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Archives of Medical Research, ISSN 0188-4409, 2016, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp. 40 - 48
Journal Article
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 06/2017, pp. 71 - 78
La osteocondroma múltiple familiar hereditaria es una enfermedad benigna, que por su posibilidad de malignización y el avance de sus deformaciones requiere... 
Journal Article
Spanish Journal of Cardiology (Revista Española de Cardiología, English Edition), ISSN 1885-5857, 2018, Volume 71, Issue 11, pp. 941 - 951
Abstract Introduction and objectives This report describes the findings of the 2017 Spanish Catheter Ablation Registry. Methods Data collection was... 
Cardiovascular | Internal Medicine
Journal Article
by Gil-Ortega, Ignacio and Pedrote-Martínez, Alonso and Fontenla-Cerezuela, Adolfo and Arias, Miguel A and Pindado, Javier and Martí, Julio and Bodegas, Andrés and Expósito-Pineda, M. Carmen and Moreno-Arribas, José and Domínguez-Mafé, Eloy and Manuel Rubio-Campal, José and Sabaté, Xavier and Brouzet, Thomas and Jiménez-Díaz, Javier and Fontenla, Adolfo and Segura, Federico and Castro, Victor and González-Vasserot, Mar and Campos, Bieito and Trallero, Rodrigo and Pérez- Castellano, Nicasio and Alcalde-Rodríguez, Óscar and Cabanas-Grandío, Pilar and Rivas-Gándara, Nuria and Rodríguez-Pérez, Juan Carlos and Martínez-Basterra, Javier and Magnani, Santiago and Asso, Antonio and Íbánez-Criado, Jose Luis and Jiménez-Bello, Javier and Punti-Sala, Jordi and Romero-Garrido, Rafael and Moreno, Javier and Matía, Roberto and Macías, Alfonso and Grande, Angel and Jiménez Candil, Javier and Doblado-Calatrava, Manuel and Arana-Rueda, Eduardo and Álvarez-López, Miguel and Íbánez-Criado, Alicia and Arcocha-Torres, M. Fe and Sarrias, Axel and Rubio, Jeronimo and Peláez, Antonio and Pastor, Agustín and Sarquella-Brugada, Gregoria and Cano-Calabria, Lucas and Osca, Joaquín and Fosch, Javier and Rubín, Jose Manuel and Guerra, Jose María and García-Alberola, Arcadio and Caballero-Dorta, Eduardo and Roca-Luque, Ívo and Linde, Antonio and Díaz-Ínfante, Ernesto and Peinado, Rafael and García-Medina, Dolores and Pérez-Rodón, Jordi and Barrera, Alberto and Alonso, Concepción and Íbars, Sonia and Vinolas, Xavier and Rodríguez-Font, Enrique and Ortega-Molina, Marta and Moya-i-Mitjans, Angel and Mont, Lluis and Romero, Rafael and Rodríguez-Entem, Felipe and García-Fernández, Javier and Pérez-Álvarez, Luisa and Herreros, Benito and Arenal, Angel and Morina, Pablo and Rubio-Caballero, Amador and Martínez-Sande, Jose Luis and Mazuelos, Francisco and Almendral, Jesus and Martínez-Brotons, Angel and Ferrero-de-Loma, Angel and Fidalgo, M. Luisa
Revista Espanola de Cardiologia, ISSN 0300-8932, 12/2015, Volume 68, Issue 12, pp. 1127 - 1137
Introduction and objectives This report presents the findings of the 2014 Spanish Catheter Ablation Registry. Methods For data collection, each center was... 
Electrophysiology | Registry | Arrhythmia | Catheter ablation
Journal Article
Food and chemical toxicology, ISSN 0278-6915, 2017, Volume 107, Issue Pt A, pp. 373 - 385
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 03/2014, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp. 84 - 89
En la actualidad, en la formación de los cirujanos en cirugía biliar se ha verticalizado el entrenamiento en colecistectomía laparoscópica, minimizando la... 
