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by Adam, W and Bergauer, T and Dragicevic, M and Fruehwirth, R and Hoch, M and Krammer, M and Treberspurg, W and Waltenberger, W and Beaumont, W and Mechelen, P. Van and Remortel, N. Van and Spilbeeck, A. Van and Barria, P and Caillol, C and Clerbaux, B and Lentdecker, G. De and Dobur, D and Favart, L and Grebenyuk, A and Léonard, A and Randle-Conde, A and Reis, T and Seva, T and Thomas, L and Velde, C. Vander and Wang, J and Zenoni, F and Blekman, F and Bruyn, I. De and Daci, N and Deroover, K and Heracleous, N and Keaveney, J and Moreels, L and Python, Q and Tavernier, S and Mulders, P. Van and Parijs, I. Van and Strom, D.A and Basegmez, S and Bruno, G and Ceard, L and Delaere, C and Forthomme, L and Giammanco, A and Hollar, J and Jez, P and Michotte, D and Nuttens, C and Perrini, L and Pagano, D and Selvaggi, M and Marono, M. Vidal and Beliy, N and Caebergs, T and Daubie, E and Hammad, G.H and Härkönen, J and Mäenpää, T and Tuominen, E and Tuovinen, E and Eerola, P and Tuuva, T and Beaulieu, G and Combaret, C and Contardo, D and Lumb, N and Mirabito, L and Perries, S and Sabes, D and Donckt, M. Vander and Verdier, P and Viret, S and Agram, J.-L and Andrea, J and Bonnin, C and Chabert, E and Charles, L and Goetzmann, Ch and Hosselet, J and Pistone, C and Fluegge, G and Kuensken, A and Pooth, O and Stahl, A and Autermann, C and Edelhoff, M and Esser, H and Feld, L and Karpinski, W and Klein, K and Lipinski, M and Ostapchuk, A and Pierschel, G and Preuten, M and Raupach, F and Sammet, J and Schael, S and Wittmer, B and Wlochal, M and ...
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp. P04023 - P04023
Journal Article
Scripta Materialia, ISSN 1359-6462, 01/2017, Volume 127, pp. 182 - 185
Journal Article
Surface & coatings technology, ISSN 0257-8972, 08/2018, Volume 347, pp. 427 - 433
Journal Article
Surface & coatings technology, ISSN 0257-8972, 2018, Volume 347, pp. 92 - 98
The build-up of residual stresses in physical vapour deposited hard coatings can lead to delamination and crack formation in thin films when a critical stress... 
Journal Article
Thin Solid Films, ISSN 0040-6090, 03/2016, Volume 603, pp. 39 - 49
.... Therefore, we study the origin and impact of oxygen impurities (between ~ 0.3 and 1.3 at.%) on sputtered Ti Al N thin films by using targets with three different oxygen... 
Grain size | Ti-Al-N | ERDA | SIMS | Hardness | Oxygen impurities | Texture | SYSTEM | PHYSICS, CONDENSED MATTER | PHYSICS, APPLIED | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | ALLOYS | COATINGS | SURFACE | MATERIALS SCIENCE, COATINGS & FILMS | Thin films | Mechanical properties | Dielectric films | Mass spectrometry | Analysis
Journal Article
by Adam, W and Friedl, M and Fruehwirth, R and Hoch, M and Hrubec, J and Treberspurg, W and Alderweireldt, S and Beaumont, W and Janssen, X and Luyckx, S and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Van Spilbeeck, A and Caillol, C and De Lentdecker, G and Dobur, D and Favart, L and Grebenyuk, A and Lenzi, Th and Léonard, A and Maerschalk, Th and Mohammadi, A and Perniè, L and Seva, T and Thomas, L and Vander Velde, C and Vanlaer, P and Zenoni, F and Abu Zeid, S and Blekman, F and D'Hondt, J and Daci, N and Heracleous, N and Lowette, S and Moreels, L and Tavernier, S and Van Mulders, P and Van Onsem, G and Van Parijs, I and Strom, D.A and Castello, R and Caudron, A and Ceard, L and Du Pree, T and Forthomme, L and Hollar, J and Jez, P and Michotte, D and Perrini, L and Pagano, D and Quertenmont, L and Vidal Marono, M and Beliy, N and Caebergs, T and Daubie, E and Härkönen, J and Lampén, T and Luukka, P.-R and Mäenpää, T and Tuominen, E and Tuovinen, E and Eerola, P and Tuuva, T and Beaulieu, G and Boudoul, G and Combaret, C and Contardo, D and Gallbit, G and Lumb, N and Mathez, H and Mirabito, L and Perries, S and Sabes, D and Vander Donckt, M and Verdier, P and Zoccarato, Y and Conte, E and Fontaine, J.-Ch and Andrea, J and Bloch, D and Brom, J.-M and Chabert, E and Charles, L and Goetzmann, Ch and Gross, L and Hosselet, J and Mathieu, C and Skovpen, K and Autermann, C and Edelhoff, M and Feld, L and Karpinski, W and Klein, K and Lipinski, M and Ostapchuk, A and Raupach, F and Schael, S and Schwering, G and Wlochal, M and Zhukov, V and ... and The Tracker Group of the CMS Collaboration and CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 12/2015, Volume 803, Issue C, pp. 100 - 112
Journal Article
Surface & coatings technology, ISSN 0257-8972, 2014, Volume 244, Issue 100, pp. 52 - 56
The influence of reactive and non-reactive sputtering on structure, mechanical properties, and thermal stability of Zr1−xAlxN thin films during annealing to... 
