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by Kasner, Scott E and Swaminathan, Balakumar and Lavados, Pablo and Sharma, Mukul and Muir, Keith and Veltkamp, Roland and Ameriso, Sebastian F and Endres, Matthias and Lutsep, Helmi and Messé, Steven R and Spence, J David and Nedeltechev, Krassen and Perera, Kanjana and Santo, Gustavo and Olavarria, Veronica and Lindgren, Arne and Bangdiwala, Shrikant and Shoamanesh, Ashkan and Berkowitz, Scott D and Mundl, Hardi and Connolly, Stuart J and Hart, Robert G and Abdelhamid, N and Abdul Rahman, D and Abdul-Saheb, M and Abreu, P and Abroskina, M and Abu Ahmad, F and Accassat, S and Acciaresi, M and Adami, A and Ahmad, N and Ahmed, F and Alberto Hawkes, M and Alemseged, F and Ali, A and Altavilla, R and Alwis, L and Amarenco, P and Amaro, S and Amaya Sanchez, LE and Amelia Pinto, A and Ameriso, SF and Amin, H and Amino, T and Amjad, AK and Anagnostou, E and Andersen, G and Anderson, C and Anderson, DC and Andrea Falco, M and Andres Mackinnon, F and Andreu, D and Androulakis, M and Angel Gamero, M and Angel Saredo, G and Angeles Diaz, R and Angels Font, M and Anticoli, S and Arauz, A and Arauz Gongora, AA and Araya, P and Arenillas Lara, JF and Arias Rivas, S and Arnold, M and Augustin, S and Avelar, W and Azevedo, E and Babikian, V and Bacellar, A and Badalyan, K and Bae, HJ and Baez Martinez, EM and Bagelmann, H and Bailey, P and Bak, Z and Baker, M and Balazs, A and Baldaranov, D and Balogun, I and Balueva, T and Bankuti, Z and Bar, M and Baranowska, A and Bardutzky, J and Barker Trejo, S and Barlinn, J and Baronnet, F and Barroso, C and Barteys, M and Bartolottiova, T and Barulin, A and Bas, M and Bashir, S and Basile, V and Bathe-Peters, R and Bathula, R and Batista, C and Batur Caglayan, H and Baumgartner, P and ... and NAVIGATE ESUS Investigators and NAVIGATE ESUS
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 12/2018, Volume 17, Issue 12, pp. 1053 - 1060
Journal Article
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