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Hepatitis Monthly, ISSN 1735-143X, 04/2013, Volume 13, Issue 4, p. e6789
Background: Renal dysfunction is a major determinant of the Model of End-stage Liver Disease (MELD) score. The implementation of the MELD score has shifted... 
Hepatitis B virus | Hepatitis C | Liver cirrhosis | Glomerular filtration rate | Glomerular Filtration Rate | VIRUS-INFECTION | METAANALYSIS | Hepatitis B Virus | RENAL-FUNCTION | Liver Cirrhosis | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | CREATININE CLEARANCE
Journal Article
by Malhotra, R and Usyvat, L and Raimann, J and Thijssen, S and Levin, N and Kotanko, P and Hilderman, M and Qureshi, A. R and Al-Abed, Y and Anderstam, B and Bruchfeld, A and Minco, M and Argentino, G and Grumetto, L and Postiglione, L and Memoli, B and Riccio, E and Striker, G and Yubero-Serrano, E and Uribarri, J and Vlassara, H and do Sameiro-Faria, M and Ribeiro, S and Kohlova, M and Rocha-Pereira, P and Fernandes, J and Nascimento, H and Reis, F and Miranda, V and Bronze-da-Rocha, E and Quintanilha, A and Costa, E and Belo, L and Santos-Silva, A and Modilca, M and Margineanu, M and Gluhovschi, G and Vernic, C and Velciov, S and Petrica, L and Barzuca, E and Gluhovschi, C and Balgradean, C and Kaycsa, A and Stockler-Pinto, M and Dornelles, S and Cozzolino, S and Malm, O and Mafra, D and Cobo, G and Rodriguez, I and Oliet, A and Hinostroza, J and Vigil, A and Di Gioia, M and Gallar, P and Drechsler, C and Wanner, C and Blouin, K and Pilz, S and Tomaschitz, A and Krane, V and Marz, W and Ritz, E and van der Harst, P and de Boer, R and Carrero, J. J and Cabezas-Rodriguez, I and Zoccali, C and Qureshi, A and Ketteler, M and Gorriz, J and Rutkowski, B and Teplan, V and Kramar, R and Pavlovic, D and Goldsmith, D and Benedik, M and Fernandez-Martin, J and Cannata-Andia, J and Guido, G and Loiacono, E and Serriello, I and Camilla, R and Coppo, R and Amore, A and Schiller, A and Munteanu, M and Schiller, O and Mihaescu, A and Olariu, N and Andrei, C and Anton, C and Ivacson, Z and Roman, V and Berca, S and Bansal, V and Marcelli, D and Grassmann, A and Bayh, I and ... and On behalf of COSMOS and MONDO Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i487 - i497
Journal Article
by Turgutalp, K and Ozhan, O and Akbay, E and Tiftik, N and Ozcan, T and Yilmaz, S and Kiykim, A and Wu, H.-Y and Peng, Y.-S and Huang, J.-W and Wu, K.-D and Tu, Y.-K and Chien, K.-L and Kacso, I. M and Moldovan, D and Lenghel, A and Rusu, C. C and Gherman Caprioara, M and Silva, A. P and Fragoso, A and Pinho, A and Silva, C and Santos, N and Tavares, N and Faisca, M and Camacho, A and Mesquita, F and Leao, P and Rato, F and Oh, D.-J and Kim, H.-R and Kim, S.-H and Okasha, K and Sweilam, M and Nagy, H and Hassan Rizk, M and Kirkpantur, A and Afsar, B and Chae, D.-W and Chin, H. J and Kim, S and Fallahzadeh Abarghouei, M. K and Dormanesh, B and Roozbeh, J and Kamali-Sarvestani, E and Vessal, G and Pakfetrat, M and Sagheb, M. M and Imasawa, T and Nishimura, M and Kawaguchi, T and Ishibashi, R and Kitamura, H and Vlad, A and Petrica, L and Petrica, M and Jianu, D. C and Gluhovschi, G and Ianculescu, C and Negru, M and Dumitrascu, V and Gadalean, F and Zamfir, A and Popescu, C and Giju, S and Gluhovschi, C and Velciov, S and Milas, O and Balgradean, C and Ursoniu, S and Soltysiak, J and Zachwieja, J and Fichna, P and Lipkowska, K and Skowronska, B and Stankiewicz, W and Stachowiak-Lewandowska, M and Kluska-Jozwiak, A and Afghahi, H and Prasad, N and Bhadauria, D and Gupta, A and Sharma, R. K and Kaul, A and Jain, M and Loboda, O and Dudar, I and Korol, L and Shifris, I and Ito, K and Abe, Y and Ogahara, S and Yasuno, T and Watanabe, M and Sasatomi, Y and Hisano, S and Nakashima, H and Saito, T and Nogaibayeva, A and Tuganbekova, S and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii167 - ii177
Journal Article
by Kleophas, W and Bieber, B and Robinson, B and Duttlinger, J and Fliser, D and Lonneman, G and Rump, L and Pisoni, R and Port, F and Reichel, H and Daniela, R and Ciocalteu, A and Checherita, I. A and Peride, I and Spataru, D. M and Niculae, A and Laetitia, K and Amna, K and Laurence, D and Aoumeur, H.-A and Flamant, M and Haymann, J.-P and Letavernier, E and Vidal-Petiot, E and Boffa, J.