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astrophysics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (13) 13
astrophysics (11) 11
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (11) 11
spectrograph (11) 11
camera (8) 8
physics (8) 8
astronomy & astrophysics (7) 7
dmd (7) 7
galaxies (7) 7
subaru telescope (7) 7
[phys.astr]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (6) 6
adaptive optics (6) 6
ccd (6) 6
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (6) 6
cosmology: observations (6) 6
cryogenic (6) 6
stars (6) 6
galaxy astrophysics (5) 5
near-infrared (5) 5
[info]computer science [cs] (4) 4
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (4) 4
baryons (4) 4
computer science (4) 4
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (4) 4
multi-object (4) 4
multi-object spectroscopy (4) 4
optical design (4) 4
quasars (4) 4
red shift (4) 4
solar and stellar astrophysics (4) 4
spectra (4) 4
surveys (4) 4
vph grating (4) 4
astronomy (3) 3
astrophysics - astrophysics of galaxies (3) 3
astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (3) 3
calibration (3) 3
cosmology (3) 3
digital micromirror device (3) 3
galactic evolution (3) 3
galaxy: evolution (3) 3
milky way (3) 3
near infrared (3) 3
nonluminous matter (3) 3
optics (3) 3
optomechanical design (3) 3
oscillations (3) 3
radial velocity (3) 3
sciences of the universe (3) 3
signal-to-noise ratio (3) 3
system (3) 3
universe (3) 3
abundance (2) 2
astronomisches gerät (2) 2
bildsensor (2) 2
cameras (2) 2
cmos (2) 2
cryostat (2) 2
digital sky survey (2) 2
distance (2) 2
early-type galaxies (2) 2
earth and planetary astrophysics (2) 2
fiber positioner (2) 2
focal plane array (2) 2
future instrument (2) 2
imaging (2) 2
infrarotdetektor (2) 2
international collaboration (2) 2
microlens (2) 2
multi-fiber spectroscopy (2) 2
near-infrared spectroscopy (2) 2
ngst (2) 2
nir detectors (2) 2
optical and near-infrared spectroscopy (2) 2
optical detectors (2) 2
optical fibers (2) 2
optical spectroscopy (2) 2
optical/near-infrared (2) 2
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (2) 2
planets (2) 2
planets and satellites: detection (2) 2
prime focus spectrograph (2) 2
probing dark energy (2) 2
resolution (2) 2
satellites (2) 2
schmidt spectrograph (2) 2
sky surveys (2) 2
spectrographs (2) 2
spectroscopic analysis (2) 2
spectroscopy (2) 2
telescopes (2) 2
velocity (2) 2
vphg (2) 2
wide field corrector (2) 2
wide-field instrument (2) 2
2048x2048 hgcdte arrays (1) 1
2048×2048 hgcdte arrays (1) 1
3d printing (1) 1
9th data release (1) 1
[phys.astr.co]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (1) 1
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by Eisenstein, Daniel J and Weinberg, David H and Agol, Eric and Aihara, Hiroaki and Allende Prieto, Carlos and Anderson, Scott F and Arns, James A and Aubourg, Eric and Bailey, Stephen and Balbinot, Eduardo and Barkhouser, Robert and Beers, Timothy C and Berlind, Andreas A and Bickerton, Steven J and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blanton, Michael R and Bochanski, John J and Bolton, Adam S and Bosman, Casey T and Bovy, Jo and Brandt, W.N and Breslauer, Ben and Brewington, Howard J and Brinkmann, J and Brown, Peter J and Brownstein, Joel R and Burger, Dan and Busca, Nicolas G and Campbell, Heather and Cargile, Phillip A and Carithers, William C and Carlberg, Joleen K and Carr, Michael A and Chang, Liang and Chen, Yanmei and Chiappini, Cristina and Comparat, Johan and Connolly, Natalia and Cortes, Marina and Croft, Rupert A. C and Cunha, Katia and Da Costa, Luiz N and Davenport, James R. A and Dawson, Kyle and De Lee, Nathan and Porto De Mello, Gustavo F and De Simoni, Fernando and Dean, Janice and Dhital, Saurav and Ealet, Anne and Ebelke, Garrett L and Edmondson, Edward M and Eiting, Jacob M and Escoffier, Stephanie and Esposito, Massimiliano and Evans, Michael L and Fan, Xiaohui and Femenía Castell, Bruno and Dutra Ferreira, Leticia and Fitzgerald, Greg and Fleming, Scott W and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Ford, Eric B and Frinchaboy, Peter M and García Pérez, Ana Elia and Gaudi, B. Scott and Ge, Jian and Ghezzi, Luan and Gillespie, Bruce A and Gilmore, G and Girardi, Léo and Gott, J. Richard and Gould, Andrew and Grebel, Eva K and Gunn, James E and Hamilton, Jean-Christophe and Harding, Paul and Harris, David W and Hawley, Suzanne L and Hearty, Frederick R and Hennawi, Joseph F and Gonzlez Hernndez, Jonay I and Ho, Shirley and Hogg, David W and Holtzman, Jon A and Honscheid, Klaus and Inada, Naohisa and Ivans, Inese I and Jiang, Linhua and Jiang, Peng and Johnson, Jennifer A and Jordan, Cathy and Jordan, Wendell P and Kauffmann, Guinevere and Kazin, Eyal and Kirkby, David and Klaene, Mark A and Knapp, G.R and Kneib, Jean-Paul and Kochanek, C.S and ...
