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by Aaij, R and Adinolfi, M and Adrover, C and Affolder, A and Ajaltouni, Z and Alexander, M and Alvarez Cartelle, P and Alves, A.A and Amato, S and Amhis, Y and Anderson, J and Appleby, R.B and Aquines Gutierrez, O and Archilli, F and Arrabito, L and Artuso, M and Aslanides, E and Auriemma, G and Back, J.J and Bailey, D.S and Balagura, V and Baldini, W and Barlow, R.J and Barschel, C and Barsuk, S and Barter, W and Bates, A and Bauer, C and Bauer, Th and Bay, A and Belogurov, S and Belous, K and Ben-Haim, E and Benayoun, M and Bencivenni, G and Benson, S and Benton, J and Bettler, M.-O and Van Beuzekom, M and Bien, A and Bifani, S and Bird, T and Bizzeti, A and Bjørnstad, P.M and Blake, T and Blanc, F and Blanks, C and Blouw, J and Blusk, S and Bobrov, A and Bocci, V and Bondar, A and Bondar, N and Borghi, S and Borgia, A and J.v. Bowcock, T and Bozzi, C and Van Den Brand, J and Bressieux, J and Brett, D and Britsch, M and Brook, N.H and Brown, H and Büchler-Germann, A and Burducea, I and Bursche, A and Buytaert, J and Cadeddu, S and Callot, O and Calvi, M and Calvo Gomez, M and Camboni, A and Campana, P and Carbone, A and Cardinale, R and Cardini, A and Carson, L and Carvalho Akiba, K and Casse, G and Cattaneo, M and Cauet, Ch and Charles, M and Charpentier, Ph and Chiapolini, N and Ciba, K and Cid Vidal, X and Ciezarek, G and Clarke, P.E.L and Cliff, H.V and Closier, J and Coca, C and Coco, V and Cogan, J and Comerma-Montells, A and Cook, A and Coombes, M and Corti, G and Cowan, G.A and Currie, R and D'Ambrosio, C and ... and LHCb Collaboration
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 03/2012, Volume 108, Issue 11, p. 111602
A search for time-integrated CP violation in D(0)→h(-)h(+) (h=K, π) decays is presented using 0.62 fb(-1... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | Física de partícules | Experiments | Particle physics | Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Fritsche, Lars G and Igl, Wilmar and Bailey, Jessica N Cooke and Grassmann, Felix and Sengupta, Sebanti and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Burdon, Kathryn P and Hebbring, Scott J and Wen, Cindy and Gorski, Mathias and Kim, Ivana K and Cho, David and Zack, Donald and Souied, Eric and Scholl, Hendrik P N and Bala, Elisa and Lee, Kristine E and Hunter, David J and Sardell, Rebecca J and Mitchell, Paul and Merriam, Joanna E and Cipriani, Valentina and Hoffman, Joshua D and Schick, Tina and Lechanteur, Yara T E and Guymer, Robyn H and Johnson, Matthew P and Jiang, Yingda and Stanton, Chloe M and Buitendijk, Gabriëlle H S and Zhan, Xiaowei and Kwong, Alan M and Boleda, Alexis and Brooks, Matthew and Gieser, Linn and Ratnapriya, Rinki and Branham, Kari E and Foerster, Johanna R and Heckenlively, John R and Othman, Mohammad I and Vote, Brendan J and Liang, Helena Hai and Souzeau, Emmanuelle and McAllister, Ian L and Isaacs, Timothy and Hall, Janette and Lake, Stewart and Mackey, David A and Constable, Ian J and Craig, Jamie E and Kitchner, Terrie E and Yang, Zhenglin and Su, Zhiguang and Luo, Hongrong and Chen, Daniel and Ouyang, Hong and Flagg, Ken and Lin, Danni and Mao, Guanping and Ferreyra, Henry and Stark, Klaus and von Strachwitz, Claudia N and Wolf, Armin and Brandl, Caroline and Rudolph, Guenther and Olden, Matthias and Morrison, Margaux A and Morgan, Denise J and Schu, Matthew and Ahn, Jeeyun and Silvestri, Giuliana and Tsironi, Evangelia E and Park, Kyu Hyung and Farrer, Lindsay A and Orlin, Anton and Brucker, Alexander and Li, Mingyao and Curcio, Christine A and Mohand-Saïd, Saddek and Sahel, José-Alain and Audo, Isabelle and Benchaboune, Mustapha and Cree, Angela J and Rennie, Christina A and Goverdhan, Srinivas V and Grunin, Michelle and Hagbi-Levi, Shira and Campochiaro, Peter and Katsanis, Nicholas and Holz, Frank G and Blond, Frédéric and Blanché, Hélène and Deleuze, Jean-François and Igo, Robert P and Truitt, Barbara and Peachey, Neal S and Meuer, Stacy M and Myers, Chelsea E and Moore, Emily L and Klein, Ronald and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2015, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 134 - 143
Journal Article