ZrAlN | Decomposition | Non-reactive sputtering | DSC | Age-hardening | OXIDATION | PHYSICS, APPLIED | STABILITY | PERFORMANCE | OPTICAL-PROPERTIES | LATTICE-PARAMETER | HARD COATINGS | THERMAL-DECOMPOSITION | ZIRCONIUM | PHASE-TRANSITION | MICROSTRUCTURE | MATERIALS SCIENCE, COATINGS & FILMS | Thin films | Aluminum compounds | Zirconium | Dielectric films | Hardness | Annealing | Mechanical properties | Formations | Coatings | Sputtering
Journal Article
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, ISSN 0263-4368, 04/2018, Volume 72, pp. 78 - 82
Journal Article
Vacuum, ISSN 0042-207X, 2018, Volume 150, pp. 24 - 28
...) of Ti-Al-N coatings can be increased through Ta-addition. The Ti0·54Al0·46N, Ti0·49Al0·44Ta0·07N, Ti0·44Al0·41Ta0·15N, and Ti0·38Al0·34Ta0·28N coatings investigated, exhibit KIC values... 
Ti-Al-Ta-N | Micro-fracture experiments | Ta alloying | Fracture toughness | Single cantilever bending | PVD | OXIDATION RESISTANCE | THERMAL-STABILITY | THIN-FILMS | PHYSICS, APPLIED | LOAD | PERFORMANCE | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | TIALN | COATINGS | TOOLS | Hardness
Journal Article
Surface & Coatings Technology, ISSN 0257-8972, 06/2018, Volume 344, pp. 244 - 249
Ti-Al-N is widely used as protective coating in various industrial applications. Here, we investigate the influence of Ta content... 
Mechanical properties | Oxidation resistance | Ta alloying | TiAlTaN | PVD | PHASES | PHYSICS, APPLIED | FRACTURE-TOUGHNESS | LOAD | HARDNESS | MATERIALS SCIENCE, COATINGS & FILMS | TIALN | Aluminum compounds | Oxidation-reduction reaction | Annealing | Hardness | Coatings
Journal Article
Journal Article
Vacuum, ISSN 0042-207X, 2018, Volume 155, pp. 153 - 157
In contrast to earlier work, where we focused on the evolution of fracture toughness upon annealing of free-standing Ti-Al-N films using cantilever bending experiments, here we study the practically... 
Apparent toughening | Phase transformation stresses | TFA method | TiAlN | Fracture toughness | THIN-FILMS | PHYSICS, APPLIED | FRACTURE-TOUGHNESS | STABILITY | MATERIALS SCIENCE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | HARD COATINGS | ALN/TIN SUPERLATTICES | CUBIC ALN | TI1-XALXN | X-RAY NANODIFFRACTION | Aluminum compounds | Annealing | Coatings | Analysis
Journal Article
by Bergauer, T and Hartl, C and Hrubec, J and Rohringer, H and Strauss, J and Waltenberger, W and Mossolov, V and Shumeiko, N and Van Mechelen, P and Caillol, C and Thomas, L and Vanlaer, P and Yazgan, E and Zaganidis, N and Bruno, G and Caudron, A and Giammanco, A and Hollar, J and Komm, M and Lemaitre, V and Piotrzkowski, K and Beliy, N and Brito, L and Martins, TD and Herrera, CM and Custodio, A and Malbouisson, H and Figueiredo, DM and Santaolalla, J and Manganote, EJT and Pereira, A and Rodozov, M and Pavlov, B and Chen, HS and Du, R and Xu, Z and Sanabria, JC and Polic, D and Antunovic, Z and Kovac, M and Kadija, K and Mekterovic, D and Sudic, L and Kamel, AE and Radi, A and Murumaa, M and Tiko, A and Lampen, T and Linden, T and Dejardin, M and Fabbro, B and Ferri, F and de Monchenault, GH and Beaudette, F and Chapon, E and Dalchenko, M and Dobrzynski, L and Florent, A and de Cassagnac, RG and Zabi, A and Andrea, J and Bloch, D and Goerlach, U and Van Hove, P and Beaupere, N and Montoya, CAC and Chasserat, J and Depasse, P and Gascon, S and Mirabito, L and Sgandurra, L and Viret, S and Autermann, C and Lipinski, M and Ostapchuk, A and Raupach, F and Schulte, JF and Brodski, M and Duchardt, D and Papacz, P and Sonnenschein, L and Cherepanov, V and Erdogan, Y and Geisler, M and Kress, T and Nowack, A and Bartosik, N and Behr, J and Borras, K and Choudhury, S and Eichhorn, T and Kieseler, J and Mankel, R and Melzer-Pellmann, IA and Mussgiller, A and Ntomari, E and Saxena, P and Schroder, M and Trevino, ADRV and Wissing, C and ... and CMS Collaboration
PHYSICS LETTERS B, ISSN 0370-2693, 11/2015, Volume 750, pp. 565 - 586
...(NN)-N-S = 5.02 TeV, collected by the CMS experiment. The W boson differential cross sections, lepton charge asymmetry, and forward-backward asymmetries... 