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 2011, Volume 142, Issue 3, pp. 72 - jQuery1323897211380='48'
Journal Article
by Dawson, Kyle S and Schlegel, David J and Ahn, Christopher P and Anderson, Scott F and Aubourg, Éric and Bailey, Stephen and Barkhouser, Robert H and Bautista, Julian E and Beifiori, Alessandra and Berlind, Andreas A and Bhardwaj, Vaishali and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blake, Cullen H and Blanton, Michael R and Blomqvist, Michael and Bolton, Adam S and Borde, Arnaud and Bovy, Jo and Brandt, W.N and Brewington, Howard and Brinkmann, Jon and Brown, Peter J and Brownstein, Joel R and Bundy, Kevin and Busca, N.G and Carithers, William and Carnero, Aurelio R and Carr, Michael A and Chen, Yanmei and Comparat, Johan and Connolly, Natalia and Cope, Frances and Croft, Rupert A. C and Cuesta, Antonioj and Dacosta, Luizn and Davenport, James R. A and Delubac, Timothée and De Putter, Roland and Dhital, Saurav and Ealet, Anne and Ebelke, Garrett L and Eisenstein, Daniel J and Escoffier, S and Fan, Xiaohui and Filiz Ak, N and Finley, Hayley and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Génova-Santos, R and Gunn, James E and Guo, Hong and Haggard, Daryl and Hall, Patrick B and Hamilton, Jean-Christophe and Harris, Ben and Harris, David W and Ho, Shirley and Hogg, David W and Holder, Diana and Honscheid, Klaus and Huehnerhoff, Joe and Jordan, Beatrice and Jordan, Wendell P and Kauffmann, Guinevere and Kazin, Eyala and Kirkby, David and Klaene, Mark A and Kneib, Jean-Paul and Legoff, Jean-Marc and Lee, Khee-Gan and Long, Daniel C and Loomis, Craig P and Lundgren, Britt and Lupton, Roberth and Maia, Marcio A. G and Makler, Martin and Malanushenko, Elena and Malanushenko, Viktor and Mandelbaum, Rachel and Manera, Marc and Maraston, Claudia and Margala, Daniel and Masters, Karen L and McBride, Cameron K and McDonald, Patrick and McGreer, Iand and McMahon, Richardg and Mena, Olga and Miralda-Escudé, Jordi and Montero-Dorta, Antonio D and Montesano, Francesco and Muna, Demitri and Myers, Adam D and Naugle, Tracy and Nichol, Robert C and Noterdaeme, Pasquier and Nuza, Sebastián E and Olmstead, Matthew D and Oravetz, Audrey and Oravetz, Danielj and Owen, Russell and ...
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 01/2013, Volume 145, Issue 1, pp. 10 - 41
Journal Article
Astronomical Journal, ISSN 0004-6256, 08/2013, Volume 146, Issue 2, pp. 32 - 40
Journal Article
Astronomical Journal (New York, N.Y. Online), ISSN 1538-3881, 08/2013, Volume 146, Issue 2
We present the design and performance of the multi-object fiber spectrographs for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and their upgrade for the Baryon... 
