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Journal Article (224) 224
Conference Proceeding (13) 13
Patent (12) 12
Book Chapter (5) 5
Book / eBook (1) 1
Magazine Article (1) 1
Publication (1) 1
Report (1) 1
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Subjects Subjects
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science & technology (93) 93
physical sciences (91) 91
astronomy & astrophysics (86) 86
astrophysics (65) 65
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (60) 60
physics - astrophysics of galaxies (59) 59
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (57) 57
physics - earth and planetary astrophysics (55) 55
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (55) 55
physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (55) 55
astronomy (45) 45
physics (43) 43
galaxies: kinematics and dynamics (40) 40
galaxy astrophysics (35) 35
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (34) 34
exact sciences and technology (28) 28
earth, ocean, space (26) 26
galaxies: interactions (25) 25
galaxies: ism (20) 20
galaxies: evolution (18) 18
galaxies (17) 17
stars & galaxies (16) 16
sciences of the universe (15) 15
[phys.astr.co]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (14) 14
kinematics (12) 12
galaxies: dwarf (11) 11
galaxies: spiral (11) 11
blasting (10) 10
cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics (10) 10
engine plants in general (10) 10
galaxies: distances and redshifts (10) 10
heating (10) 10
lighting (10) 10
machines or engines in general (10) 10
measurement of mechanical vibrations or ultrasonic, sonic orinfrasonic waves (10) 10
measuring (10) 10
mechanical engineering (10) 10
non-positive displacement machines or engines, e.g. steamturbines (10) 10
steam engines (10) 10
testing (10) 10
weapons (10) 10
[sdu.astr]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (9) 9
galaxies: general (9) 9
stellar systems. galactic and extragalactic objects and systems. the universe (9) 9
radio lines: galaxies (8) 8
star & galaxy formation (8) 8
surveys (8) 8
galaxies: irregular (7) 7
galaxies: photometry (7) 7
earth and planetary astrophysics (6) 6
galaxies: formation (6) 6
galaxies: fundamental parameters (6) 6
galaxies: individual (6) 6
galaxy groups, clusters, and superclusters. large-scale structure of the universe (6) 6
instrumentation: interferometers (6) 6
testing static or dynamic balance of machines orstructures (6) 6
testing structures or apparatus not otherwise provided for (6) 6
velocity (6) 6
astrophysics - astrophysics of galaxies (5) 5
astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (5) 5
galaxies: clusters: general (5) 5
galaxies: clusters: individual (5) 5
galaxies: clusters: individual: virgo (5) 5
infrared: galaxies (5) 5
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (5) 5
red shift (5) 5
solar and stellar astrophysics (5) 5
catalogues (4) 4
chemistry (4) 4
clusters (4) 4
congresses (4) 4
contributed papers (4) 4
galaxies: abundances (4) 4
galaxies: clusters: individual: ngc 4438 (4) 4
galaxies: high-redshift (4) 4
galaxy clusters (4) 4
intergalactic medium (4) 4
astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi (3) 3
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (3) 3
chemistry, physical (3) 3
cosmology: observations (3) 3
galaxies: luminosity function, mass function (3) 3
galaxies: magnetic fields (3) 3
galaxies: star formation (3) 3
instrumentation and methods for astrophysic (3) 3
photometry (3) 3
physics, atomic, molecular & chemical (3) 3
radio continuum: galaxies (3) 3
research (3) 3
techniques: radial velocities (3) 3
ultraviolet: galaxies (3) 3
[phys.astr.im]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (2) 2
[phys.astr]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (2) 2
[phys]physics [physics] (2) 2
[sdu.astr.im]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (2) 2
air showers (2) 2