-J and Vrtovsnik, F and Bianco, F and Pessolano, G and Carraro, M and Panzetta, G. O and Ebert, N and Gaedeke, J and Jakob, O and Kuhlmann, M and Martus, P and Van der Giet, M and Scha  ner, E and Khan, I and Law, Y and Turgutalp, K and Ozhan, O and Gok Oguz, E and Kiykim, A and Donadio, C and Hatmi, Z. N and Mahdavi-Mazdeh, M and Morales, E and Gutierrez-Millet, V and Rojas-Rivera, J and Huerta, A and Gutierrez, E and Gutierrez-Solis, E and Polanco, N and Caro, J and Gonza z, E and Praga, M and Marco Mayayo, M and Valdivielso, J and Marti  z, M and Fernaez Giraez, E and Obrador, G and Olvera, N and Ortiz de la Pe, D and Gutie ez, V and Villa, A and Redal-Baigorri, B and Sombolos, K and Tsakiris, D and Boletis, J and Vlahakos, D and Siamopoulos, K and Vargiemezis, V and Nikolaidis, P and Iatrou, C and Dafnis, E and Argyropoulos, C and Xynos, K and Schock-Kusch, D and Shulhevich, Y and Geraci, S and Hesser, J and Stsepankou, D and Neudecker, S and Koenig, S and Hoecklin, F and Pill, J and Gretz, N and Schweda, F and Schreiber, A and Kudo, K and Konta, T and Choi, S. O and Kim, J. S and Kim, M. K and Yang, J. W and Han, B. G and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Masson, I and Mehdi, M and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii96 - ii120
Journal Article
Mædica, ISSN 1841-9038, 3/2019, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 53 - 58
C-Peptide (“connecting” peptide – molecular formula C112H179N35O46) is a peptide made of 31 aminoacids, making the bond between A and B chains of insulin from... 
Case Reports
Journal Article
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ISSN 0003-9888, 06/2017, Volume 102, Issue Suppl 2, p. A7
The concept of a rare disease refers on its prevalence in general population, which is below the threshold of 1/2000. We will introduce the term of “rare... 
Journal Article
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ISSN 0003-9888, 06/2017, Volume 102, Issue Suppl 2, pp. A7 - A7
The concept of a rare disease refers on its prevalence in general population, which is below the threshold of 1/2000. We will introduce the term of "rare... 
Journal Article
Eurosurveillance, ISSN 1025-496X, 03/2016, Volume 21, Issue 11, pp. 30170 - 7
Journal Article
Journal of the Neurological Sciences, ISSN 0022-510X, 2013, Volume 333, pp. e260 - e261
Journal Article
Archives of Disease in Childhood, ISSN 0003-9888, 06/2017, Volume 102, Issue Suppl 2, p. A93
BackgroundParents knowledge about the child growth, development and the main signs of disease have a great impact on the quality of life. In our medical... 
Journal Article
Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator, ISSN 1841-6624, 06/2012, Volume 20, Issue 2-4, pp. 97 - 108
Journal Article
Pediatrics and Neonatology, ISSN 1875-9572, 02/2019, Volume 60, Issue 1, pp. 87 - 94
Background and aims: To describe the epidemiologic, clinical, microbiological, therapeutic and outcome characteristics of a HUS outbreak occurring in southern... 
dialysis | Escherichia coli O | children | hypertension | hemolytic uremic syndrome | O157 | INFECTIONS | DIARRHEA | ESCHERICHIA-COLI | RISK | VIRULENCE | Escherichia coli O-26 | PEDIATRICS | ANTIBIOTIC-TREATMENT | Clinical epidemiology | Patient outcomes | Analysis | Diagnosis | Children | Statistics | Hemolytic-uremic syndrome | Diseases
Journal Article
REVISTA ROMANA DE MEDICINA DE LABORATOR, ISSN 1841-6624, 06/2012, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 97 - 107
At present time, clinical practice requires advanced studies of plasma and urinary proteomics which should allow the identification, selection, and... 
Journal Article
Revista de Chimie, ISSN 0034-7752, 06/2018, Volume 69, Issue 6, pp. 1537 - 1540
Paracetamol (N-acetyl- para-aminophenol) also known as acetaminophen is a chemical compound used in medical practice for analgesic and antipyretic effects. The... 
Heart failure | Paracetamol | Patent ductus arteriosus | Pulmonary hypertension | Severe mitral regurgitation | ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL | heart failure | IBUPROFEN | pulmonary hypertension | INFANTS | severe mitral regurgitation | patent ductus arteriosus | MECHANISMS | paracetamol | CHEMISTRY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY
Journal Article
ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY, ISSN 1220-0522, 2019, Volume 60, Issue 2, pp. 543 - 554
A significant cause of end-stage renal disease in infants (40% to 50% of cases) is represented by the group of renal cystic diseases. Actually, the fourth... 
PKHD1 | PROTEIN | angiogenesis | MEMBRANE | albumin | polycystic kidney | aquaporin 1 | AUTOSOMAL-DOMINANT | DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY | nephromegaly | basement membranes | EXPRESSION | Polycystic Kidney Diseases - diagnosis | Polycystic Kidney Diseases - pathology | Humans | Female | Infant | Male | Infant, Newborn
Journal Article
ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY, ISSN 1220-0522, 2019, Volume 60, Issue 1, pp. 33 - 40
Journal Article
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