Journal Article
by York, Donald G and Adelman, J and Anderson, Jr., John E and Anderson, Scott F and Annis, James and Bahcall, Neta A and Bakken, J. A and Barkhouser, Robert and Bastian, Steven and Berman, Eileen and Boroski, William N and Bracker, Steve and Briegel, Charlie and Briggs, John W and Brinkmann, J and Brunner, Robert and Burles, Scott and Carey, Larry and Carr, Michael A and Castander, Francisco J and Chen, Bing and Colestock, Patrick L and Connolly, A. J and Crocker, J. H and Csabai, István and Czarapata, Paul C and Davis, John Eric and Doi, Mamoru and Dombeck, Tom and Eisenstein, Daniel and Ellman, Nancy and Elms, Brian R and Evans, Michael L and Fan, Xiaohui and Federwitz, Glenn R and Fiscelli, Larry and Friedman, Scott and Frieman, Joshua A and Fukugita, Masataka and Gillespie, Bruce and Gunn, James E and Gurbani, Vijay K and de Haas, Ernst and Haldeman, Merle and Harris, Frederick H and Hayes, J and Heckman, Timothy M and Hennessy, G. S and Hindsley, Robert B and Holm, Scott and Holmgren, Donald J and Huang, Chi-hao and Hull, Charles and Husby, Don and Ichikawa, Shin-Ichi and Ichikawa, Takashi and Ivezić, Željko and Kent, Stephen and Kim, Rita S. J and Kinney, E and Klaene, Mark and Kleinman, A. N and Kleinman, S and Knapp, G. R and Korienek, John and Kron, Richard G and Kunszt, Peter Z and Lamb, D. Q and Lee, B and Leger, R. French and Limmongkol, Siriluk and Lindenmeyer, Carl and Long, Daniel C and Loomis, Craig and Loveday, Jon and Lucinio, Rich and Lupton, Robert H and MacKinnon, Bryan and Mannery, Edward J and Mantsch, P. M and Margon, Bruce and McGehee, Peregrine and McKay, Timothy A and Meiksin, Avery and Merelli, Aronne and Monet, David G and Munn, Jeffrey A and Narayanan, Vijay K and Nash, Thomas and Neilsen, Eric and Neswold, Rich and Newberg, Heidi Jo and Nichol, R. C and Nicinski, Tom and Nonino, Mario and Okada, Norio and Okamura, Sadanori and Ostriker, Jeremiah P and Owen, Russell and Pauls, A. George and ... and SDSS Collaboration
The Astronomical Journal, ISSN 1538-3881, 09/2000, Volume 120, Issue 3, pp. 1579 - 1587
Journal Article
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 07/2010, Volume 7735
The WIYN High Resolution Infrared Camera (WHIRC) has been a general-use instrument at the WIYN telescope on Kitt Peak since 2008. WHIRC is a near-infrared (0.8... 
Optical design | Galaxies | Imaging | Images | Infrared cameras | Cameras | Arrays | Data reduction
Journal Article
by Sugai, Hajime and Tamura, Naoyuki and Karoji, Hiroshi and Shimono, Atsushi and Takato, Naruhisa and Kimura, Masahiko and Ohyama, Youichi and Ueda, Akitoshi and Aghazarian, Hrand and de Arruda, Marcio Vital and Barkhouser, Robert H and Bennett, Charles L and Bickerton, Steve and Bozier, Alexandre and Braun, David F and Bui, Khanh and Capocasale, Christopher M and Carr, Michael A and Castilho, Bruno and Chang, Yin-Chang and Chen, Hsin-Yo and Chou, Richard C. Y and Dawson, Olivia R and Dekany, Richard G and Ek, Eric M and Ellis, Richard S and English, Robin J and Ferrand, Didier and Ferreira, Décio and Fisher, Charles D and Golebiowski, Mirek and Gunn, James E and Hart, Murdock and Heckman, Timothy M and Ho, Paul T. P and Hope, Stephen and Hovland, Larry E and Hsu, Shu-Fu and Hu, Yen-Shan and Huang, Pin Jie and Jaquet, Marc and Karr, Jennifer E and Kempenaar, Jason G and King, Matthew E and Fèvre, Olivier Le and Mignant, David Le and Ling, Hung-Hsu and Loomis, Craig and Lupton, Robert H and Madec, Fabrice and Mao, Peter and Marrara, Lucas Souza and Ménard, Brice and Morantz, Chaz and Murayama, Hitoshi and Murray, Graham J and de Oliveira, Ligia Souza and de Oliveira, Claudia Mendes and de Oliveira, Antonio Cesar and Orndorff, Joe D and de Paiva Vilaça, Rodrigo and Partos, Eamon J and Pascal, Sandrine and Pegot-Ogier, Thomas and Reiley, Daniel J and Riddle, Reed and Santos, Leandro and dos Santos, Jesulino Bispo and Schwochert, Mark A and Seiffert, Michael D and Smee, Stephen A and Smith, Roger M and Steinkraus, Ronald E and Sodré, Laerte and Spergel, David N and Surace, Christian and Tresse, Laurence and Vidal, Clément and Vives, Sebastien and Wang, Shiang-Yu and Wen, Chih-Yi and Wu, Amy C and Wyse, Rosie and Yan, Chi-Hung
Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, ISSN 2329-4124, 7/2015, Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 035001 - 035001
The Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) is an optical/near-infrared multifiber spectrograph with 2394 science fibers distributed across a 1.3-deg diameter field of... 
fiber applications | infrared systems | spectrographs | astronomy | optical systems | SYSTEM | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | ENGINEERING, AEROSPACE | OPTICS | EXCHANGER | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics | Physics | Astrophysics | Computer Science
Journal Article