Journal Article
by Deodhar, Atul and van der Heijde, Désirée and Gensler, Lianne S and Kim, Tae-Hwan and Maksymowych, Walter P and Østergaard, Mikkel and Poddubnyy, Denis and Marzo-Ortega, Helena and Bessette, Louis and Tomita, Tetsuya and Leung, Ann and Hojnik, Maja and Gallo, Gaia and Li, Xiaoqi and Adams, David and Carlier, Hilde and Sieper, Joachim and Morin, Frederic and Rahman, Proton and Ariel, Federico and Berman, Alberto and Carrio, Judith and Lucero, Eleonora and Cocco, Jose Maldonado and Hidalgo, Rodolfo Pardo and Velasco, Jorge and Viola, Diego O and Grisar, Johannes and Resch, Heinrich and Scheinecker, Clemens and Melazzi, Ana Claudia and Roimicher, Luis and Scotton, Antonio Scafuto and Rodriguez, Aaron Alejandro Barrera and Molina, Francisco Fidencio Cons and Barragan, Sergio Duran and Skinner, Cassandra M and Tena, Cesar Francisco Pacheco and Remus, Cesar Ricardo Ramos and Rodriguez, Juan Cruz Rizo and Hong, Seung-Jae and Kang, Seong Wook and Lee, Chang Keun and Lee, Eun Bong and Lee, Sang Heon and Park, Min-Chan and Lee, Sang-Hoon and Dokoupilova, Eva and Dvorak, Zdenek and Malcova, Martina and Pvelka, Karel and Eklund, Kari K and Jarvinen, Pentti and Karjalainen, Anna and Paimela, Leena and Taniguchi, Yoshinori and Tsuda, Tokutaro and Tada, Kurisu and Dobashi, Hiroaki and Inui, Kentaro and Ueki, Yukitaka and Matsumoto, Yoshifuji and Hatta, Kazuhiro and Atsumi, Tatsuya and Goto, Hitoshi and Honjo, Shigeru and Matsui, Kiyoshi and Takakubo, Yuya and Neeck, Gunther and Wagner, Sylke and Braun, Jürgen and Blicharshi, Tomasz and Dudek, Anna and Hrycai, Pawel and Plebanski, Rafal and Drabiszcak-Piatkowska, Janina and Brzezicki, Jan and Krogulec, Marek and Opris-Belinski, Daniela and Ramazan, Ana Maria and Tronaru, Luminita and van de Sande, Marleen G and Matsievskaya, Galina and Schmidt, Evgeniya and Stanislav, Marina and Yakushin, Sergey and Ershova, Olga and Rebroy, Andrey and Churchill, Melvin A and Flint, Kathleen P and Greenwald, Maria and Howell, Mary P and Kaine, Jeffrey L and Kivitz, Alan and Klein, Steven J and Mueller, Eric C and Peters, Eric A and Querubin, Roel and Sayers, Michael E and Scoville, Craig D and ... and COAST-X Study Group and Coast-X Study Grp
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2020, Volume 395, Issue 10217, pp. 53 - 64
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 06/2014, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp. 145 - 155
Introducción: el desarrollo de los antimicrobianos provocó que el drenaje externo dejara de realizarse en pacientes con absceso de pulmón, en quienes la... 