Journal Article
by van de Luijtgaarden, Moniek W M and Caskey, Fergus J and Wanner, Christoph and Chesnaye, Nicholas C and Postorino, Maurizio and Janmaat, Cynthia J and Rao, Anirudh and Torino, Claudia and Klinger, Marian and Drechsler, Christiane and Heimburger, Olof and Szymczak, Maciej and Evans, Marie and Dekker, Friedo W and Jager, Kitty J and Adamasco Cupisti, I T and Adelia Sagliocca, I T and Alberto Ferraro, I T and Aleksandra Musiała, P L and Alessandra Mele, I T and Alessandro Naticchia, I T and Alex Còsaro, I T and Alistair Woodman, U K and Andrea Ranghino, I T and Andrea Stucchi, I T and Andreas Jonsson, S E and Andreas Schneider, D E and Angelo Pignataro, I T and Anita Schrander, N L and Anke Torp, D E and Anna McKeever, U K and Anna Szymczak, P L and Anna-Lena Blom, S E and Antonella De Blasio, I T and Antonello Pani, I T and Aris Tsalouichos, I T and Asad Ullah, U K and Barbara McLaren, U K and Bastiaan van Dam, N L and Beate Iwig, D E and Bellasi Antonio, I T and Biagio Raffaele Di Iorio, I T and Björn Rogland, S E and Boris Perras, D E and Butti Alessandra, I T and Camille Harron, U K and Carin Wallquist, S E and Carl Siegert, N L and Carla Barrett, U K and Carlo Gaillard, N L and Cataldo Abaterusso, I T and Charles Beerenhout, N L and Charlotte O’Toole, U K and Chiara Somma, I T and Christian Marx, D E and Christina Summersgill, U K and Christof Blaser, D E and Claudia D’alessandro, I T and Claudia Emde, D E and Claudia Zullo, I T and Claudio Pozzi, I T and Colin Geddes, U K and Cornelis Verburgh, N L and Daniela Bergamo, I T and Daniele Ciurlino, I T and Daria Motta, I T and Deborah Glowski, U K and Deborah McGlynn, U K and Denes Vargas, S E and Detlef Krieter, D E and Domenico Russo, I T and Dunja Fuchs, D E and Dympna Sands, U K and Ellen Hoogeveen, N L and Ellen Irmler, D E and Emöke Dimény, S E and Enrico Favaro, I T and Eva Platen, D E and Ewelina Olczyk, P L and Ewout Hoorn, N L and Federica Vigotti, I T and Ferruccio Ansali, I T and Ferruccio Conte, I T and Francesca Cianciotta, I T and Francesca Giacchino, I T and Francesco Cappellaio, I T and Francesco Pizzarelli, I T and Fredrik Sundelin, S E and Fredrik Uhlin, S E and Gaetano Greco, I T and Geena Roy, U K and Gaetana Porto, I T and Giada Bigatti, I T and Giancarlo Marinangeli, I T and Gianfranca Cabiddu, I T and Gillian Hirst, U K and Giordano Fumagalli, I T and Giorgia Caloro, I T and Giorgina Piccoli, I T and Giovanbattista Capasso, I T and ... and EQUAL study investigators and the EQUAL study investigators
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 2019, Volume 34, Issue 7, pp. 1189 - 1196
Journal Article