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Obesity Surgery, ISSN 0960-8923, 12/2016, Volume 26, Issue 12, pp. 2923 - 2923
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11695-016-2369-8 
Medicine & Public Health | Surgery | Decision-making | Medical colleges | Hospital patients | Physical fitness | Exercise | Psychotherapy | Medical informatics
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Eating Disorders Review, ISSN 1072-4133, 07/2017, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 275 - 282
Journal Article
European Eating Disorders Review, ISSN 1072-4133, 07/2017, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 275 - 282
Journal Article
by Stahl, Andreas and Krohne, Tim U and Eter, Nicole and Oberacher-Velten, Isabel and Guthoff, Rainer and Meltendorf, Synke and Ehrt, Oliver and Aisenbrey, Sabine and Roider, Johann and Gerding, Heinrich and Jandeck, Claudia and Smith, Lois E.H and Walz, Johanna M and Bühler, Anima and Daniel, Moritz and Felzmann, Susanne and Gross, Nicolai and Horn, Stefanie and Lagrèze, Wolf and Molnár, Fanni and Müller, Claudia and Reichl, Sabine and Reiff, Charlotte and Richter, Olga and Stech, Milena and Hentschel, Roland and Stavropolou, Dimitria and Tautz, Juliane and Bartsch, Kerstin and Braunstein, Jennifer and Brinken, Ralf and Brinkmann, Christian Karl and Czauderna, Joanna and Dralle, Wiebke and Gliem, Martin and Goebel, Arno and Heymer, Philipp and Hofmann, Martina and Holz, Frank G and Kupitz, David and Müller, Philipp and Petrak, Michael and Schmitz, Eva Janine and Schmitz-Valckenberg, Steffen and Schröder, Moritz and Steinberg, Julia and Supé, Julia and Kant, Evelyn and Kunze, Diana and Müller, Andreas and Adorf, Adeline and Alex, Anne and Alten, Florian and Clemens, Christoph R and Falkenau, Silvia and Friedhoff, Caroline and Loos, Desiree Sandra and Mihailovic, Natasa and Termühlen, Julia and Uhlig, Constantin and Hörnig-Franz, Isabell and Rieger-Fackeldey, Esther and Tekaat, Maria and Werner, Claudius and Altmann, Mathias and Barth, Theresa and Blecha, Christiane and Brandl-Rühle, Sabine and Helbig, Horst and Hufendiek, Karsten and Jägle, Herbert and Konrad, Julia and Kopetzky, Eva and Lehmann, Fabian and Keller-Wackerbauer, Annette and Kittel, Jochen and Segerer, Hugo and Ackermann, Phillip and Benga, Jemina and Guthoff, Tanja and Kleinert, Elena and Mayatepek, Ertan and Schrader, Stefan and Völker, Magdalena and Höhn, Thomas and Lohmeier, Klaus and Sabir, Hemmen and Brevis, Francisco and Mönig, Tina and Schwarz, Simone and Ehmer, Angela and Schuart, Claudia and Avenarius, Stefan and Böttger, Ralf and Apel, Christoph and Bergmann, Anne and Herrmann, Karsten and Ockert-Schön, Franziska and Wegener, Sabine and Nentwich, Martin and ... and Comparing Alternative Ranib and Comparing Alternative Ranibizumab Dosages for Safety and Efficacy in Retinopathy of Prematurity (CARE-ROP) Study Group and for the Comparing Alternative Ranibizumab Dosages for Safety and Efficacy in Retinopathy of Prematurity (CARE-ROP) Study Group
JAMA Pediatrics, ISSN 2168-6203, 03/2018, Volume 172, Issue 3, pp. 278 - 286
Journal Article
by Rhea van den Bruck and Patrick P Weil and Thomas Ziegenhals and Philipp Schreiner and Stefan Juranek and Daniel Gödde and Silvia Vogel and Frauke Schuster and Valerie Orth and Johannes Dörner and Daniel Pembaur and Meike Röper and Stefan Störkel and Hubert Zirngibl and Stefan Wirth and Andreas C W Jenke and Jan Postberg and Nikolas Boy and Jana Heringer and Gisela Haege and Esther M Glahn and Georg F Hoffmann and Sven F Garbade and Peter Burgard and Stefan Kölker and Cho-Ming Chao and Faady Yahya and Alena Moiseenko and Amit Shrestha and Negah Ahmadvand and Jennifer Quantius and Jochen Wilhelm and Elie El-Agha and Klaus-Peter Zimmer and Saverio Bellusci and Christian Staufner and Holger Prokisch and Stephan Seeliger and Matthias Müller and Andreas Hippe and Henrik Steinkraus and Roland Wauer and Burkhard Lachmann and Sigrun R Hofmann and Christian M Hedrich and Jakob Zierk and Farhad Arzideh and Rainer Haeckel and Wolfgang Rascher and Manfred Rauh and Markus Metzler and Sebastian Thieme and Joanna Bandoła and Cornelia Richter and Martin Ryser and Arshad Jamal and Michelle P Ashton and Malte von Bonin and Matthias Kuhn and Ezio Bonifacio and Reinhard Berner and Sebastian Brenner and Johanna Hammersen and Cristina Has and Nora Naumann-Bartsch and Daniel Stachel and Dimitra Kiritsi and Stephan Söder and Mathilde Tardieu and Leena Bruckner-Tuderman and Holm Schneider and F Bohne and D Langer and R Cencic and T Eggermann and U Zechner and J Pelletier and F Zepp and T Enklaar and D Prawitt and Martin Pech and Markus Weckmann and Femke-Anouska Heinsen and Andre Franke and Christine Happle and Anna-Maria Dittrich and Gesine Hansen and Oliver Fuchs and Erika von Mutius and Brian G Oliver and Matthias V Kopp and Claudia Paret and Alexandra Russo and Johanna Theruvath and Bettina Keller and Khalifa El Malki and Nadine Lehmann and Arthur Wingerter and Marie A Neu and Gerhold-Ay Aslihan and ...
Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics, 05/2017, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 9
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 4/2005, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 101 - 109
The electric form factor of the neutron, GE,n, has been measured at the Mainz Microtron by recoil polarimetry in the quasielastic D(¯e, e’¯n)p reaction. Three... 
Elementary Particles and Nuclei | Polarization in interactions and scattering | Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons | Protons and neutrons | Nuclear Fusion | Physics | Electromagnetic form factors
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 1/2006, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp. 91 - 97
The reaction p(e, e'p)π0 has been studied at Q2 = 0.2 (GeV/c)2 in the region of W = 1232MeV. From measurements left and right of $ \vec{q}\,$ , cross-section... 
Elementary Particles and Nuclei | Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons | Baryon resonances with S = 0 | Meson production | Nuclear Fusion | Electromagnetic processes and properties | Physics
Journal Article
The European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 9/2001, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp. 125 - 127
The polarization transfer from longitudinally polarized electrons to protons in the elastic scattering p( e, e' p) has been measured around Q2 = 0.4 (GeV/c)2... 
PACS. Elastic electron scattering – Electromagnetic form factors – Protons and neutrons – Polarization phenomena in reactions
Journal Article
European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 10/2008, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp. 27 - 33
Journal Article
by van den Bruck, Rhea and Weil, Patrick P and Ziegenhals, Thomas and Schreiner, Philipp and Juranek, Stefan and Gödde, Daniel and Vogel, Silvia and Schuster, Frauke and Orth, Valerie and Dörner, Johannes and Pembaur, Daniel and Röper, Meike and Störkel, Stefan and Zirngibl, Hubert and Wirth, Stefan and Jenke, Andreas C W and Postberg, Jan and Boy, Nikolas and Heringer, Jana and Haege, Gisela and Glahn, Esther M and Hoffmann, Georg F and Garbade, Sven F and Burgard, Peter and Kölker, Stefan and Chao, Cho-Ming and Yahya, Faady and Moiseenko, Alena and Shrestha, Amit and Ahmadvand, Negah and Quantius, Jennifer and Wilhelm, Jochen and El-Agha, Elie and Zimmer, Klaus-Peter and Bellusci, Saverio and Staufner, Christian and Kölker, Stefan and Prokisch, Holger and Hoffmann, Georg F and Seeliger, Stephan and Müller, Matthias and Hippe, Andreas and Steinkraus, Henrik and Wauer, Roland and Lachmann, Burkhard and Hofmann, Sigrun R and Hedrich, Christian M and Zierk, Jakob and Arzideh, Farhad and Haeckel, Rainer and Rascher, Wolfgang and Rauh, Manfred and Metzler, Markus and Thieme, Sebastian and Bandoła, Joanna and Richter, Cornelia and Ryser, Martin and Jamal, Arshad and Ashton, Michelle P and von Bonin, Malte and Kuhn, Matthias and Hedrich, Christian M and Bonifacio, Ezio and Berner, Reinhard and Brenner, Sebastian and Hammersen, Johanna and Has, Cristina and Naumann-Bartsch, Nora and Stachel, Daniel and Kiritsi, Dimitra and Söder, Stephan and Tardieu, Mathilde and Metzler, Markus and Bruckner-Tuderman, Leena and Schneider, Holm and Bohne, F and Langer, D and Cencic, R and Eggermann, T and Zechner, U and Pelletier, J and Zepp, F and Enklaar, T and Prawitt, D and Pech, Martin and Weckmann, Markus and Heinsen, Femke-Anouska and Franke, Andre and Happle, Christine and Dittrich, Anna-Maria and Hansen, Gesine and Fuchs, Oliver and von Mutius, Erika and Oliver, Brian G and Kopp, Matthias V and Paret, Claudia and Russo, Alexandra and Theruvath, Johanna and Keller, Bettina and El Malki, Khalifa and ...
Molecular and cellular pediatrics, ISSN 2194-7791, 05/2017, Volume 4, Issue Suppl 1, p. 5
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 07/2000, Volume 85, Issue 4, pp. 708 - 711
Journal Article