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 06/2014, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp. 167 - 175
Introducción: el tratamiento del derrame pleural maligno constituye un reto para los cirujanos. Su erradicación permanente ha constituido un largo bregar, y... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ibáñez Criado, José Luis and Quesada, Aurelio and Cózar, Rocío and Almendral-Garrote, Jesús and Alonso-Fernández, Pau and Alonso-Martín, Concepción and Alvarenga-Recalde, Nelson María and Álvarez-Acosta, Luis and Álvarez-López, Miguel and Anguera-Camos, Ignasi and Arana-Rueda, Eduardo and Arcocha-Torres, María Fe and Arias-Palomares, Miguel Ángel and Asso-Abadía, Antonio and Ballesteros-Derbenti, Gabriel Alejandro and Barrera-Cordero, Alberto and Benezet-Mazuecos, Juan and Bodegas-Cañas, Andrés I and Brugada-Terradellas, Josep and Cabadés-Rumbeu, Claudia and Cabanas-Grandío, María del Pilar and Cabrera-Gómez, Sandra and Cano-Calabria, Lucas R and del Castillo-Arrojo, Silvia and Castro-Urda, Víctor and Cózar-León, Rocío and Díaz-Infante, Ernesto and Durán-Guerrero, Juan Manuel and Elices-Teja, Juliana and Expósito-Pineda, María del Carmen and Fernández-Gómez, Juan Manuel and Ferrer-Hita, Julio Jesús and Fidalgo-Andrés, María Luisa and Fontenla-Cerezuela, Adolfo and García-Alberola, Arcadio and García-Bolao, J. Ignacio and García-Cuenca, Enrique and García-Fernández, Francisco Javier and Gil-Ortega, Ignacio and Gómez-Pulido, Federico and Grande-Ingelmo, Juan Manuel and Guasch-i-Casany, Eduard and Guerra-Ramos, José M and Heras-Herreros, Santiago and Hernández-Afonso, Julio and Herreros-Guilarte, Benito and Hidalgo-Olivares, Víctor Manuel and Ibáñez-Criado, Alicia and Ibáñez-Criado, José Luis and Ibars-Campaña, Sonia and Jáuregui-Abularach, Miguel Eduardo and Jiménez-Candil, F. Javier and Jiménez-Díaz, Javier and Jiménez-López, Jesús I and Lázaro-Rivera, Carla and Lozano-Herrera, José Miguel and Macías-Gallego, Alfonso and Magnani-Ragamato, Santiago and Martínez-Basterra, Javier and Martínez-Brotons, Ángel and Martínez-Sande, José Luis and Martín-Sánchez, Gabriel and Matías-Francés, Roberto and Merino-Llorens, José Luis and Mont-Girbau, Josep Lluis and Moreno-Arribas, José and Moreno-Planas, Javier and Moya-i-Mitjans, Ángel and Ortega-Molina, Marta and Osca-Asensi, Joaquín and Pastor-Fuentes, Agustín and Pavón-Jiménez, Ricardo and Peinado-Peinado, Rafael and Pérez-Álvarez, Luisa and Pérez-Castellano, Nicasio and Porro-Fernández, Rosa and Porta-Sánchez, Andreu and Punti-Sala, Jordi and Quesada-Dorador, Aurelio and Rivas-Gándara, Nuria and Rodrigo-Trallero, Gonzalo and Rodríguez-Entem, Felipe José and Rodríguez-Pérez, Juan Carlos and Romero-Garrido, Rafael and Rubín-López, José Manuel and Rubio-Caballero, José Amador and Rubio-Campal, José Manuel and Rubio-Sanz, Jerónimo and Ruiz-Hernández, Pablo M and Salgado-Aranda, Ricardo and Sánchez-Gómez, Juan Miguel and Sarquella-Brugada, Georgia and Sarrias-Mercé, Axel and Segura-Saint-Gerons, Jose María and Segura-Villalobos, Federico and Valverde-André, Irene and on behalf of the Spanish Catheter Ablation Registry collaborators and Appendix 1. REGISTRY COLLABORATORS and Spanish Catheter Ablation Registry and Spanish Catheter Ablation Registry collaborators
Revista Española de Cardiología (English Edition), ISSN 1885-5857, 12/2019, Volume 72, Issue 12, pp. 1031 - 1042
Journal Article
Cirugia Espanola, ISSN 0009-739X, 02/2012, Volume 90, Issue 2, pp. 127 - 129
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 03/2012, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp. 110 - 117
En el tratamiento del cáncer de mama, además de la agresión quirúrgica, en ocasiones mutilante, seguida o precedida por las molestias inherentes a los... 
Journal Article