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Advanced materials research, ISSN 1022-6680, 02/2006, Volume 13-14, pp. 273 - 280
Some initial studies for an AE characterisation of damage in composites are presented in this paper... 
Acoustic emission | Pencil lead breaks (PLBs) | Characterisation | Carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP)
Journal Article
by Paternoster, Lavinia and Standl, Marie and Waage, Johannes and Baurecht, Hansjoerg and Hotze, Melanie and Strachan, David P and Curtin, John A and Bonnelykke, Klaus and Tian, Chao and Takahashi, Atsushi and Esparza-Gordillo, Jorge and Alves, Alexessander Couto and Thyssen, Jacob P and den Dekker, Herman T and Ferreira, Manuel A and Altmaier, Elisabeth and Sleiman, Patrick M. A and Xiao, Feng Li and Gonzalez, Juan R and Marenholz, Ingo and Kalb, Birgit and Pino-Yanes, Maria and Xu, Chengjian and Carstensen, Lisbeth and Groen-Blokhuis, Maria M and Venturini, Cristina and Pennell, Craig E and Barton, Sheila J and Levin, Albert M and Curjuric, Ivan and Bustamante, Mariona and Kreiner-Moller, Eskil and Lockett, Gabrielle A and Bacelis, Jonas and Bunyavanich, Supinda and Myers, Rachel A and Matanovic, Anja and Kumar, Ashish and Tung, Joyce Y and Hirota, Tomomitsu and Kubo, Michiaki and McArdle, Wendy L and Henderson, A. John and Kemp, John P and Zheng, Jie and Smith, George Davey and Rueschendorf, Franz and Postma, Dirkje S and Weiss, Scott T and Koppelman, Gerard H and the EArly Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) Eczema Consortium and AAGC and EArly Genetics Lifecourse Epidemio and Australian Asthma Genetics Consortium (AAGC) and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Avdelningen för obstetrik och gynekologi and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Sahlgrenska Academy
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 10/2015, Volume 47, Issue 12, pp. 1449 - 1456
Journal Article
by Abbott, B. P and Accadia, T and Adhikari, R. X and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Ceron, E. Amador and Anderson, W. G and Arai, K and Arain, M. A and Aston, S. M and Astone, P and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and Aylott, B. E and Baker, P and Ballmer, S and Barayoga, J. C. B and Barone, F and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Bastarrika, M and Batch, J and Bauchrowitz, J and Bauer, Th. S and Bebronne, M and Beck, D and Behnke, B and Bejger, M and Beker, M. G and Bell, A. S and Benacquista, M and Betzwieser, J and Beveridge, N and Beyersdorf, P. T and Billingsley, G and Birch, J and Biswas, R and Bitossi, M and Black, E and Blackburn, J. K and Blackburn, L and Blair, D and Bland, B and Blom, M and Bock, O and Bodiya, T. P and Bondu, F and Bonelli, L and Bonnand, R and Bork, R and Born, M and Bosi, L and Bradaschia, C and Branchesi, M and Breyer, J and Briant, T and Bridges, D. O and Brinkmann, M and Britzger, M and Brown, D. A and Bulik, T and Burguet-Castell, J and Buskulic, D and Byer, R. L and Campsie, P and Cannon, K and Canuel, B and Capano, C. D and Carbognani, F and Caride, S and Caudill, S and Cavalier, F and Cavalieri, R and Cella, G and Cepeda, C and Chalermsongsak, T and Charlton, P and Chen, X and Chen, Y and Chincarini, A and Chiummo, A and Cho, H. S and Chow, J and Christensen, N and Chua, S. S. Y and Clark, D. E and Clark, J and Clayton, J. H and Cleva, F and Cohadon, P.-F and Colla, A and Colombini, M and Conte, A and Conte, R and Cook, D and Corbitt, T. R and Coughlin, M and ... and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration
The Astrophysical journal, ISSN 1538-4357, 11/2012, Volume 760, Issue 1, p. 12
Journal Article
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 11/2013, Volume 132, Issue 5, pp. 1121 - 1129
Journal Article
...) den abgesetzten oder gestuften Bereich der Kühlrippen (8) umgibt, insbesondere gehäusebildend umgibt. The invention relates to a transmission having a shaft... 