apparatus for conversion between ac and ac, between ac and dc,or between dc and dc, and for use with mains or similar powersupply systems (2) 2
astro-ph.co (2) 2
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (2) 2
cherenkov telescopes (2) 2
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Language Language
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English (254) 254
French (7) 7
German (4) 4
Polish (3) 3
Russian (2) 2
Chinese (1) 1
Korean (1) 1
Portuguese (1) 1
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by Actis, M and Aghajani, T and Aleksić, J and Aliu, E and Antonelli, L.A and Armstrong, T and Ashton, T and Babic, A and Baby, N and Bähr, J and Bais, A and Baixeras, C and Bajtlik, S and Balbo, M and Balis, D and Balkowski, C and Bandiera, R and Barber, A and Barceló, M and Barnstedt, J and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J.A and Basili, A and Bauer, C and Baushev, A and Becherini, Y and Becker Tjus, J and Beckmann, V and Bednarek, W and Belluso, M and Benbow, W and Berdugo, J and Bernardino, T and Bernlöhr, K and Bhat, N and Bhattacharyya, S and Biland, A and Birsin, E and Bissaldi, E and Biteau, J and Blake, S and Blanch Bigas, O and Blasi, P and Bobkov, A and Boccone, V and Boettcher, M and Bogacz, L and Bogdan, M and Bonanno, G and Bonardi, A and Bonev, T and Bordas, P and Borgland, A and Borkowski, J and Bose, R and Botner, O and Bourgeat, M and Boutonnet, C and Brau-Nogué, S and Braun, I and Bringmann, T and Brook, P and Brun, P and Buckley, J and Buehler, R and Bugaev, V and Cameron, R and Camprecios, J and Cantu, S and Capalbi, M and Caraveo, P and Carmona, E and Carr, J and Carton, P.-H and Casanova, S and Cavazzani, S and Cazaux, S and Cerruti, M and Chabanne, E and Champion, C and Chiang, J and Chikawa, M and Chitnis, V.R and Cieślar, M and Colonges, S and Conconi, P and Conforti, V and Contreras, J.L and Coppi, P and Cortina, J and Cossio, L and Cotter, G and Courty, B and Covino, S and Crimi, G and Criswell, S.J and Cusumano, G and Dafonseca, M and Daniel, M and Davids, I and ... and CTA Consortium
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 03/2013, Volume 43, pp. 3 - 18
Journal Article
by Consortium, The CTA and Abeysekara, U and Acero, F and Acharya, B. S and Akhperjanian, A and Albert, A and Alfaro, R and Aloisio, R and Amato, E and Ambrosio, M and Angüner, E. O and Antonuccio, V and Asano, K and Ashley, M and Singh, C. B and Babic, A and Balazs, C and Balis, D and Balkowski, C and Balzer, A and Bandiera, R and Barcelo, M and de Almeida, U. Barres and Barrio, J. A and Becciani, U and Becherini, Y and Tjus, J. Becker and Bednarek, W and Benbow, W and Berdugo, J and Berge, D and Bernardini, M. G and Beshley, V and Bhattacharjee, P and Bhattacharyya, W and Biland, A and Bilnik, W and Bissaldi, E and Blanch, O and Bockermann, C and Bohacova, M and Bonanno, G and Bonnarel, F and Bonnoli, G and Borkowski, J and Bosnjak, Z and Boutonnet, C and Braiding, C and Brigida, M and Bringmann, T and Brisken, W and Bristow, D and Brooks, W and Brügge, K and Brun, F and Brun, P and Bruno, P and Buckley, J and Busetto, G and Tovar, J. Calvo and Cameron, R and Capasso, M and Caraveo, P and Carquín, E and Carr, J and Carter, J and Casandjian, J. -M and Casanova, S and Cascone, E and Casiraghi, M and Catalani, F and Catalano, O and Catalanotti, S and Cauz, D and Chatterjee, A and Chaty, S and Chaves, R and Chernyakova, M and Chikawa, M and Cho, N and Christov, A and Clay, R and Colafrancesco, S and Colin, P and Colley, J. -M and Colome, J and Connell, S and Conrad, J and Corbel, S and Coridian, J and Cornat, R and Corti, D and Cortina, J and Costa, A and Cotter, G and Crocker, R and Croston, J and Cusumano, G and D'Ammando, F and Dang, D and ...
Journal Article
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 0004-6361, 08/2006, Volume 455, Issue 1, pp. 107 - 118
Journal Article
The Astrophysical journal. Supplement series, ISSN 0067-0049, 05/2012, Volume 200, Issue 1, pp. 4 - 42
Journal Article