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by Poryo, Martin and Paes, Laura Antonia and Pickardt, Thomas and Bauer, Ulrike M.M and Meyer, Sascha and Wagenpfeil, Stefan and Abdul-Khaliq, Hashim and Kerst, Gunter and Vazquez-Jimenez, Jaime F and Gkalpakiotis, Dimitrios and Schedifka, Andrea and Buheitel, Gernot and Streble, Joachim and Kececioglu, Deniz and Sandica, Eugen and Trusen, Burkhard and Berger, Felix and Miera, Oliver and Ovroutski, Stanislav and Peters, Björn and Schmitt, Katharina and Schubert, Stephan and Photiadis, Joachim and Opgen-Rhein, Bernd and Weiss, Katja and Berns, Christoph and Blumenthal-Barby, Carl-Christian and Boeckel, Thomas and Krusche, Susanne and Busse, Jürgen and Kästner, Andreas and Koch, Heike and Köpcke, Christian and Streichan, Frank and Timme, Jens and Franzbach, Birgit and Senft, Gabriela and Beyer, Alexander and Beyer, Frank and Winter, Klaus and Breuer, Johannes and Welz, Armin and Bahlmann, Jens and Griese, Eberhard and Lê, Trong Phi and Hebe, Joachim and Nürnberg, Jan-Hendrik and Magsaam, Annette and Müller, Ronald and Potthoff, Ludger and Voigt, Renate and Krüger, Tim and Gerleve, Hubert and Kleideiter, Ulrich and Schneider-Kulla, Dirk and Feil, Elmo and Menke, Thomas and Lehn, Martin and Grohmann, Martina and Tomczak, Helge and Krogmann, Otto N and Tarusinov, Gleb and Scheld, Michael and Mayatepek, Ertan and Pillekamp, Frank and Lichtenberg, Artur and Terpeluk, Christiane and von Jan, Veronika and Dittrich, Sven and Gundlach, Ulrike and Cesnjevar, Robert and Neudorf, Ulrich and Morf, Geert and Esmaeili, Anoosh and Backhoff, Stephan and Stiller, Brigitte and Beyersdorf, Friedhelm and Kroll, Johannes and Wildberg, Anke and Siaplaouras, Jannos and Masri-Zada, Antje and Jux, Christian and Böning, Andreas and Akintürk, Hakan and Paul, Thomas and Tirilomis, Theodor and Schürer, Gabriele and Hartmann, Johannes and Grabitz, Ralph and Liebaug, Uta and Rotzsch, Claudius and Kozlik-Feldmann, Rainer and Sachweh, Jörg and Riso, Arlindo and Petersen, Volker and Friedrich, Bernd and Schlobohm, Otmar and Beerbaum, Philipp and Böthig, Dietmar and Horke, Alexander and ... and German Competence Network Congenit and German Competence Network for Congenital Heart Defects Investigators
The Journal of Pediatrics, ISSN 0022-3476, 01/2018, Volume 192, pp. 136 - 143.e4
Journal Article
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