by Okada, Yukinori and Wu, Di and Trynka, Gosia and Raj, Towfique and Terao, Chikashi and Ikari, Katsunori and Kochi, Yuta and Ohmura, Koichiro and Suzuki, Akari and Yoshida, Shinji and Graham, Robert R and Manoharan, Arun and Ortmann, Ward and Bhangale, Tushar and Denny, Joshua C and Carroll, Robert J and Eyler, Anne E and Greenberg, Jeffrey D and Kremer, Joel M and Pappas, Dimitrios A and Jiang, Lei and Yin, Jian and Ye, Lingying and Su, Ding-Feng and Yang, Jian and Xie, Gang and Keystone, Ed and Westra, Harm-Jan and Esko, Tõnu and Metspalu, Andres and Zhou, Xuezhong and Gupta, Namrata and Mirel, Daniel and Stahl, Eli A and Diogo, Dorothée and Cui, Jing and Liao, Katherine and Guo, Michael H and Myouzen, Keiko and Kawaguchi, Takahisa and Coenen, Marieke J. H and van Riel, Piet L. C. M and van de Laar, Mart A. F. J and Guchelaar, Henk-Jan and Huizinga, Tom W. J and Dieudé, Philippe and Mariette, Xavier and Louis Bridges Jr, S and Zhernakova, Alexandra and Toes, Rene E. M and Tak, Paul P and Miceli-Richard, Corinne and Bang, So-Young and Lee, Hye-Soon and Martin, Javier and Gonzalez-Gay, Miguel A and Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Luis and Rantapää-Dahlqvist, Solbritt and Ärlestig, Lisbeth and Choi, Hyon K and Kamatani, Yoichiro and Galan, Pilar and Lathrop, Mark and Eyre, Steve and Bowes, John and Barton, Anne and de Vries, Niek and Moreland, Larry W and Criswell, Lindsey A and Karlson, Elizabeth W and Taniguchi, Atsuo and Yamada, Ryo and Kubo, Michiaki and Liu, Jun S and Bae, Sang-Cheol and Worthington, Jane and Padyukov, Leonid and Klareskog, Lars and Gregersen, Peter K and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Stranger, Barbara E and De Jager, Philip L and Franke, Lude and Visscher, Peter M and Brown, Matthew A and Yamanaka, Hisashi and Mimori, Tsuneyo and Takahashi, Atsushi and Xu, Huji and Behrens, Timothy W and Siminovitch, Katherine A and Momohara, Shigeki and Matsuda, Fumihiko and Yamamoto, Kazuhiko and Plenge, Robert M and the RACI consortium and the GARNET consortium and RACI Consortium and GARNET Consortium and RACI consortium and GARNET consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 12/2013, Volume 506, Issue 7488, pp. 376 - 381
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 06/2017, Volume 76, Issue Suppl 2, p. 200
Journal Article
by Jha, Saurabh and Kirshner, Robert P and Challis, Peter and Garnavich, Peter M and Matheson, Thomas and Soderberg, Alicia M and Graves, Genevieve J. M and Hicken, Malcolm and Alves, João F and Arce, Héctor G and Balog, Zoltan and Barmby, Pauline and Barton, Elizabeth J and Berlind, Perry and Bragg, Ann E and Briceño, César and Brown, Warren R and Buckley, James H and Caldwell, Nelson and Calkins, Michael L and Carter, Barbara J and Concannon, Kristi Dendy and Donnelly, R. Hank and Eriksen, Kristoffer A and Fabricant, Daniel G and Falco, Emilio E and Fiore, Fabrizio and Garcia, Michael R and Gómez, Mercedes and Grogin, Norman A and Groner, Ted and Groot, Paul J and