by Burk, Robert D and Chen, Zigui and Saller, Charles and Tarvin, Katherine and Carvalho, Andre L and Scapulatempo-Neto, Cristovam and Silveira, Henrique C and Fregnani, José H and Creighton, Chad J and Anderson, Matthew L and Castro, Patricia and Wang, Sophia S and Yau, Christina and Benz, Christopher and Gordon Robertson, A and Mungall, Karen and Lim, Lynette and Bowlby, Reanne and Sadeghi, Sara and Brooks, Denise and Sipahimalani, Payal and Mar, Richard and Ally, Adrian and Clarke, Amanda and Mungall, Andrew J and Tam, Angela and Lee, Darlene and Chuah, Eric and Schein, Jacqueline E and Tse, Kane and Kasaian, Katayoon and Ma, Yussanne and Marra, Marco A and Mayo, Michael and Balasundaram, Miruna and Thiessen, Nina and Dhalla, Noreen and Carlsen, Rebecca and Moore, Richard A and Holt, Robert A and Jones, Steven J. M and Wong, Tina and Pantazi, Angeliki and Parfenov, Michael and Kucherlapati, Raju and Hadjipanayis, Angela and Seidman, Jonathan and Kucherlapati, Melanie and Ren, Xiaojia and Xu, Andrew W and Yang, Lixing and Park, Peter J and Lee, Semin and Rabeno, Brenda and Huelsenbeck-Dill, Lori and Borowsky, Mark and Cadungog, Mark and Iacocca, Mary and Petrelli, Nicholas and Swanson, Patricia and Ojesina, Akinyemi I and Ojesina, Akinyemi I and Ojesina, Akinyemi I and Le, Xuan and Sandusky, George and Adebamowo, Sally N and Akeredolu, Teniola and Adebamowo, Clement and Reynolds, Sheila M and Shmulevich, Ilya and Shelton, Candace and Crain, Daniel and Mallery, David and Curley, Erin and Gardner, Johanna and Penny, Robert and Morris, Scott and Shelton, Troy and Liu, Jia and Lolla, Laxmi and Chudamani, Sudha and Wu, Ye and Birrer, Michael and McLellan, Michael D and Bailey, Matthew H and Miller, Christopher A and Wyczalkowski, Matthew A and Fulton, Robert S and Fronick, Catrina C and Lu, Charles and Mardis, Elaine R and Appelbaum, Elizabeth L and Schmidt, Heather K and Fulton, Lucinda A and Cordes, Matthew G and Li, Tiandao and Ding, Li and Wilson, Richard K and Rader, Janet S and Behmaram, Behnaz and ... and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Eli &Edythe L. Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology &Harvard University and Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and University of Alabama at Birmingham and McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University and Washington University in St Louis and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine &Public Health and National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria and Baylor College of Medicine and Barretos Cancer Hospital and Indiana University School of Medicine and Ontario Tumour Bank, The Ottawa Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital and University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and National Institute on Deafness &Other Communication Disorders and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Medical College of Wisconsin and University of Abuja Teaching Hospital and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Institute of Human Virology and St Joseph's Candler Health System and University of Pittsburgh and University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and National Cancer Institute and Montefiore Medical Center and University of Southern California and Institute for Systems Biology and University of Washington and Analytical Biological Services and Harvard Medical School and National Human Genome Research Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Medical University of South Carolina and Ontario Tumour Bank, London Health Sciences Centre and SRA International and University of Kansas Medical Center and University of Lausanne and ILSbio, LLC and University of Bergen and University of California, Irvine and Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre and International Genomics Consortium and Oregon Health &Science University and NantOmics and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University and University of São Paulo, Ribeir ão Preto Medical School and HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Van Andel Research Institute and Ontario Tumour Bank, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and University of California Santa Cruz and Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope and Leidos Biomedical and Helen F. Graham Cancer Center &Research Institute at Christiana Care Health Services
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2017, Volume 543, Issue 7645, pp. 378 - 384
...; Charles Saller [2]; Katherine Tarvin [2]; Barretos Cancer Hospital; Andre L. Carvalho [3]; Cristovam Scapulatempo-Neto [3]; Henrique C. Silveira [3]; Jos H. Fregnani... 
