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by Castellano, Jose M and Verdejo, Juan and Ocampo, Salvador and Rios, Marco Martinez and Gómez-Álvarez, Enrique and Borrayo, Gabriela and Ruiz, Emilio and Ibáñez, Borja and Fuster, Valentin and Arroyo, Misael and Colosia, Maria Teresa and Becerril, Juan E and Vázquez, Roberto and Rodriguez, Elias and Rodriguez, Alejandro and Márquez, Rafael and Gomez, Enrique and González, Juan M and Ubiarco, Jose L and Barrera, Jose F and Vitela, Bertha and Aranda, Laura A and Peña, Víctor and Guerrero, Miguel A and Ibarra, Susana and Córdoba, Maria I and Ledesma, Gloria and Alarcón, Gustavo and Campos, Jose A and Diez, Jose L and Elias, Rafael and Báez, Víctor H and Cervantes, Mariano D and Apresa, Raúl and Casian, Javier and Corral, Rafael and Delgado, David A and Padrón, Joel E and Hernández, Víctor M and Rodriguez, Maria A and González, Enrique and Garcia, Alejandro and González, Francisco J and González, Miguel A and Álvarez, Nadia and Rodriguez, Jorge A and Martinez, Francisco and Gaxiola, Jose A and Garcia, Luis J and Gonzaga, Luis and Valenzuela, Mirtha and Garcia, Ezequiel and Sanchez, Manuel and Oropeza, Manuel and Areola, Simón and Rodriguez, Guillermo A and Zarate, Maria R and Jaramillo, Maria R and Vega, Adriana L and González, Félix and Parra, Marisela C and Lara, Rosalba and Ruiz, Delia and Chávez, Alejandro and Ballardo, Héctor V and Gomez, Ezequiel and Corona, Antonio and Rodriguez, Mario L and Flores, Ramon and Castro, Jose A and Jiménez, Reynaldo J and Acosta, Jesús M and Morales, Angel and Velázquez, Enrique A and Santana, Gerardo and Atilano, Juan J and Jiménez, Maria G and González, Fernando and Santos, Jose J and Asmida, Maria A and Flores, Jose C and Segura, Raúl and Morales, Isilio N and Estrada, Javier and Narváez, Jorge L and Rivera, Silvia and Flores, Jorge L and Cano, Norma E and Moreno, Armando and de la Cruz, Armando G and Monroy, Noé D and Mejía, Omar and Moreno, Joaquín I and Limas, Martin and Maldonado, Jose A and Quisbert, Vania and Rojas, Claudia C and Flores, Mario and Salgado, Sonia and Villanueva, Ana K and ... and SORS investigators and SORS Investigators
Archives of Medical Research, ISSN 0188-4409, 01/2019, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp. 31 - 40
Journal Article
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