Joel and Nigrovic, Peter A and Everett, Bethany and Facco, Francesca and ...
Journal of Women's Health, ISSN 1540-9996, 10/2014, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp. 849 - 877
Journal Article
Ethics & Behavior, ISSN 1050-8422, 11/2008, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp. 373 - 391
This study examines the methods students use to cheat on class examinations and suggests ways of deterring using an international sample from Australia, China,... 
cheating | ethics | deterrents | Deterrents | Ethics | Cheating | PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | FACULTY | CODES | COLLEGE-STUDENTS | INTEGRITY | ACADEMIC DISHONESTY | MOTIVATION | CULTURE | ATTITUDES | Studies | College students | Higher education
Journal Article
by Aad, Georges and Abbott, Brad and Abdallah, Jalal and Abdinov, Ovsat and Abeloos, Baptiste and Aben, Rosemarie and AbouZeid, Ossama and Abraham, Nicola and Abramowicz, Halina and Abreu, Henso and Abreu, Ricardo and Abulaiti, Yiming and Acharya, Bobby Samir and Adamczyk, Leszek and Adams, David and Adelman, Jahred and Adomeit, Stefanie and Adye, Tim and Affolder, Tony and Agatonovic-Jovin, Tatjana and Agricola, Johannes and Aguilar-Saavedra, Juan Antonio and Ahlen, Steven and Ahmadov, Faig and Aielli, Giulio and Akerstedt, Henrik and Åkesson, Torsten Paul Ake and Akimov, Andrei and Alberghi, Gian Luigi and Albert, Justin and Albrand, Solveig and Alconada Verzini, Maria Josefina and Aleksa, Martin and Aleksandrov, Igor and Alexa, Calin and Alexander, Gideon and Alexopoulos, Theodoros and Alhroob, Muhammad and Aliev, Malik and Alimonti, Gianluca and Alison, John and Alkire, Steven Patrick and Allbrooke, Benedict and Allen, Benjamin William and Allport, Phillip and Aloisio, Alberto and Alonso, Alejandro and Alonso, Francisco and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Alstaty, Mahmoud and Alvarez Gonzalez, Barbara and 'Alvarez Piqueras, Damián and Alviggi, Mariagrazia and Amadio, Brian Thomas and Amako, Katsuya and Amaral Coutinho, Yara and Amelung, Christoph and Amidei, Dante and Amor Dos Santos, Susana Patricia and Amorim, Antonio and Amoroso, Simone and Amundsen, Glenn and Anastopoulos, Christos and Ancu, Lucian Stefan and Andari, Nansi and Andeen, Timothy and Anders, Christoph Falk and Anders, Gabriel and Anders, John Kenneth and Anderson, Kelby and Andreazza, Attilio and Andrei, George Victor and Angelidakis, Stylianos and Angelozzi, Ivan and Anger, Philipp and Angerami, Aaron and Anghinolfi, Francis and Anisenkov, Alexey and Anjos, Nuno and Annovi, Alberto and Antonelli, Mario and Antonov, Alexey and Antos, Jaroslav and Anulli, Fabio and Aoki, Masato and Aperio Bella, Ludovica and Arabidze, Giorgi and Arai, Yasuo and Araque, Juan Pedro and Arce, Ayana and Arduh, Francisco Anuar and Arguin, Jean-Francois and Argyropoulos, Spyridon and Arik, Metin and Armbruster, Aaron James and Armitage, Lewis James and Arnaez, Olivier and Arnold, Hannah and Arratia, Miguel and Arslan, Ozan and ...
ISSN 1029-8479, 2016
Journal Article
Open Forum Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2328-8957, 2017, Volume 4, Issue suppl_1, pp. S604 - S604
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2015, Volume 372, Issue 6, pp. 528 - 536
Journal Article
2015, ISBN 9781443883757, xxv, 182 pages, 38 unnumbered pages of plates
Conflict, Identity, and Protest in American Art explores the powerful relationship between artistic production and cultures of conflict in the United States.... 
Art and social action | Art, American | History | United States | Art and society | Political aspects
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