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by Hernandez, Judith and Sudbrak, Ralf and Steffen, David and Davies, Joy and Shen, Hua and Nyakatura, Gerald and Barker, Gary E and Beasley, Oliver and Warry, Georgina L and Hillier, LaDeana W and de Jong, Pieter J and Willey, David L and Faulkner, Louisa and McMurray, Amanda and Ding, Yan and Bonnin, David and Meindl, Alfons and Burford, Deborah and Pasternak, Shiran and Schueler, Mary G and Yen, Jennifer and Laird, Gavin K and Pandian, Richard and Bye, Jackie M and Meidl, Patrick and Swann, R. Mark and Wei, Xuehong and Lloyd, David M and Williams, Leanne and Bagguley, Claire L and Bridgeman, Anne M and Platzer, Matthias and Morris, Sidney and Dhami, Pawandeep and Mullikin, James C and Lloyd, Christine and Taudien, Stefan and Gwilliam, Rhian and Williams, Gabrielle and Huckle, Elizabeth J and Coulson, Alan and Beare, David M and Griffiths, Coline and Johnson, David and Chen, Rui and Wall, Melanie and Gill, Rachel and Rhodes, Susan and Lovell, Jamieson D and Burrows, Christine and Storey, Roy and Perez, Lesette and Gregory, Simon G and Fulton, Robert S and Howe, Kevin L and Durbin, K. James and Whitehead, Siobhan L and Shaw-Smith, Charles and Sotheran, Elizabeth C and Babbage, Anne K and Jacob, Leni and Parker, David and Sulston, John E and Connor, Richard E and Davis, Clay and Gribble, Susan and Nelson, David L and Dutta, Ireena and Gilbert, James and Heath, Paul D and Hennig, Steffen and Burton, John and Nordsiek, Gabriele and Villasana, Donna and Gu, Yanghong and Khan, Ziad and Tracey, Alan and Rogers, Jane and Scherer, Steven and Maheshwari, Manjula and Bruford, Elspeth A and Barlow, Karen F and Williamson, Helen and Draper, Heather and Dugan-Rocha, Shannon and Hunt, Paul J and Zorilla, Sara and Scott, Carol E and Loulseged, Hermela and Matthews, Lucy H and Richards, Stephen and Ballabio, Andrea and Warren, James and Wilkinson, Jane E and Patel, Dina and Errington, Helen and Knights, Andrew J and Ashurst, Jennifer L and Chen, Guan and Hart, Elizabeth A and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 03/2005, Volume 434, Issue 7031, pp. 325 - 337
Journal Article
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