Haisch, Jr, Karl E and Hartmann, Lee and Hergenrother, Carl W and Holman, Matthew J and Huchra, John P and Jayawardhana, Ray and Jerius, Diab and Kannappan, Sheila J and Kim, Dong-Woo and Kleyna, Jan T and Kochanek, Christopher S and Koranyi, Daniel M and Krockenberger, Martin and Lada, Charles J and Luhman, Kevin L and Luu, Jane X and Macri, Lucas M and Mader, Jeff A and Mahdavi, Andisheh and Marengo, Massimo and Marsden, Brian G and McLeod, Brian A and McNamara, Brian R and Megeath, S. Thomas and Moraru, Dan and Mossman, Amy E and Muench, August A and Muñoz, Jose A and Muzerolle, James and Naranjo, Orlando and Nelson-Patel, Kristin and Pahre, Michael A and Patten, Brian M and Peters, James and Peters, Wayne and Raymond, John C and Rines, Kenneth and Schild, Rudolph E and Sobczak, Gregory J and Spahr, Timothy B and Stauffer, John R and Stefanik, Robert P and Szentgyorgyi, Andrew H and Tollestrup, Eric V and Väisänen, Petri and Vikhlinin, Alexey and Wang, Zhong and Willner, S. P and Wolk, Scott J and Zajac, Joseph M and Zhao, Ping and Stanek, Krzysztof Z
The Astronomical journal, ISSN 1538-3881, 01/2006, Volume 131, Issue 1, pp. 527 - 554
Journal Article
by Lopez-Rivera, Esther and Liu, Yangfan P and Verbitsky, Miguel and Anderson, Blair R and Capone, Valentina P and Otto, Edgar A and Yan, Zhonghai and Mitrotti, Adele and Martino, Jeremiah and Steers, Nicholas J and Fasel, David A and Vukojevic, Katarina and Deng, Rong and Racedo, Silvia E and Liu, Qingxue and Werth, Max and Westland, Rik and Vivante, Asaf and Makar, Gabriel S and Bodria, Monica and Sampson, Matthew G and Gillies, Christopher E and Vega-Warner, Virginia and Maiorana, Mariarosa and Petrey, Donald S and Honig, Barry and Lozanovski, Vladimir J and Salomon, Rémi and Heidet, Laurence and Carpentier, Wassila and Gaillard, Dominique and Carrea, Alba and Gesualdo, Loreto and Cusi, Daniele and Izzi, Claudia and Scolari, Francesco and van Wijk, Joanna A.E and Arapovic, Adela and Saraga-Babic, Mirna and Saraga, Marijan and Kunac, Nenad and Samii, Ali and McDonald-McGinn, Donna M and Crowley, Terrence B and Zackai, Elaine H and Drozdz, Dorota and Miklaszewska, Monika and Tkaczyk, Marcin and Sikora, Przemyslaw and Szczepanska, Maria and Mizerska-Wasiak, Malgorzata and Krzemien, Grazyna and Szmigielska, Agnieszka and Zaniew, Marcin and Darlow, John M and Puri, Prem and Barton, David and Casolari, Emilio and Furth, Susan L and Warady, Bradley A and Gucev, Zoran and Hakonarson, Hakon and Flogelova, Hana and Tasic, Velibor and Latos-Bielenska, Anna and Materna-Kiryluk, Anna and Allegri, Landino and Wong, Craig S and Drummond, Iain A and D’Agati, Vivette and Imamoto, Akira and Barasch, Jonathan M and Hildebrandt, Friedhelm and Kiryluk, Krzysztof and Lifton, Richard P and Morrow, Bernice E and Jeanpierre, Cecile and Papaioannou, Virginia E and Ghiggeri, Gian Marco and Gharavi, Ali G and Katsanis, Nicholas and Sanna-Cherchi, Simone
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 02/2017, Volume 376, Issue 8, pp. 742 - 754