EPITHELIAL-MESENCHYMAL-TRANSITION | TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS | BREAST-CANCER | ACCURATE | DNA METHYLATION | QUANTIFICATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | 14-3-3-SIGMA | RESISTANCE | EXPRESSION | SIGNATURE | Receptors, Transforming Growth Factor beta - genetics | Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras) - genetics | Carcinoma, Squamous Cell - genetics | Genomics | Humans | APOBEC-1 Deaminase - genetics | Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases - metabolism | Molecular Targeted Therapy | Caspase 8 - genetics | Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases - metabolism | Human papillomavirus 16 - isolation & purification | Receptor, Transforming Growth Factor-beta Type II | Female | Adenocarcinoma - genetics | Nuclear Proteins - genetics | Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases - metabolism | PTEN Phosphohydrolase - genetics | Signal Transduction | Programmed Cell Death 1 Ligand 2 Protein - genetics | Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases - genetics | Uterine Cervical Neoplasms - drug therapy | RNA, Long Noncoding - genetics | Receptor, ErbB-3 - genetics | Transcription Factors - genetics | Uterine Cervical Neoplasms - genetics | Virus Integration | B7-H1 Antigen - genetics | Receptors, Transforming Growth Factor beta - metabolism | HLA-A Antigens - genetics | Proteomics | Mutation | Keratins - genetics | Human papillomavirus 16 - genetics | Uterine Cervical Neoplasms - classification | Causes of | Care and treatment | Genetic aspects | Gene mutations | Health aspects | Cervical cancer | Human papillomavirus | Gynecology | Molecular biology | Cancer therapies | Tumors | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Lee, Shermin and Ripke, S and Neale, B.M and Faraone, S.V and Purcell, S.M and Perlis, R.H and Mowry, B.J and Thapar, A and Goddard, M.E and Witte, J.S and Absher, D and Agartz, I and Akil, H and Amin, F and Aneassen, O.A and Anjorin, A and Anney, R and Anttila, V and Arking, D.E and Asherson, P and Azevedo, M.H and Backlund, L and Badner, J.A and Bailey, A.J and Banaschewski, T and Barchas, J.D and Barnes, M.R and Barrett, T.B and Bass, N and Battaglia, A and Bauer, M and Bayes, M and Bellivier, F and Bergen, S.E and Berrettini, W and Betancur, C and Bettecken, T and Biederman, J and Binder, E.B and Black, D.W and Blackwood, D.H and Bloss, C.S and Boehnke, M and Boomsma, D.I and Breen, G and Breuer, R and Bruggeman, R and Cormican, P and Buccola, N.G and Buitelaar, J.K and Bunney, W.E and Buxbaum, J.D and Byerley, W.F and Byrne, E.M and Caesar, S and Cahn, W and Cantor, R.M and Casas, M and Chakravarti, A and Chambert, K and Choudhury, K and Cichon, S and Cloninger, C.R and Collier, D.A and Cook, E.H and Coon, H and Cormand, B and Corvin, A and Coryell, W.H and Craig, D.W and Craig, I.W and Crosbie, J and Cuccaro, M.L and Curtis, D and Czamara, D and Datta, S and Dawson, G and Day, R and Geus, E.J. de and Degenhardt, F and Djurovic, S and Donohoe, G.J and Doyle, A.E and Duan, J and Dudbridge, F and Duketis, E and Ebstein, R.P and Edenberg, H.J and Elia, J and Ennis, S and Etain, B and Fanous, A and Farmer, A.E and Ferrier, I.N and Flickinger, M and Fombonne, E and Foroud, T and Frank, J and Franke, B and et al and Cross-Disorder Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and Cross-Disorder Grp Psychiat Genomi and Int Inflammatory Bowel Dis Genetic
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2013, Volume 45, Issue 9, pp. 984 - 994
Most psychiatric disorders are moderately to highly heritable. The degree to which genetic variation is unique to individual disorders or shared across... 
Journal Article
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 03/2014, Volume 439, Issue 1, pp. 83 - 101
.... We use two different methods to provide robust measurement of the acoustic peak position across and along the line of sight in order to measure the cosmological distance scale. We find DA(0.57) = 1408 ± 45 Mpc and H(0.57) = 92.9... 
Cosmology: Observations | Large scale structure of universe | Cosmological parameters | Dark energy | Distance scale | Cosmologia | Cosmology | Expanding universe | Expansió de l'univers | Astronomical observations | Observacions astronòmiques | Physics | Astrophysics
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2013, Volume 369, Issue 14, pp. 1317 - 1326
Saxagliptin, a new oral antihyperglycemic drug in the DPP-4 inhibitor class, had no effect on the risk of cardiovascular events in patients with type 2... 
ALL-CAUSE | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | METAANALYSIS | EVENTS | GLUCOSE CONTROL | MICROALBUMINURIA | DISEASE | CLINICAL-USE | PREVENTION | RISK | DEATH | Dipeptidyl-Peptidase IV Inhibitors - adverse effects | Dipeptidyl-Peptidase IV Inhibitors - therapeutic use | Humans | Middle Aged | Hospitalization - statistics & numerical data | Male | Adamantane - therapeutic use | Aged, 80 and over | Cardiovascular Diseases - epidemiology | Cardiovascular Diseases - mortality | Female | Hypoglycemia - chemically induced | Heart Failure - epidemiology | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - complications | Adamantane - adverse effects | Adamantane - analogs & derivatives | Hypoglycemic Agents - therapeutic use | Cardiovascular Diseases - etiology | Dipeptides - therapeutic use | Double-Blind Method | Pancreatitis - epidemiology | Dipeptides - adverse effects | Kaplan-Meier Estimate | Pancreatitis - chemically induced | Aged | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - drug therapy | Hypoglycemic Agents - adverse effects | Type 2 diabetes | Complications and side effects | Patient outcomes | Dosage and administration | Drug therapy | Heart diseases | Risk factors | Saxagliptin | Myocardial infarction | Cerebral infarction | Heart attacks | Peptidase | Diabetes mellitus | Pancreatitis | Cardiovascular disease | Angina | Patients | Heart rate | Ischemia | Diabetes | Cardiovascular diseases | Diabetes mellitus (non-insulin dependent)
Journal Article