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Journal of investigative dermatology, ISSN 0022-202X, 05/2018, Volume 138, Issue 5, pp. S141 - S141
Journal Article
International journal of multiphase flow, ISSN 0301-9322, 10/2020, Volume 131, p. 103313
Journal Article
by Agnese, R and Anderson, A.J and Aramaki, T and Asai, M and Baker, W and Balakishiyeva, D and Barker, D and Basu Thakur, R and Bauer, D.A and Billard, J and Borgland, A and Bowles, M.A and Brink, P.L and Bunker, R and Cabrera, B and Caldwell, D.O and Calkins, R and Cerdeno, D.G and Chagani, H and Chen, Y and Cooley, J and Cornell, B and Cushman, P and Daal, M and Di Stefano, P.C.F and Doughty, T and Esteban, L and Fallows, S and Figueroa-Feliciano, E and Ghaith, M and Godfrey, G.L and Golwala, S.R and Hall, J and Harris, H.R and Hofer, T and Holmgren, D and Hsu, L and Huber, M.E and Jardin, D and Jastram, A and Kamaev, O and Kara, B and Kelsey, M.H and Kennedy, A and Leder, A and Loer, B and Lopez Asamar, E and Lukens, P and Mahapatra, R and Mandic, V and Mast, N and Mirabolfathi, N and Moffatt, R.A and Morales Mendoza, J.D and Oser, S.M and Page, K and Page, W.A and Partridge, R and Pepin, M and Phipps, A and Prasad, K and Pyle, M and Qiu, H and Rau, W and Redl, P and Reisetter, A and Ricci, Y and Roberts, A and Rogers, H.E and Saab, T and Sadoulet, B and Sander, J and Schneck, K and Schnee, R.W and Scorza, S and Serfass, B and Shank, B and Speller, D and Toback, D and Underwood, R and Upadhyayula, S and Villano, A.N and Welliver, B and Wilson, J.S and Wright, D.H and Yellin, S and Yen, J.J and Young, B.A and Zhang, J and SuperCDMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2016, Volume 116, Issue 7, pp. 071301 - 071301
Journal Article
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 04/2017, Volume 95, Issue 8
Journal Article
by Amey, J and Ariga, A and Ashida, Y and Ban, S and Barker, G.J and Batkiewicz, M and Berkman, S and Bienstock, S and Boyd, S.B and Campbell, T and Cherdack, D and Chikuma, N and Coleman, J and Collazuol, G and Coplowe, D and Dealtry, T and Dolan, S and Dumarchez, J and Emery-Schrenk, S and Feusels, T and Fiorentini, G.A and Fiorillo, G and Fukuda, D and Giganti, C and Gizzarelli, F and Hadley, D.R and Hansen, D and Harada, J and Hartz, M and Hillairet, A and Imber, J and Iwai, E and Jiang, M and Jonsson, P and Jung, C.K and Kajita, T and Kisiel, J and Knight, A and Konaka, A and Kowalik, K and Kudenko, Y and Licciardi, M and Liptak, Z.J and Li, X and Longhin, A and Lopez, J.P and Lou, T and Malek, M and Maret, L and Marino, A.D and Martins, P and Martynenko, S and Mavrokoridis, K and Metelko, C and Missert, A and Moriyama, S and Mueller, Th.A and Nakahata, M and Nakanishi, Y and Nakayama, S and Nakaya, T and Nakayoshi, K and Nielsen, C and Nishikawa, K and Novella, P and Nowak, J and Oryszczak, W and Palomino, J.L and Patel, N.D and Paudyal, P and Payne, D and Pinzon Guerra, E.S and Popov, B and Ratoff, P.N and Rayner, M.A and Schwehr, J and Scott, M and Sekiya, H and Smy, M and Sobel, H and Stowell, P and Suzuki, A and Tacik, R and Tada, M and Takeda, A and Takeuchi, Y and Thakore, T and Thompson, L.F and Tobayama, S and Toki, W and Tzanov, M and Vladisavljevic, T and Wachala, T and Weber, A and Wilkinson, C and Yamada, Y and Yamamoto, K and Zambelli, L and Ziembicki, M and Zito, M
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 11/2017, Volume 96, Issue 9
Journal Article
by Covas, P.B and Meyers, P.M and Roma, V.J and Astone, P and Colla, A and Crowder, S.G and Kandhasamy, S and Matas, A and McCarthy, R and Mendell, G and Ormiston, R and Papa, M.A and Tao, D and Thorne, K.A and Abbott, B.P and Abbott, T.D and Ananyeva, A and Arai, K and Barsotti, L and Batch, J.C and Bejger, M and Betzwieser, J and Biwer, C and Bork, R and Cao, H and Ciani, G and Clearwater, P and Cooper, S.J and Cowart, M.J and Coyne, D.C and Cumming, A and Danzmann, K and Costa, C. F. Da Silva and Debra, D and Desalvo, R and Factourovich, M and Ferreira, E.C and Fisher, R.P and Fong, H and Frey, R and Fritschel, P and Gateley, B and Goncharov, B and Gras, S and Gray, C and Grote, H and Hall, E.D and Harry, G.M and Heptonstall, A.W and Inta, R and Izumi, K and Jones, R and Kaufer, S and Kijbunchoo, N and Kim, W and King, E.J and Kissel, J.S and Liu, J and Macinnis, M and Márka, S and Markosyan, A.S and Marsh, P and Martin, I.W and Martynov, D.V and Matichard, F and McCormick, S and Merilh, E.L and Miller, J and Mogushi, K and Nelson, T.J.N and Nguyen, P and Nuttall, L.K and Oram, Richard J and O'Reilly, B and Penn, S and Phelps, M and Pinto, I and Prokhorov, L.G and Ramirez, K.E and Reitze, D.H and Rollins, J.G and Romie, J.H and Ryan, K and Sanchez, E.J and Sellers, D and Shaffer, T.J and Sun, L and Tasson, J.D and Taylor, R and Torrie, C.I and Van Veggel, A.A and Veitch, P.J and Wade, M and Weaver, B and Weßels, P and Wipf, C.C and Wofford, J and Yu, Hang and Zhang, L and Zweizig, J and LSC Instrument and LSC Instrument Authors
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 04/2018, Volume 97, Issue 8, p. 082002
Journal Article